Mom, Son and Aunt Love Slaves.

My mom (Elaine) and dad divorced when I was a young teen and I was always sexually attracted to my mom. She was thirty three, beautiful, with long dark hair hanging down past the center of her back and had the body of a sex goddess. For whatever reason she never wore much around the house, being in just her tiny bra and panties a lot of the time. She was tall an slender with 34C cup tits, a narrow waist with fantastic hips. Her long well shaped legs turned many a man's eye as did her tight cute ass. She worked out at the gym every other day and was in great shape. My favorite thing she wore around the house was her short little sl**p shirt with a plunging neckline. I was always getting peeks down her top at her firm jutting tits and large dark brown nipples or up the short hemline seeing her pretty trimmed pussy or sexy ass. My young cock was hard 24/7 from looking at her. Of course I had my ways of seeing her in her room also.

Her s****r my Aunt Erin was twenty three and looked so much like mom. Except he had small pointed tits with big puffy nipples and kept her pussy shaved smooth. We did a lot of things with her and she spent the night often. She was also a exhibitionist and loved showing her hot, sexy body off. My friends were always talking about how hot my mom and aunt were and what all they would like to do to them. I had the same feelings.

My mom and her s****r had rented a beach house for three weeks and I was loving the idea of seeing them everyday in their little bikinis and probably seeing both of them naked. I had accidently seen Erin's smoking hot naked body several times. She was always looking at the bulge in my shorts when she was around. I was very well hung for my age and had the biggest cock in gym glass and even at the campgrounds we stayed at sometimes.

Our first day at the beach was just as wonderful as I thought it would be. We hung out on the beach all day with Mom in a tiny red bikini and Erin in a smaller thong. I could not keep my eyes from her naked ass and I even noticed my mom looking at my crotch. None of us noticed that there were six guys next door who keep staring at my mom and aunt. The beach was packed and nobody paid attention to other people. Mom and Erin did notice other guys close by checking them out and seemed to enjoy it. We also didn't know that they owned the house we were staying in and had hidden cameras throughout the house.

That night we went out to eat with Mom wearing a little black halter dress without a bra and Erin wearing a tiny almost transparent white dress. The way it hugged her cute body it was easy to see she was not wearing a bra or panties. I kept wondering if my mom was wearing panties. When we got back it was late and we all headed to bed. I snuck out my bedroom window and took a barefoot walk around the deck. Mom didn't have her blinds all the way closed and I watched her undress. Seeing her neatly trimmed pussy and firm jutting tits as she slipped her dress off. I was surprised that my mom had went out without panties in such a short dress. After she finished up in the bathroom, she crawled in bed and turned the light off. I moved to Erin's window and my mouth fell open. She was laying on the bed leaning against the head board. She had her long legs spread and was playing with her puffy, pink pussy. She had one hand up teasing her swollen nipples making them grow even more. She moaned softly as she slipped two fingers up her wet shiny pussy. I pulled my rock hard cock out and started jacking off watching my young Aunt masturbating. She would pull her slippery fingers from her cute little pussy and lick and suck them before sliding them back inside her. She was so hot and so beautiful That I came all over the wall almost right away.

The next two days were just about the same only my mom left her light on one night and I watched her playing with her tits and pussy and using a large lifelike rubber cock to fuck herself with. It was quite the show for a young guy like me seeing my mom doing this. She even sucked it into her mouth after fucking her pussy with it. She also had a smaller one that she used up her ass.

The third day two of the guys from next door came over bringing donuts and saying they owned the house. Being all nice and asking how we liked everything. We were sitting around drinking coffee and eating doughnuts when the one guy said he had a CD we just had to see. He put in it and we all gasped at the same time and my mom screamed at him to turn it off. It showed mom playing with her pussy and fucking her self with the dildos. She was bright red as she looked at me and got up to stop the CD herself. The guy told her it was just a copy and if she touched it, he would put another one on the internet. He also told her he would send copies to her employer and every one she knew, since he had all her information on the rental contract. My mom just kept saying oh no over and over covering her face with her hands. The tape of Erin came on and she didn't say anything, she just sat there and watched it with them.

When the tape stopped the guy said he had more CDs and my mom asked him what he wanted for all the copies. She looked at me and told me how sorry she was and asked the guy how much money he wanted. He got up and put another CD in and said he didn't want any money at all. I was shocked as I seen me outside my mom's window jacking off like a crazy person. They had night vision cameras too and Mom and Erin were staring wide eyed at me jacking off.

"Looks like junior here enjoys looking at you too mom. You put on quite a show honey, look how big your son's cock is!" The same guy said as everyone watched me and it was my turn to blush. I told my mom had sorry I was and that I just couldn't help it.

"Stop it, please just stop it and tell me how much you want!" The other guy my mom screamed, her voice cracking.

The other guy moved over closer to my mom and said quietly " The only way to stop us from showing this to millions of people is for you two pretty women to get undressed now!"

To be continued if enough comments.
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5 months ago
MMmm Fantastic I was disappointed though with how short it was, Just makes me eager for more.
6 months ago
Great story, More please ^^
6 months ago
more please
6 months ago
great story i cant wait to read the next part
6 months ago
OMG this was awesome thanks
6 months ago
start of a hot story