Sue and Catherine 5

Sue wiggled her hips around pressing her dripping wet pussy against Catherine's mouth and fingers.Loving the pleasure her best friend was giving her.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhh Catherine.....oh I love you sucking my clit and finger fucking my pussy!" She moaned looking down at her."Ohhhh I've wanted this for so long!!" Feeling her orgasm building inside her quivering body.

Catherine looked up into Sue's eyes,her lips clamped tightly around her erect clit.She sucked it even harder,rapidly flicking her tongue over the slippery flesh.She wanted so much to bring as much pleasure to Sue as she had brought her.Slowly finger fucking her delicious slippery wet cunt.Surprised at how much she enjoyed Sue's tasty cunt.Wanting this to continue forever.Not caring about anything except sucking and licking her pussy.She moved her other hand up to fondle Sue's small jutting titts.Rubbing and pulling on her hard nipples.

Sue's orgasm exploded deep inside her.Wave after wave of sheer pleasure racing through her.She moaned loudly trying to catch her breath.She cried out with pleasure her juices flowing out over her friends mouth and fingers.The really big orgasm with two smaller ones following.Grabbing Catherine's hair pulling it roughly as she humped her mouth.

Catherine was still surpised at how much she was enjoying another woman.She was so not like this.Just hte thought of two women having sex had turned her off.Now she couldn't get enough.

Sue pulled Catherine fingers from her pussy and brought them up to her mouth.She licked and sucked her tangy juices from her fingers,looking into Catherine's blue green eyes.

"You are so nasty!!!!!"Catherine moaned watching her.Feeling her wet warm mouth engulf her long fingers.

Sue moved the fingers from her mouth."Do you want more?"she whispered.

"yes..yes" Catherine quickly replied.With an experinced move,Sue turned around in the sixty nine position.Feeling Catherine's hands on her ass right away.Moving her hips around as her best friends soft hands explored every inch of her ass.

Catherine pulled the firm cheeks apart,pulling her down.Slipping her long tongue out she licked the crack of her ass.Another first she thought eagerly licking her puckered little ass.Pulling her down harder tonging her sexy ass.

Sue pulled Catherine's legs back and under her arm's as she leaned down slipping her tongue up her cunt.Pressing her mouth tightly against the sticky flesh she tingue fucked her cunt.Cupping the smooth cheeks of her ass teasing her small asshole with her long fingers.

Both women were so involed with each other that they did not notice Sue's husband.He was out on the deck watching the two of them.
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3 years ago
Need more of this hot story.
3 years ago
short but very good part 6, 7, 8......
3 years ago
they are very good but when you get in to it it stops