Sue and Catherine 4

Catherine moved her hands all over Sue's back and her tight ass.Eagerly licking and sucking a woman's nipple for the first time.Flicking her tongue over the rubbery flesh as she sucked it.

Sue moved over offering her other breast to her friend,Looking down at her, with her beautiful lips clamped around her nipple.Telling her how beautiful she was as their eyes met."I love your hands on my ass!"she moaned as Catherine explored every inch of her ass with her long soft fingers.Moving up she straddled her head so that her extremely wet pussy was right above her mouth.
"Do you want to lick my pussy Catherine?"she whispered.

Catherine stared up wide eyed at the enticing pink flesh,glistening with her juices."I....I think so"She replied inhaling the sweet fragrance of pussy for the first time.

"Tell me what you want Catherine,tell me you want to lick my pussy!"Sue moaned moving closer so that the wet lips of her cunt were almost touching her friends sexy lips.

"Ohhh yes..yes I want to lick your pussy Sue!!I want to lick and suck your sweet pussy just like you did me!" Catherine moaned softly.I want to lick your ass!" She flicked out her tongue slidding it over the wet slippery pink flesh.Loving her first taste of another woman."Ohhhhhh taste so good so good!!"she mumbled playing with her smooth ass.She sucked the slick soft lips into her mouth.Hunerily sucking the delicious flesh.

Sue wiggled her hips around watching her best friend licking her pussy.She tingled all over with excitement."Ohhhhh Catherine..yes yes lick my are such a nasty girl !!!" She reached down pulling the lips of her pussy apart.

Catherine looked at the inner pink flesh and her swoolen clit.Moaning loudly she cupped the cheeks of her ass pulling her down, pressing her hot tasty pussy against her mouth.Clamping her lips over her quivering clit she started loudly sucking it and flicking her tongue over the sensitive flesh.Her mouth full of Sue's sticky juices.

"OHHHHHHHHHHH YES YES suck my clit Catherine!!!!!!!!!!!!" she gasped grinding her pussy against her eager mouth,Feeling her long fingers slid up and down the crack of her ass teasing her asshole and cunt lips. She couldn't believe that her sweet straight friend was finally hungerily sucking her pussy,and doing such a good job of it.

Catherine ficked her tongue rapidly over Sue's enlarged clit,geedily sucking it.Swallowing her delicious juices.She slowly slipped two fingers up her hot tight cunt.Moving them around inside the slick velvet soft opening.Then she added a third finger.

To be contined....
All my stories are based on actual events that happened in my life.
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3 years ago
Fucking hot.
3 years ago
needs more just when it was getting good
3 years ago
good but short