Sue and Catherine

Sue was very excited thinking about what her and her best friend were going to do.Catherine had told her she wanted her to take some hot photos of her for her husbands birthday.Sue had agreed wanting so much to see more of Catherine's hot body.She and her husband had my fanasties involing her best friend.

Sue looked at her reflection in the mirror as she stepped from the shower.At 5'7' and 128 lbs.,she looked damn good for a woman of 43.Her 34b breasts were perky and firm,jutting out from her chest.Her dark brown nipples were shaped like half lemons protuding out from her snow white breasts.Her stomach was flat with hips flaring out perfectly.The black silky hairs covering her pussy were neatly trimed to about a half inch strip.Turning around she looked at her ass,tight and firm from running and to die for according to her husband.

After finishing up in the bathroom she slipped on her little blue jean skirt,a black knit top with a plunging neckline and high heels.Her pussy already wet as she thought about the chance to lick Catherine's sweet little pussy.So long she had wanted to lick and suck her best friends pussy.But Catherine was straight and had said once she would never do anything with a woman.

Going downstairs her husband showed her where he had hidden the camcordeer so they could get everything on tape.She kissed him before he left promising to do her best to seduce Catherine.

Catherine came over right on time.She was wearing a little white wrap around dress that clung revealingly to her tanalizing curves.The outline of her large erect nipples poked out against the the sheer bra and thin material of the dress.

Sue tried not to stare at Catherine's nipples,wondering if she was looking at hers.Pouring two glasses of wine they went onto the f****y room.Sue flipped the switch for the camera as the two sat on the couch.After another glass of wine she got the camera out and started taking photos.Telling Catherine how good she looked.Her dress was high on her thighs showing off her well shaped tanned legs.

Catherine said she couldn't believe she was doing this and made Sue promise not to show anyone.Sue told her she wouldn't and said that her husbands big cock would be hard for a month if he seen the photos.

The wine was getting Catherine loose and she adusted the top of the dress to show her 34c breasts swelling over the small white lace cups of the bra.She wanted some hot photos to show her husband.

Sue was very excited taking photos of Catherine's tanalizing clevage.Telling her how sexy she looked as she took the photos,Suggesting that she uncross her legs and move them slightly apart.

Catherine giggled as she did what her friend said.She felt sexy and naughty doing this.Something she had never did before,but she was enjoying it very much.

Sue's pussy was so wet as she focused the camera up Catherine's dress.The sheer white lace panties covering her pussy.She squatted down on the floor to take a few photos.

Catherine couldn't help but see Sue's pussy.Her skirt had slid up to the top of her thighs and her legs were apart."Oh my I can't believe you are not wearing panties......ohhhh!!!!!"Catherine gasped.She had never seen anothers womans pussy like that before.Blushing as she looked up.

"I never wear panties or a bra!"Sue laughed." It drives Mike wild when we go out.A soft shiver swept her body knowing Catherine had seen her pussy."I've got to get another disc for the camera,why don't you take your bra and panties off and we will take some really hot photos."

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