Soccer mom Kate 4

Kate's body jerked around wildly and her moans were uncontrollable as the three men fucked her.Her whole body twitched as she reached orgasm after oragasm.The beautiful soccer mom was now a cock whore,loving the three big cocks fucking her.Eagerly sucking a black cock for the first time,letting him fuck her mouth.
Her tanalizing curves glistened with sweat.If only her s****rs could see her now.

I was very much enjoying licking her asshole and Tommy's fat cock.Tasting the mixture of their precum and her cunt juices.I was actually spending more time licking his young cock, (26) than her asshole.

Tommy was jerking his hips back and fourth faster now,pounding my wife's pussy.Her puffy glistening cunt lips stretched tightly around both of their fat cocks.Tommy moaned he was cumming and shoved his big cock deep in her pussy.
I waited a few moments then pulled his still squirting cock from her slippery pink folds.His hot cum splashed across my face and into my open mouth.His thick hot cum tasted sweet and I enjoyed the feel and taste of his cum in my mouth.I squezzed and pumped his hard cock taking the last of his slippery cum into my mouth.Swishing it around,savoring the taste before I swallowed it.

I had not did that since I was a young teen and sucked my best friends cock.In the heat of the moment I had licked his beautiful fat cock and let him cum in my mouth.

Tommy moved to the side and laid down on the floor beside us.I moved behind Kate watching Mike's big cum covered cock pumping back and fourth in her cum filled pussy.Moving up I pressed my cock against Mike's and rubbed them together,pressing the head against the velvet soft folds of my wife's pussy.It felt so good,so tight,soooooooo fucking wet.

KC big black hands were tangled in her hair as he fucked her mouth.Telling her how good she was at sucking cock.Saying he couldn't wait to get his big black cock up her white pussy.

I was so excited from all this I could feel my release building quickly inside me.The feel of Mike's fat cock pressed against mind and the walls of her pussy clamped like a vise around both of our cocks.It felt so good,so good.I told Mike not to cum and he mumbled okay but not for long.I crammed my cock all the way up her cum hot tight pussy and started cumming.I just kept cumming and cumming,filling her cunt with more cum.

Moving down I gently pushed Kate's firm tight ass upward so that Mike's massive cum covered cock slipped from her pussy.Leaning over I licked the thick sticky cum from the rubbery head of his big cock.Sucking the mixture of Tommy's cum and mine into my mouth.I swirled my tongue all over cleaning the cum from the dark purple flesh.

"Ohhhhhhhhh......ohhhhhhh .....I...I..that is so hot!!!" Kate gasped watching me slid my tongue up and down the long length of his thick heavy veined shaft.Gathering up the cum and sucking it into my mouth."I...I.can't..ohhhhh I like that" she studdered. "Suck his cock babe,suck that big fat cock!!!!"
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2 years ago
What appeared on the screen was certainly not a soccer game!
There in double life size were two women locked in a passionate kiss. Liz
watched with bated breath from her hiding place beside the door frame. She
heard the exclamation of shock that escaped her guest's lips. The moment of
truth had arrived.

Cathy's conscious, thinking brain told her to press stop, but that would
have required her to take her eyes off the scintillating embrace that was
so clearly displayed on the screen and she seemed unable at that moment to
tear her eyes away. The camera was zooming out to reveal the upper half of
the two actresses. One, the red head, was wearing a white ruffled
blouse. Her co-star, the blonde was naked. The sight of the two sets of
impressive tits mashed together forced another sharp `OH!' to escape from
the woman on the couch. `Press stop!' came the command from deep in her
brain, but it was weaker than before. The red head was sliding her tongue
down the side of the blonde's neck, down over the upper slope of her
heavily enhanced left boob and on to the dusty pink of the naked actress's
nipple. When the red head's teeth closed on the protruding center of the
blonde's tit, the remote slipped from Cathy's hand, bounced off her knee
and clattered to the floor. Eyes wide and mouth agape Mandy's mother was
paralyzed. Liz watched with satisfaction as her guest sat riveted to the

Cathy heard something like whispering. Something about turning the image
off, but it was far away and quite faint. The alcohol, on the other hand,
seemed to have now taken parts of her brain hostage. Her hands were doing
things all on their own. Her left hand had risen to cup her right breast
while her right hand, fingers really, were stroking her inner thigh at the
hem of her hound's tooth skirt. On screen the red head was giving the
blonde's tits a voracious tongue lashing. Cathy felt soft lips on her ear
and was aware of the soft scent of roses. Her left hand had been pushed
aside and there were hands on both her breasts now strumming her rigid
nipples. She watched the red head sink to her knees; the blonde had hoisted
her butt on to the arm rest of a couch and spread her legs wide. The camera
zoomed in for a close up of the bald pink pussy. "Doesn't that look
delicious?" the words were whispered in her ear accompanied by hot breath
and followed by a tongue. Cathy's only response was a low moan. The red
head's face was now inches from the blonde's widely spread snatch, she was
licking her way up her co- star's thigh enroute to her destination. Cathy's
own fingers moved up her thigh until the grazed the wet silk of her
panties. She felt her top being pulled up, but in her trance like state she
simply raised her arms to facilitate its removal. Momentary darkness as the
embroidery along the neck line of her tee shirt grazed over her nose.

The soccer mom would not have been able to say at that moment how she had
become naked from the waist up. All she knew was that the sight of the red
head licking and sucking the pussy that nearly filled the screen was
driving her imagination to places she hadn't been in years. She wished she
was between the blonde's legs. She wished it were her tongue stroking over
the spongy vulva. Hands were now on her naked tits, cupping them and
teasing the thimble sized nipples sticking out of the oversize puckered
areola a top the firm round flesh of her breast. She heard the loud groan
but didn't realize it was her who had made the wanton sound. Both of her
hands were now under the hem of her skirt. Cathy's fingernails were
dragging across the tender flesh of her inner thigh and dancing over the
saturated silk covering her burning pussy. Breathless words in her ear
again "I'll bet she tastes amazing." This time the half naked woman sitting
on the couch recognized her own moan. She thrust he hips forward to the
edge of the couch. Her skirt stayed put so that the bottom hem was now well
above her panty clad crotch. The sight of Cathy's vulva strained against
the wet silk was more than the soccer coach could bear.
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3 years ago
Just keeps getting better
4 years ago
liked the story but yea not a fan of the guy on guy very well written though
4 years ago
Sorry, you lost my interest when you took some guys cum. Oh well, each to his own.