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Lisa sucked Jen's long tongue into her mouth, her first kiss with another woman had her very excited. Jen's smaller perky breasts mashed against her 34 C cup tits. Their hard nipples like hot darts pressed together. Finally Jen raised up from the kiss and Lisa licked and sucked the warm sticky cum from her face. It had been so long since she had tasted another man's cum and she had never tasted a black man's cum.

Jen moved down licking and sucking Lisa's hard nipples, flicking her tongue over the quivering rubbery flesh. Then moving down kissing and licking her smooth flat belly, before sliding down between her wide spread long legs. She inhaled the musky aroma of Lisa's neatly trimmed pussy. Her light brown almost blonde cunt hair was neatly trimmed to a narrow landing strip, leaving the side of her mound shaved smooth. Her pink puffy cunt lips glistened with her juices. Flicking out her long tongue she licked the silky smooth sides of Lisa's pussy. Sliding down to lick the crack of her ass.

Lisa squealed with delight as another woman licked her pussy for the first time." Oh, Jen, Jen that feels so good, so fucking good!!" Lisa raised her head up looking down at her beautiful friend licking her pussy. Jen was looking back up at her as she slowly slid her tongue over her velvet soft, wet cunt lips. Licking and sucking the pink flesh between her lips but not touching her swollen fleshy clit. "Tell me what you want Lisa!!" Jen moaned loving the taste and feel of her pussy.

"Lick my pussy Jen, ohhhh your mouth and tongue feel so fucking good!!! I love it!! Please, please suck my cunt, make me cum.

Jen slid her finger up and down Lisa cute little pussy getting them wet and slippery with her juices. She slowly slipped two finger up her pussy and two up her asshole, sucking her big erect clit into her mouth. Loudly sucking on it and flicking her tongue over the quivering flesh.

Juan's big cock was already rock hard again watching the beautiful Jennifer Anniston sucking Lisa Kudlow clit and finger fucking her pussy and ass. He looked around to see where his wife was. She was in the front row of the audience kneeling in front of an attractive older woman. The silver haired woman had her skirt pulled up around her waist as Tara sucked her huge cock like clit and fist fucked her gray haired pussy. The woman big fleshly cunt lips were stretched tightly around Tara's wrist. The woman was jerking her hips around wildly pissing into Tara's mouth as she obviously was coming. Her husband was behind Tara holding onto the firm white cheeks of her ass as he pounded her pussy from the rear.

Erin could not just watch anymore, her young pussy juice was running down her thighs. She crawled up on the bed straddling Lisa's head. Lowering herself down she rubbed her wet, sticky pussy against her mouth.

Lisa flicked out her tongue eagerly licking the young girls pussy. Surprised that she loved the taste of her first pussy. She stuck her long tongue up inside her hot, wet pussy tongue fucking her. Her juices flowing into her mouth.

Erin grinded her cunt against Lisa's mouth reaching down to fondle her big tits. Feeling a huge cock pressing against her asshole, she turned her head to see KC behind her pushing his huge black cock lubricated cock against her. She relaxed as he pushed the huge head up her tight ass. She loved getting fucked in the ass as long as he did it slow at first, then pounded her little hot ass as she loosened up.

Lisa sucked Erin excited clit into her mouth watching in awe as the huge black cock slowly slid up inside the young girl's cute white ass. She could feel her orgasm building inside her from Jen's oral attack on her pussy. Wave after wave of pleasure swept her trembling body as her orgasm exploded deep inside her.

Juan un cuffed Lisa's ankles from the bed posts. Pulling Jen from between her legs he took her place. Pushing Lisa's long legs up back towards her head, rubbing his huge dark brown cock up and down her slippery pussy. Slapping her erect clit with his massive cock several times, before guiding the mushroomed shaped head between her cunt lips.

Lisa's moans were muffled by Erin pussy as his long, fat cock slid deep inside her. Going where no other cock had gone before. Stretching her soft velvet folds to the limit. She loved his big cock fucking her pussy.

Jen moved over behind Courtney where Lisa's husband had just pulled his cock from her cum filled ass. Jen licked and sucked the cum from his fat cock looking up at him as he did. "I never knew you were so kinky Michael!!" she giggled. Taking his semi hard cock into her mouth and sucking the fat cock that had just been up her best friend's ass. She loved being a bad girl and sucking dirty cocks.
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