Friends 8

Lisa had struggled with the men all the way as they had undressed her and handcuffed her to the table. Her pale white flesh glistened with sweat as she laid there naked for all to see. Her heart was pounding rapidly wondering what they were going to do with her. Was she going to gang banged by some of these black men like her friends. She lifted her head looking at Jen and Courtney. They did not look like they were being f***ed to perform these lewd acts. They looked more than willing and loving every minute of being fucked by the huge black cocks. Both of them covered with cum. Jen was taking three at a time and Courtney was taking two at a time.

Michael came up on stage with Erin, he had always wanted to fuck Lisa's friends and now he was going to have his fantasizes coming true. He had always wanted to see his beautiful, sweet wife with other guys and women and this too was going to become a reality. Waiting until the black guy fucking Courtney pussy pulled out and shot the rest of his cum on her sexy ass. He moved behind her moving his hands all over her cum covered ass. Gently kneading the firm white flesh, loving looking and finally feeling her cute little ass. He rubbed his hard cock up and down the cum covered lips of her pussy, coating his cock with all the cum oozing from her pussy. He looked over at his wife staring wide eyed at him.

"No, oh no Michael!!" Courtney gasped watching him rub the head of his cock against Courtney's puckered little asshole.

"Oh Courtney I've wanted to fuck your ass for so long, so long!!" Michael moaned pushing the large head of his cock up her hot tight asshole. Slapping the cheeks of her ass as the muscles of her ass tightly gripped his cock. Slowly pushing more of his fat cock up inside her. She wiggled her hips around pushing her ass back towards him. 'This isn't the first time she has had a cock up her ass' he thought, cramming more of his cock up her slippery ass.

The black guy fucking her mouth, pulled her hair hard shoving his massive cock down her throat as his thick, slippery cum gushed out. Pulling his squirting cock out he shot his cum all over her face.

Courtney swallowed the cum in her mouth," Fuck me Michael!!!!!! Fuck my ass, fuck me hard....I love it!!!! Shove all your big fat cock up my ass!!!!" Courtney cried out. Looking at Lisa as her husband shoved his hard cock all the way up her ass.

Juan couldn't hold back any longer as Jen greedily sucked his cock. Taking his long, fat dark brown cock balls deep in her mouth. Even sucking cock she looked so sweet and innocent. Her lips clamped tightly around his cock, her eyes watering and her cheeks bellowing in and out. Obviously she loved sucking cock. America's sweet heart was quite the cock sucker. She looked up at him as his hot cum exploded in her mouth. She reached yet another orgasm as the two cocks pumped back and fourth in her pussy and ass. Her first black cock and she loved it. Both cocks going deeper inside her than any other man had.

Lisa pulled her hands and legs trying to get free of the handcuffs. She was hurt and pissed that her husband was fucking Courtney's ass and that her friend was enjoying it so much. She seen the slender naked girl that had been sucking her husband's cock earlier walk up to her. Her pussy right in front of her face.

" Would you like some pussy?" Erin asked moving even closer.

"No, no I have never done anything like that!" Lisa replied angrily. "OOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!" she cried out feeling the hard sting of something smacking her tender pussy hard. She jerked her head to see who was doing what as another even harder hit smacked her pussy. She was helpless handcuffed and spread eagle on the table. She jerked her naked body as the pain made her pussy hurt. She seen the owner or the hotel, Juan holding the riding crop and smiling at her.

"Are you sure you won't change your mind about having some pussy Lisa?" he asked. Before she could respond he smacked her puffy red cunt lips again. Her neatly trimmed pussy was bright red already.

"No you sick fucker I will not try pussy for you or anyone else!!!" she replied tears running down her cheeks. She cried out in pain as he lashed out at her exposed pussy again. At the same time Erin reached down and grabbed her small pointed nipples. Twisting the light brown rubbery flesh and lifting her tits upward.

"OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW..........OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH PLEASE STOP!!! Please I'm begging you!" Lisa cried from the pain.

"Wait let me change her mind!" Jen said when her mouth wasn't full of cock.

"Take the cuffs off of her and let her go." Juan said

Jen came over to the table covered with cum and more of it oozing from her asshole and pussy. She crawled on top of Lisa and leaned her head down to kiss her on the lips. Her perky tits pressing against Lisa's bigger tits.

Lisa turned her head away from her friend, not wanting to kiss another woman. Something she had never done. She couldn't control her nipples getting hard from contact with Jen's swollen nipples. "Jen please don't." Lisa whispered.

"I just don't want you to get hurt Lisa. Trust me you will love making love to another woman if you try it. Courtney turned me onto it and I love it!" Jen said kissing her cheek and moving down to kiss and nibble on her neck.

"" Lisa moaned but Jen's gentle kisses and little bites on her neck felt good. She tingled all over. Surprised then when Jen moved back up to kiss her mouth she didn't turn away. She parted her lips as Jen slid her tongue into her mouth. Lisa was enjoying her first kiss with a woman. Her best friend was kissing her and she was kissing her back as their breasts mashed together.

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