Friends 7

Lisa couldn't believe what she was seeing, thinking she had to be a very vivid dream. Her two friends were up on stage performing lewd acts in front of all these people. Courtney was like a wild woman as the two well hung blacks fucked her mouth and pussy. Lisa couldn't help but stare at all the huge black cocks up on stage. She had never seen such huge cocks or had she seen a black cock before. Even though she found what her friend were doing was so perverted and lewd, her thong panties were soaking wet with her juices.

Looking over at Jen taking the massive, thick, heavy veined, black cock as a woman licked and sucked her pussy. Staring wide eyed at the handsome Mexican slipping his huge cock into her open mouth. Surprised at how Jen eagerly sucked his dark brown cock as he crammed more of it into her mouth. Other black guys moved all around her rubbing their huge black cocks all over her. Playing with her perky tits.

"I never knew your friends were so kinky Lisa, this is so fucking hot!!" Her husband said quietly looking at her hard nipples poking out against her thin dress.

"Michael!!! I can't believe you like this!" Lisa snapped glancing down at his bulging crotch. He had tried many times to get her into swinging, but she had always said no. She was quite jealous that his cock was so hard looking at her friends hot bodies.

"This is so fucking hot Lisa, I miss doing things like this. Jen and Courtney are so hot and sexy fucking like this." He said knowing Lisa was really getting pissed." Before I met you I went to parties like this all the time."

Jen's body jerked around wildly in the swing as the huge black cock finally slid all the way up her ass. That and the combination of Tara's talented tongue brought her to a huge orgasm. Her loud moans were muffled my Juan's huge cock roughly fucking her mouth. Tara raised up from between Jen's thighs. Her face was covered with her cunt juice. She moved out of the way as one of the black guys knelt between Jen's wide spread legs. He rubbed the huge purple head of his cock up and down her wet puffy cunt lips, then slowly pushed his massive black cock into the movie stars tight, white pussy. Now Jen had three huge black cocks fucking her.

The guy fucking Courtney's mouth moaned that he was cumming, pulling her long black hair and cramming his long fat cock back and fourth between her lips. His thick whit cum oozed out the corners of her mouth, as she tried to swallow all of his cum. She had been with black men before and loved it, even more with people watching her.

Lisa was in a trance watching more young naked black men walk up on the stage. Each cock bigger than the one before. She wanted to get up and leave, but she couldn't move. As much as she hated all of what was happening, it was turning her on. She had fantasized about being with two men, but nothing like this.

The young slender white girl took the mike and announced that they had another special guest in the house.

Lisa turned bright red as the spotlight shined on her. Knowing everyone in the place was looking at her. Looking at her husband seeing his big smile.

"Lisa would you like to come up on stage and join your two friends?" Erin asked.

" thank you, I can't!" Lisa replied blushing even more.

"You are saying no, but your hard nipples are saying yes!" Erin smiled coming down the isle towards her with two naked black guys. " Looks like your husband's hard cock is saying yes too!" Erin smiled reaching down and moving her fingers over his bulging crotch." How about it, would you like to see your beautiful wife up on stage as a young girl sucks your cock right here?"

"Yes, I would love that!" Michael moaned as the young girl unzipped his pants.

"Michael!! Michael no, no. I am not going up on stage, we need to leave now!" Lisa said her voice quivering. Seeing the beautiful young girl pull her husband's rock hard eight inch cock out for all to see. The girl got down on her knees and starting licking the smooth rubbery head of his cock as everyone cheered.

The two black guys pulled Lisa up as she protested. Her words were drowned out by the crowd cheering. She looked over her shoulder seeing the girl eagerly sucking her husbands cock. She was scared and turned on at the same time.

Up on the stage the guy fucking Courtney's pussy pulled his squirting cock from her stretched pussy. Shooting the last of his cum on her tight, firm ass. As he moved away another guy took his place cramming his long, fat black cock up her cum filled pussy. She was already sucking another guys big cock. Her and Lisa made eye contact.

The two men held Lisa as two more slipped her dress off showing her 34C cup breasts and her light brown hard nipples. Pulling her tiny thongs down her long well shaped legs and slipping them off. Exposing her neatly trimmed pussy to everyone. Her light brown almost blonde cunt hair was trimmed to a narrow landing strip. Her puffy pink cunt lips stuck out past the fine hairs. Lisa couldn't control her bodies reaction to the cheering crowd seeing her naked and being so close to all the big black cocks. Shiver after shiver swept her beautiful naked body as a group of people see her naked for the first time. She was pissed at her husband for agreeing for her to come up on stage, even more upset that he was letting the cute young girl suck his cock.

They led Lisa over to the large padded table. Laying her across the table with her head hanging over the edge. The hands and feet were handcuffed to all four corners leaving her spread eagle on the table.
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Damn, very hot indeed! Excellent