Friends 5

The waiter greeted them with a big smile telling them his name was Tony. As they ordered drinks Tara pulled the waiters loin cloth to the side revealing his semi erect cock. The foreskin still covered the huge head which was twice as big around as the slender shaft. His slender cock twitched around as he looked at Jen and Courtney, telling the two what a pleasure it was to meet them. Enjoying the way the two beautiful women looked at his cock.

Jen and Courtney replied telling him it was a pleasure to meet him, flashing big smiles at the young handsome man. Seeing their hard nipples poking out against the thin material of their dresses.

" You'll have to excuse my wife's boldness, she is like a k** in a candy store when we come here." Juan said.

" No problem here from what I can see!" Courtney replied." We have been to so many clubs, but never one like this!" Courtney replied as Tony left to get their drinks.

" This is quite a different place." Jen added looking around at the beautiful wait staff being felt up by the well dressed customers.

" So are you two enjoying it so far?" Juan asked.

" I am loving it!" Courtney replied. Jen quickly agreed with her feeling her hand on her thigh pulling her dress up.

" Great I'm sure you will love the entertainment in the lower level." Juan told them. "Our waiter will tell us when the next show is starting.

A tall beautiful blonde came over to the table. " Saying hello to Juan and leaning over and giving Tara a long sexy kiss on the mouth. When she finally raised up she asked Juan if she could ask his guest for a huge favor. Juan told her it was up to them.

My name is Debbie she said to Jen and Courtney, telling them that her and her husband were huge fans of them since they starred in 'Friends'.

Jen and Courtney were used to this and told Debbie it was a pleasure to meet her.

Debbie asked for their autograph and they said it was no problem at all. The sexy blonde handed Jen a marker then moved over in front of her. "I hope you don't mind, but my husband will go crazy if you autograph my pussy!" She pulled her short skirt up around her waist showing her smooth, bald pussy.

"Well, this is a first!" Jen laughed feeling her juices flowing as she looked at Debbie's pink, puffy cunt lips. "Exactly where do you want me to sign?" she asked her voice revealed her excitement.

"On each side of my pussy lips if you would." Debbie replied looking at Jen's hard nipples poking out against her thin dress.

Jen's hand was shaking as she rested her hand on Debbie's soft, wet cunt lips and signed her name on the side of her smooth shaved mound. Except for Courtney this was the first time she had ever touched another woman's pussy. She enjoyed it very much.

When it was Courtney turn she pressed her hand hard against Debbie's pretty pussy. Gently rubbing it before signing her name.

Debbie thanked them and gave them a quick kiss on the lips. Taking both women by surprise, but both of them enjoying the kiss.

After she left Juan said he had no idea Debbie would do that. Asking the two women if they were okay with her bold request.

Both of them laughed saying it was no problem at all.

"After what you two did in your room today I think you would be okay with just about anything!" Tara said sweetly winking at the two shocked women.

" do you know what we did in our room today?" Jen asked caught off guard by what she had just heard.

"It's okay girls your secret is safe with us. Our security cameras are everywhere!" Tara said.

" What??? are joking right?" Jen gasped.

"It's okay Jen, no one else will see the disc except Juan and I." Tara told them. " I am very bi sexual too."

Jen looked at Courtney sipping her drink, not seeming upset about what she had just heard.

"As long as I can see the disc and they promise not to show anyone, I'm fine with it. I've made some nasty private videos before, relax Jen."

Before Jen could say anything more the waiter came back with their drinks and told them the next show was ready to start down stairs. As they headed downstairs Juan put his arm around Jen and told her not to worry about the discs. Assuring her it was only for their private use and they had hundred of discs of many stars.

Many of the people that were upstairs also headed down and Jen was surprised to see some people she knew. They were seated in the front row of a raised stage with a large bed in the middle of it. There was also a sex swing and a large wooden stock. Tara had to explain to Jen what the stock was for. There was also a table off to the side with a large selection of sex toys Juan was sitting in between Jen and Courtney and Tara was sitting on the other side of Jen.

When every one was seated the lights were turned down very low, but the stage was well lit with spotlights. A beautiful tall young woman walked out on the stage wearing a just black thigh high hose and high heels. Her long dark brown hair hung down to the top of her ass outlining the beauty of her high cheek boned face. Her firm small breasts were pointed and turned slightly upward. Her reddish brown nipples were about the size of a dime and protruded out about an inch from her snow white tits. Her pussy was covered with a thick triangle of dark brown silky cunt hair. Long legs with great hips and well shaped long legs.

"My name is Erin and these are my stars tonight." She said as one by one six well hung young black men walked onto the stage. She said their names as they walked out and the size of their huge hard cocks.

Jen had never seen a black cock before and couldn't believe how huge they were. Her heart was pounding rapidly and shiver after shiver swept her body.

Erin asked for a woman in the audience to help her take care of her friends Jen was shocked seeing all the hands being raised. Even more surprised that Courtney had her hand up too.

The d**g had lowered Courtney's inhibitions and she was extremely horny, wanting fucked in the worse way. She had been with black men before and loved big black cock. Tonight she didn't care who all was watching her. She had been with two men at once but only had fantasizes about being gang banged.

Erin came down off the stage and took Courtney's hand and led her up the steps up on the stage. Everyone was clapping and cheering as they seen the beautiful star up on the stage.

Jen was extremely turned on, surprised at her reaction to all of this. Her eyes darting back and fourth checking out all the massive hard black cocks. watching Erin slip Courtney's dress off leaving her naked except for her high heels. Again the crowd clapped and cheered.

Erin led Courtney over to the stocks as two of the blacks guys raised the top piece. Courtney leaned over putting her head and hands in the hollowed out offset in the bottom piece. The top piece was carefully lowered down and hooked together locking her head and hands in the stocks. Her legs were spread wide and cuffed to the rings bolted to the floor. Her beautiful firm ass sticking up and her neatly trimmed pussy exposed to the crowd.

Jen couldn't believe her best friend and lover was doing this, but she was so turned on watching her. She felt Tara's hand on her thigh and she had goose pimples all over.

Erin went over and picked up a riding crop from the table. Moving behind Courtney she slapped her smooth, firm ass hard with the riding crop. Leaving a bright red mark on the snow white flesh.

Courtney cried out in pain as Erin whipped her ass several more times. Although the sting of the riding crop hurt very much it excited her more.

"Are you going to be my bad girl tonight?" Erin asked. Turning the riding crop and slapping her exposed pussy.

"Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww......OMG....OMG....ohhhh that hurts so bad!" Courtney shrieked. The pain and pleasure mixed together and her cunt juices were running down her thigh.

Erin delivered several more sharp hits to the stars pussy causing her to cry out each time. " You love this don't you?" She asked moving her other hand over Courtney's soft, firm ass cheeks.

"Yes...yes...I love hurts so bad and feels so good!" Courtney answered, big tear running down her cheeks.

" So are you going to be my bad little girl tonight Courtney?" She asked again delivering three more hard smacks to her red pussy.

"Aggggghhhhhh..........ohhhhhhh....ohhhhh...yes....yes, I'll do anything you want! Anything!!" Courtney whimpered.

Erin moved around in front of her so that her hairy pussy was right in front of her face," Do you want to lick my pussy?" She asked reaching over the stock to slap her ass with the riding crop again.

"Yes, yes I want to lick and suck your pussy!!!! Please let me taste your pussy Erin. Courtney begged.

Erin threw the riding crop aside and grabbed Courtney's long black hair, pushing her hairy pussy against her mouth."OHHHHHHHHHHH......that's it bitch lick my pussy!!" She maoned grinding her pussy against her face.
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I would love to have Courtney in stocks in my dungeon.