Friends 4

Tara could see the outline of Bobby's thick hard cock pressing out against his swim trunks. Not as big as her husbands monster cock, but still a nice, big, fat cock. She was very attracted to Ashley's hot body and wondered if they were swingers. But, Megan was the one she really wanted. She was shocked when she found out she had just turned eighteen. She looked like she was many years younger with her small pointed tits and puffy nipples. Her pretty face was that of a young teen.

Bobby looked back at Tara's smaller 32B cup tits and large dark brown nipples. " Yours are still the hottest of the beach." he said quietly as Ashley ordered drinks from the girl serving on the beach.

"I think Megan's are the hottest tits on the beach and the way you look at her young tits you do too." Tara whispered back.

Bobby was shocked at what Tara said noticing her looking at his bulging crotch. He thought she must be bi and what it would be like seeing her in action with his stepdaughter or his wife. He had tried to talk Ashley into swinging but had no luck convincing her to try it yet. He wanted to see her sucking and fucking three guys or more at the same time.

"There's one for all the women here!" Tara said motioning towards the young black man coming out of the water. His massive, hard, twelve inch cock sticking out and curving upward. It was extremely thick and heavy veined.

Ashley and Megan both gasped seeing their first huge black cock, staring wide eyed at him as he went over and laid down on a beach towel with a beautiful older white woman. He turned on his side so that could they could not see his cock.

"OMG,OMG..I have never seen anything so big!!" Ashley gasped forgetting her daughter was there. " His cock must be about a foot long!!" she moaned.

"At least!" Megan added with a big smile on her face.

"Megan you shouldn't be looking at that and forget what your mother just said.!" Ashley replied, her face turning bright red.

"He's not that big." Bobby added. Jealous of the black guys huge cock, but thinking about him fucking his beautiful wife. Picturing Ashley sucking his massive black cock.

" Actually his cock is twelve and a half inches long and eight inches around." Tara said smiling.

"How do you know all that?" Bobby asked.

"His name is Andre and he is a very close friend of my husband and I!" Tara told them winking at Ashley. "And with that being said I have to get back to the office. It's been really great talking with all of you, hopefully we can all get together again."

They all agreed they enjoyed her company and promised to look for her on the beach tomorrow.

Tara knew Bobby was staring at her ass as she walked away, hoping that Ashley and Megan were checking her out too. She stopped over and said hello to Andre and Kate. Asking him to turn over on his back so her new friends could see more of his big cock. She waved towards them as Andre turned over.

Ashley and Megan's mouths fell open as they stared at his long, fat, black cock sticking up, still rock hard.

After watching just a few minutes of Jennifer and Courtney making love Juan had Tara call their room and invite them out to dinner. Telling his beautiful sexy wife that tonight was the night she could have them both after they had been gangbanged. They went through all the discs seeing many of their guests naked getting into their swim suits. Both of them loving seeing Eva Larue naked. Admiring her firm jutting tits and her smooth shaved pussy. Juan was also very attracted to Megan watching her change clothes. He too thought she was much younger. Tara told him about her day on the beach with them.

Juan called Jen and Courtney's room, talking with Courtney, he invited them out to dinner. Courtney had accepted his invitation. Not knowing that Juan was watching her at that very moment talking on the phone naked.

Later they all met in the lobby. Jen was wearing her favorite, short red dress. The plunging neckline showing the gentle swell of her firm, jutting tits. The outline of her large erect nipples poked out against the thin material of the dress. The hemline stopped just above her knees showing off her well toned tanned legs. Her high heeled sandals completed her outfit. Courtney had talked her into not wearing panties and she fell so wicked. Courtney was wearing a little black dress with a halter top. Her 36C tits showed at the sides as well as her ample cleavage. Her hard pointed nipples poking out too. Her hemline stopped at mid thigh with a center slit up to just a few inches below her pussy. She was wearing matching black high heels, Tara was wearing a sheer white blouse with the top three buttons open. You could see her small perky tits and big dark brown nipples through the sheer fabric. Her matching short wrap around skirt also stopped at mid thigh. Her six inch heels made her legs even sexier. Juan was dressed in all black, his tight pants and no underwear showing the outline of his massive cock.

Even Jen and Courtney were impressed at the upscale restaurant they went to. They had been to so many, but none better than this. All the staff knew Tara and Juan and their service was top of the line. As they ate dinner and sipped their wine they had no problem with conversation. Talking like they were old friends in no time. When the three of them went to the restroom together, Juan spiked their drinks.

When they left the restaurant Juan suggested they stop at a private club for a few more drinks. Both of them quickly agreed, each one feeling extremely sexually excited and not knowing why. Maybe it was the wine or how charming Juan was. Both of them extremely wet between their legs. Courtney was very aroused looking at Tara's naked breasts through the sheer blouse. Unlike Jen she had many bisexual lovers. She knew that Jen had never been with another woman except her.

At the club Jen and Courtney were once again impressed with the place. The waiters were wearing loin clothes and tuxedo shirts and ties. The waitresses were wearing tiny crop tops that barely covered their tits leaving their flat sexy bellies bare. All of them also wearing whit mini skirts that barely covered their ass.

Both Jen and Courtney commented on the sexy attire of the staff. Saying they had never seen anything like it before.

Juan told them that this was his club and said that the entertainment in the lower level was something they would never forget. They were quickly seated and a well built waiter came up to them. Saying hello to Juan and Tara and telling Jen and Courtney had wonderful it was to have them at the club.

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This is a fantastic series.