Friends 3

Jen and Courtney slipped off their wet bikinis in the bedroom. Embracing each other, kissing as they pressed their naked bodies together. Jen loved the feel of Courtney bigger tits mashed against hers and their cunts rubbing against each others. Both of their cunts were soaking wet with their juices.

The kiss lasted for quite awhile until Jen broke away. "I have to pee so bad Courtney, I'll be right back." she said flashing her a big smile.

"You don't have to go anywhere to pee!" Courtney replied. Kissing and nibbling on her neck. Moving down cupping her firm, snow white tits as she flicked her tongue over her big erect nipple.

Jen squealed with delight as Courtney sucked her swollen, thick nipple into her mouth " Why did I know you were going to say that?" she giggled. She had to pee before they went outside, but she held in in for her kinky friend. "You are such a kinky woman." she moaned. Watching Courtney's sexy mouth move back and fourth, licking and sucking both her swollen nipples. Her hands gently kneading her firm tits.

Courtney kissed her way down Jen's flat, smooth stomach. Kneeling down on the floor in front of her. Admiring her smooth, bald, pussy. Her thick, fleshy cunt lips glistened with her cunt juices.
Putting her hands on her firm, tight little ass she pulled her closer. Inhaling the fragrance of her pussy. " I just love your cute little pussy!!" she whispered.

Jen moved her legs apart and reached down gently pulling her thick, fleshy cunt lips apart. Revealing her inner pink flesh and her large erect clit. When they first started doing this it took her forever to pee, now it took her no time at all. Her thick heavy stream gushed from her pussy splashing across her best friends face and into her wide open mouth.

Courtney moaned with delight as her mouth quickly filled with Jen's hot, slightly salty piss. She swished it around in her mouth savoring the taste, before swallowing it. With Jen's healthy eating habits her piss always tasted delicious. Some of her hot,piss splashing down on her tits and dripping down on the tiled floor.

Jen looked down at her perverted friend as she kept peeing, filling her mouth again. She really got into pissing in her beautiful friend's mouth. Aiming her steady stream all over her face and tits, as Courtney swallowed another mouth full. Seeing her mouth empty she guided her stream between her sexy lips again.

As Jen's heavy stream slowed Courtney pressed her mouth against Jen's wet, sticky cunt and sucked the last of her sweet piss into her mouth. Sticking her long tongue up her slick, velvet soft pussy and tongue fucking her.

Jen grabbed Courtney's long hair and grinded her cunt against her mouth. Loving the feel of her tongue up her pussy. Courtney looking up at her eagerly tongue fucking everyone's favorite sweet and innocent TV and Movie star. Wondering what there fans would think if they could see them now.

Courtney had seduced Jen shortly after 'Friends' had started. They had went out drinking together one night and ended up back at Courtney's place. In the hot tub together naked Courtney had worked her magic on Jen. She had been reluctant at first, never having been with another woman before. As soon as Courtney at got her talented mouth on Jen's cute little pussy she had her hooked.

Jen humped Courtney's mouth as her fingers slid up and down the crack of her ass, teasing her puckered asshole. Her legs were weak and she told Courtney she had to lay down. Courtney pushed her back and Jen fell onto the bed moving up as Courtney crawled on top of her. Tasting her own pee as they kissed again, their tongues darting back and fourth into each others mouths.

Courtney moved up rubbing her big tits across Jen's face. Allowing her to lick and suck both her dark brown nipples. Squealing with delight as her wet, warm mouth engulfed her excited nipple.

"I want to taste your pussy now Courtney, you have me so turned on. I can't wait....Please let me lick and suck your sweet pussy!" Jen moaned.

With an experienced move Courtney turned around on top of Jen in a sixty nine position. Moving her head down between Jen's wide spread legs to lick and suck her fleshy cunt lips. As Jen wrapped her legs around her back she moved down licking the crack of her ass, tonguing her cute little puckered asshole.

Jen moved her hands over Courtney's smooth tight ass cheeks, admiring her pussy. Her puffy pink cunt lips looked so inviting. Her erect clit already sticking out from her wet lips. Her thick, long clit looked like a small cock. Pulling her down she raised her head up kissing and licking the smooth white cheeks of her ass. Kissing and licking every inch of her ass before sliding her tongue up and down the crack of her ass, tonguing her asshole. Pulling the cheeks of her ass apart sticking her tongue up her ass.

Both women moaning and squealing with pleasure as they tongued each others asses. The both of them at the same time moving back to lick each others cunts. Moving their finger up and down the soaking wet pink flesh, getting them wet with each others juices. Each one of them knowing how to please each other.

Jen squealed with delight as Courtney slid two fingers up her slick pussy and one finger up her hot tight asshole. At the same time her long tongue flicking over her excited clit. "Ohhhhh Courtney.... Courtney that fells so fucking good!!!! I love you licking my pussy and finger fucking me!!!" She raised her ass off the bed, Pressing her cunt tightly against Courtney face.

She slid her fingers up and down Courtney's soaking wet pussy, getting them real wet and sticky. Then she slowly slid two fingers up her slippery pussy and two up her hot asshole. Moving them around deep inside her. She sucked her large clit into mouth, eagerly sucking the miniature cock and flicking her tongue over it.

Both women were being taped but at the time no one was watching it. Juan was taking care of business and Tara was still at the beach. She was siting talking to a good looking couple from Indiana. The husband Bobby was obviously starting at her cute perky tits and big hard nipples. Tara was trying not to stare at his wife Ashley's fine looking bare tits. She had to be a 36 C with small reddish brown pointed nipples.

Most of the good looking, well built women at the beach were topless and several were completely naked. Everyone felt safe showing their bodies since there was no cameras or phones allowed on the beach. Of course that didn't count for Juan's hidden cameras all over the beach. Tara loved hanging out at the beach and seeing all the naked women.

She was surprised when the cute, young red head girl came up to them and Ashley introduced her topless daughter Megan to Tara. Tara had shivers all over as she looked the young girl's small pointed tits and large puffy nipples. The tiny thong bottom was wet from just getting out of the water and clung revealing to her."I'm not sure you should be topless in front of your step dad." Ashley said.

" Oh mom he's seen me lots of times at the house. I love being topless at the beach, just like you do!! Does it bother you Bobby?" Megan said.

"Not at all honey, almost every one is topless here. She right Ashley I have seen her quite often at the house with even less on." Bobby said.

Tara could see the lust in his eyes as he looked at his step daughters pretty little tits.

" Well, I guess it's okay Megan." Ashley said. "You know all these men here are getting off staring at your young breasts."

Megan smiled " I'm sure they are getting off staring at your big boobs too Mom!"

"She has a point there!" Bobby laughed. His rock hard cock twitching around looking at Megan's beautiful pointed breasts. His wife didn't know that Megan had 'accidently seen his hard cock before too. That was their little secret.

Tara was excited to looking at the young girls beautiful breasts and thinking what she would like to do to her. She looked away and seen Eva Larue from CSI Miami walking onto the beach with her husband. She too was topless and her 36D's stood straight out from her chest. Her large light brown nipples were hard and erect. Tara pointed her out to Bobby asking if he knew who she was.

" I sure do and I never thought I would get the chance to see her topless!"" He moaned looking at he naked tits slightly bounce up and down as they walked. " Damn what a great set of tits!"

"Easy tiger or I will have to take you back to the room!" Ashley laughed sipping her drink.

Jen and Courtney jerked their bodies around as each of them reached another huge orgasm almost at the same time. Both women had cum so many times eating each others cunts that they had lost count.
Jen was on top of Courtney now and she rolled off of her turning around to lay beside her and kissing her. They fell asl**p in each others arms.

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8 months ago
Damn, Eva larue. If I see her I always get hard. Her eyes always seem to beg for cock.
9 months ago
Great story. Thanks.