Friends 2

Jennifer and Courtney unaware that they were being watched and recorded took their time unpacking their suitcases and putting their thing away. Each of them teasing each others hard nipples and grabbing each others ass.

"I just love being naked with you Jennifer." Courtney said moving her hand all over her friends tight little ass. Her pussy was already soaking wet just from looking at Jennifer's hot sexy body.

"Ditto!" Jennifer replied giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

" Those two are by far the hottest, sexist, women I have ever seen!" Juan moaned seeing the two actress's naked for the first time. He gripped is massive dark brown cock tightly. " I cannot wait to pound their tight, little, white cunts!"

"They are two beautiful sex goddesses! Just look at their gorgeous bodies!! I can't wait to taste them and see how much cock they can handle." Tara said.

Jennifer's firm, perky tits, stood out from her chest with no sag at all. Her light brown nipples were about the size of quarters and her teats were about the size of her thumbs and stuck out from her creamy white flesh more than half an inch. Her stomach was smooth and flat and her hips flared out perfectly. Her legs were well toned and dark tanned like the rest of her. Her cute little pussy was shaved smooth and her thick, fleshy, cunt lips were clearly visible. The pink flesh glistened with her juices. Her tight, little, firm, ass was to die for. The snow white smooth cheeks were snow white from where her bikini covered, contrasting sharply against the rest of her dark tanned flesh.

Courtney like her friend had a lean tight body. Her tits were bigger, 34C's that were round and spaced close together. She too had firm, jutting tits that looked like a young teenager's. Her dark brown nipples were just about identical to Jenn's except in color. She too was in excellent shape with a smoking hot body. Her stomach toned and flat, great set of hips with long well toned legs. Her black cunt hair was neatly trimmed to a small landing strip. Her pink perky cunt lips stuck out from the short silky hairs. Her ass was bigger than Jenn's but something she was very proud of and caught every man's eye with her backside. Just as firm and tight as her friends, but slightly bigger for her slender body. Unlike Jenn's gorgeous tanned body, Courtney's body was very light colored, a firm believer in sun block.

The two women put their tiny bikini's on poured more wine and went out on the ground floor veranda. Both of them barely covered by their tiny bikinis with the lining removed. They laid their towels on the chairs and rubbed sun block and lotion on each others bodies. Aware of all the eyes staring at them. Here all people could do was look since all cameras and cell phones were prohibited for the privacy of all guests.

Tara moved over in front of her husband kneeling down between his legs. His huge cock standing up and curving upward, still twitching around with excitement. Juan flipped the remote through several more rooms, most of the guests were outside at the pools or beach. He moaned seeing a pretty blonde guest he knew as Catherine. She was very beautiful and had came here alone. Right now she was on her bed on her hands and knees, sucking and getting fucked by two of Juan's friends with big cocks. She was going wild, jerking her body around wildly and moaning uncontrollably as one of them fucked her mouth and the other one pounded her pussy. Her big hanging tits bounced back and fourth with her wild jerking around.

"What are you watching?" Tara whispered licking the sweet sticky precum from her husband's huge mushroomed shaped head. She fondled his big balls and squeezed the thick base of his heavy veined monster as she licked all around his dark purple head.

Juan moaned from the gentle touch of her wet, warm, tongue sliding over his cock. He told he exactly what he was watching. Grabbing her hair and cramming his huge cock into her mouth. "Suck it Tara, show me how much you love sucking my big brown cock. Juan loved the color contrast of his white wife greedily sucking his deep brown cock. Her eyes watered and she gagged slightly as his massive cock slid down her throat. She fought back the urge to gag and kept sucking his long fat cock. She loved the way he roughly fucked her mouth.

On the large TV screen Juan watched as his two friends roughly fucked Catherine's mouth and pounded her bald pussy. His friend Tony was slapping her cute little ass with one hand and finger fucking her asshole with the other. She was obviously having huge orgasms having two cock at once for the first time.

Tara's pussy was dripping wet from her excitement of sucking her husbands huge cock. She easily swallowed his foot of fat cock and his balls slapped against her chin. She didn't stop sucking as someone knocked on the door and entered the office.

"OHHHH, excuse me Mr. sorry.....they said you wanted to see me!" The young bell boy mumbled seeing Tara sucking her husband's big cock. His face turned bright red and he tried not to stare at the beautiful woman getting her mouth fucked.

"It's okay Roberto, come in, come in I do what to talk to you. It's okay Tara likes people watching her sucking cock." He smiled at the young guy's embarrassment." Close the door please."

Roberto did as he was told unable to stop looking at Tara swallowing his bosses big cock. He couldn't believe this was happening.

" You have only been here a month and I think you are doing a fine job Roberto. I want to give you a dollar an hour raise." Juan said moaning as he still held onto his wife's hair and fucked her mouth.

" That is so kind of you Mr Sanchez, thank you, thank you very much" He said looking at his boss.

Juan smiled broadly at him." As a bonus I want you to fuck my lovely wife as she sucks my cock!"

"" the young Mexican stuttered.

Juan reached down and pulled his wife's short skirt up around her waist,revealing her fine white ass to him. She moved her legs further apart and he could see her glistening pussy lips. " Fuck her now Roberto she wants it!" As he spoke Tara wiggled her ass around.

Roberto quickly slipped his shorts and boxers off, showing his long, slender hard cock. The purple head being twice as big around as the head. He knelt behind her and she reached between her legs guiding his cock between her puffy cunt lips. He slowly slipped his eight inch cock all the way up her pussy. Fondling the smooth, tight cheeks of her ass as the wet,velvet folds of her cunt gripped his hard cock. " Ohhhhhhh, it feels so good, so good!" he squealed fucking a woman for only the second time.

"Fuck her pussy hard and slap her cute little ass Roberto. She loves it!!" Juan told him.

Roberto did as he was told loving the feeling of fucking this beautiful sexy woman. Still not believing he was actually fucking her. He had always dreamed about this moment from the first time he seen her. Up on the screen Catherine was laying spread eagle on the bed as the two men jacked off into her wide open,sexy mouth. Their thick white cum gushing into her mouth and over flowing over her lips and running down on her chin.

Juan and Roberto kept up fucking Tara making her cum many times until they filled her mouth and pussy with their massive loads of thick whit cum.

Jenn and Courtney were having a great time laying in the sun and talking watching all the guys slowly walk past them, checking their scanty clad bodies out. Many women did too and that was more than fine with them. They were checking out all the bulges in the swim trunks of the men as well. Both of them feeling the effects of the wine and telling each other while they wanted to do when they got back to the room.

" Jenn isn't that Tara from the front desk walking this way?" Courtney asked

" Yes, it is and look at those beautiful tits!" Jenn moaned admiring Tara small firm upturned tits bounce up and down as she walked.Her big reddish brown nipples were hard and sticking straight out. The tiny white string bikini bottom hung low on her hips. The camel toe was quite enticing."She is one sexy woman!"

"I wonder if she eats pussy?" Courtney giggled

" I've got all the pussy you can eat right here!!" Jenn replied moving her fingers lightly over her own camel toe. Her tiny,thin bikini pulled up between the puffy lips of her pussy and just a little of the side of her shaved mound showed.

Courtney was laying on her stomach with her top untied, as Tara walked up to the them she raised up on her elbows. Her top falling free revealing her naked hanging tits and her erect nipples.

" I'm just heading out to the beach and wanted to check and see if you two needed anything." She said looking at Courtney's exposed tits and then Jenn's camel toe. Being obvious about what she was looking at.

Jenn and Courtney were checking out her beautiful, naked breasts as well. Both women excited to see her topless as were other people close by. They told her they didn't need anything at this time. The three of them chatted for awhile checking each other out. As Tara headed for the beach Jenn and Courtney admired her cute naked ass, the thong back covering very little of her beautiful tight ass.

Without saying a word the two of them headed for the pool and took a dip. Then they heade quiclt to their rooms closing the blinds.

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