Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox walked into the lobby of their favorite resort in Mexico. Jennifer was wearing a short, white, thin dress that clung revealingly to her curves. As always she was not wearing a bra and her large erect nipples poked out against the thin material. With the bright sun behind them her little dress was transparent, showing the outline of her sexy body. Her high heeled sandals made her well shaped legs even sexier. Courtney was wearing a little red dress with the hemline stopping at mid thigh and a center slit that went up to just below her pussy. Her open, plunging neckline showed off her firm, round cleavage. The outline of her hard nipples poked out against her dress too. The young boy pulling their cart loaded with their luggage watched their sexy, firm asses jiggle back and fourth.

Every one in the lobby admired the two women beauty and sexy bodies. Men as well as women appeared aroused seeing the two of them. Tara smiled at the two of them as they came up to the counter. Her own nipples were swollen and her pussy was already wet, looking at the outline of their hard nipples Thinking about what was going to happen to them this time. " Jennifer, Courtney such a pleasure to see you again!" Tara said flashing them a big smile. The two beautiful women said hello and how much they missed everyone and everything here. Tara seen them both looking at her hard nipples poking out against her almost sheer white blouse. She had the top three buttons open, showing the gentle swell of her firm 34 B breasts. They chatted back and fourth as they checked in and Tara asked them where their men were. Courtney replied that they were traveling alone and having a girl's week. Both of them smiling at that comment.

Tara's husband Juan the manger was behind her, his long, fat cock already rock hard and throbbing as he looked at the two beautiful TV and Movie stars. He always loved seeing them here in their sexy little outfits and tiny bikinis. Ninety percent of the women who came here with their men or alone were beautiful sexy women, but these two were exceptional. Their stay this time would be very different, Juan thought thinking about fucking both of them and his lovely wife having her way with them. Juan was a tall, dark handsome Mexican with a horse like cock and his wife Tara was a gorgeous petite white woman. They were very much in love with each other. However, both of them enjoyed having sex with others. Tara's favorite was gang bangs and lucky for her Juan had many well hung friends.

After they had checked in the young boy followed them to the elevator, his young cock pushing out against his crotch watching their cute asses beneath the thin dresses. In their huge suite he was surprised that they had him put all the luggage in just one of the master suites. They tipped him fifty dollars and he reluctantly left the room.

"I think he liked us!" Jennifer laughed." Did you see the big bulge in his pants?"

"Hard to miss that!" Courtney replied. She opened the chilled wine that was waiting for them and poured two glasses. She handed Jennifer her wine kissing her on the lips. Her tongue darting into her mouth. Jennifer responded as their tongues explored each others mouths. Their breasts pressed together with the kiss.

Jennifer pulled away giggling, "Don't get me started I want to get some sun first, there will be plenty of time for that later. You know how much you turn me on!!"

"Same here babe, every time is like the first time with you." Courtney replied.

"Damn did you here that Tara?" Juan asked his wife.

"Yes, I did I think our plan is going to be a lot easier now!" Tara replied. Her pussy was soaking wet now from just seeing them kiss.

They were in Juan's office watching the two women on the huge flat screen. Juan had spent a lot of money having hidden cameras and mikes installed in every room of the motel. Paying the men extra to but their silence and letting them fuck his beautiful wife as a bonus. Of course he had taped it to make sure they kept quiet. Both of them married with families. Fucking a beautiful white woman's mouth,pussy and ass would not go over good with their very conservative wives. Especially when they had doubled fucked Tara's tight little pussy.

Juan pulled his shorts and boxer's down releasing his massive hard cock as the two women went into the master suite. His long, fat heavy veined cock twitching around as they slipped their dresses off. His huge cock throbbing seeing the two beautiful stars naked with just high heels on.
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