Hot Step Mom 4

Karen gently pulled the fleshy lips of her pussy apart, revealing the pink inner wet flesh and her large,swollen clit. Her thick clit sticking out like a small cock from her beautiful cunt. She tingled all over showing her step son her pussy close up. It took a few minutes for her to relax,then her thick golden stream squirted out.

Tom moaned as her hot piss splashed across his face and then into his mouth. Surprisingly he loved the sweet, salty taste of her hot piss. Swishing it around in his mouth before swallowing it. His mouth quickly filled again as it gushed from her open pink pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh Tommy this is so hot pissing in your mouth. I can tell you love,my little pervert!!" She whimpered watching the young teen drinking her piss. She knew that she had created a sex addict that would do whatever she wanted. Her steady stream of her golden nectar kept filling his mouth. Some of it over flowing his lips and running down his chest.

When she finally stopped pissing and he had swallowed the last of it she asked him if he liked it. Not surprised that he said he loved it.

"I love your pussy Karen, I love every part of you. you are the hottest, sexist woman I've ever seen." a Tom moaned inhaling the fragrance of her dripping wet pussy.

Karen lowered her self down closer to the young boys face, moving her fingers over her thick cunt lips." These are a woman's pussy lips Tom, lick and suck just the lips for me, but don't touch my clit" she gasped moving her fingers over her erect fleshy clit.
"This is for later, consider it desert!" She moved down closer so her wet,slippery pussy was touching his young inexperienced mouth.

They both moaned with pleasure as Tom slid his tongue over her tasty,slippery pussy lips. Sucking and licking the sensitive flesh as she had told him. He loved the feel and taste of her pussy. Karen told him how wonderful it felt having his tongue on her pussy.

She moved up directing him to lick the crack of her ass and her asshole. The young teen loving this also as he lovingly licked the crack of her ass. Swirling his tongue over her puckered asshole.

Karen wiggled her hips around enjoying his hot,wet tongue on her asshole. Telling him hoe wonderful this felt too. She moved back telling him to stick his tongue up her cunt. she pulled her lips apart to help him do this. She jerked her ass around coaching him to tongue fuck her pussy.

Tom stuck his tongue up her wet, slippery pussy as far as he could. The soft velvet folds of her inner pink flesh engulfing his tongue. On his own he sucked her delicious juices into his mouth as he pumped his tongue back and fourth in her pussy. Grabbing her tight little ass pulling her cunt tight against her face. Gently kneading her firm ,soft ass as he continued to tongue fuck her slippery slimy, wet pussy.

Karen cupped her firm, jutting tits with her hands leaning her head down to lick and suck her own nipples. Pulling her soft white breast upward as she stretched the long rubbery flesh even longer. The young teen watching her wide eyed as he gobbled her pussy. She directed him to slip two fingers up her ass and three fingers up her pussy.

Tom moved his hand between her golden tanned thighs and carefully did as she told him. Slipping fingers up her hot,tight pussy and asshole at the same time.Feeling her react to his fingers up inside her.

She took his other hand up and put it on her breast telling him to rub and pull on her nipples hard and rough. She could feel her orgasm building inside her as his long fingers rubbed her g-spot. "Suck my big clit now Tom....suck it real hard and flick your tongue over it,make me cum...ohhh yes please make me cum!!!!" She squealed humping his face. The young boy was a fast learner pleasing her like a pro.

Her orgasm exploded deep inside her making every part of her body shiver with passion. First one then two and three huge orgasms racing through her quivering body. The pleasure of the intense orgasms overlapping taking over her body. Young Tom was a great lover making her feel better then some men. She moaned and screamed with pleasure jerking her body around wildly. Her pussy juice squirting out all over his face and chest as he continued his oral assault on her huge clit.

She kept cumming for quite awhile then collapsed beside him looking at his long, fat cock. Rock hard and standing straight up ready to pound her pussy."Oh,Tom your cock is so fucking big and hard,so big!!!!!! Are you ready to fuck me?" she asked.

"Yes, I am, I am more than ready. I want to fuck you so much. You will be my first." Tom replied.

"Would you like to do the same thing to your real mom as you just did to me?" Karen asked spreading her long well toned legs. "I bet she thinks about sucking your big fucking cock and letting you pound her big hairy pussy Tom. Tell me you would love to fuck her pretty mouth and fuck her cunt!!"

"Yes...yes I would!" Tom answered. His rock hard cock twitching around as he had taboo thoughts about his mom. Thinking about her sexy lips wrapped tightly around his fat cock.

"Come get on top of me and fuck my brains out Tommy. I want you to fuck me rough and hard. Shoving your big fucking cock all the way up my pussy!!!! Fuck me hard and fill me with your sweet cum Tom!!!"

Tom moved on top of her, his weight on his arms and the head of his massive cock rubbing against her wet pussy. They kissed their tongues darting back and forth in each others mouths. Karen tasting her pussy juices in his mouth and on his lips and tongue. Her firm jutting tits pressing against his bare chest.

She reached down rubbing his huge cock head up and down her slippery cunt. Getting the huge mushroomed shaped head,nice and slick with her juices. She cried out with pleasure as the young boy pushed down,his fat,hard cock slipping into her hot, wet pussy. Her slick, wet walls of her pussy were so tight around his cock. He pushed even more into her as she raised her leg further apart and raised them up beside her head. This giving him complete full access to her wanting pussy.

"Hold my legs up Tommy and fuck me hard, I'm your little cock whore now. I want you cramming your big,long,fat cock all the way up my cunt.Fuck me hard Tom,pound my little pussy. Fuck me like you were fucking your Mom's tight cunt!!!!"

Tom shoved all of his massive cock into her inviting pussy balls deep. Her cunt tightly gripping his massive cock. It felt so great having his young cock all the way inside her pussy,He started fucking her with long, fast strokes. Fucked his beautiful hot step mom as hard and fast as he could.

She jerked her ass around and around on the bed, moaning and squealing like a wild a****l. "Fuck me.....fuck me.fuck me harder Tommy.fuck me fuck me fuck me !!" She screamed as she started cumming again and again.

Dollie the young black maid let herself in like always. She knew Mr Barnes was away on business and his wife and sun would be here. But Mr. Barnes told he she didn't have to knock, just l herself in,always. As soon as she let herself in she heard the moaning and screaming coming from upstairs. She knew it was the new Mrs. Barnes screaming fuck me, fuck me over and over. But she couldn't believe it was his son doing all the other moaning. But,his car was the only one in the drive.

Even though she knew she shouldn't she tip toed up stairs. Seeing the master bedroom door open she carefully moved down the hall and peeked in the doorway. She was very shocked and yet very excited seeing young Tommy fucking Mrs. Barnes. She was very impressed and excited at the size and thickness of his young cock. Her pussy was very wet and had her panties wet as she stood there another fifteen minutes and watched them fucking like a****ls. When he finally moved off her,his thick white cum oozed from her open pussy. To be continued.......

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This is definitely one of the hottest stories I have read on here Keep up the good work man
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loved it, keep up the good work