Hot Step Mom

Tom's parents got divorced and his dad remarried right away. His new wife Karen was quite beautiful and very sexy. The young teens cock was hard all the time just looking at her. She almost always had a little short dress on showing off her long well shaped legs. The tops were always open and low cut allowing him to look down her top when she would lean over. His mom was beautiful and he had seen her naked sexy body quite a few times over the years. But, Karen was like a sex goddess to him, her beauty was breathtaking and her body a physical delight. He took turns staying with each parent and loved this setup. All his friends had always talked about how sexy his mom was and they talked even more about Karen. All of them wanting to fuck his mom and step mom. He really didn't mind how they talked about them and he too would talk dirty about them. exciting all his friends telling them in detail about seeing his mom naked. He even watched her play with her pussy a few times. He had peep holes all around the house,especially her bedroom.

It was his week to stay with his dad for the first time, but he had to go out of town for work. So it was going to be just Tom and Karen alone all week. Tom was very excited about this and his mind was racing with ways to see her naked body. He hadn't had a chance to set up any peep holes at his dad's new house. The first morning after his dad left he woke up to the smell of bacon cooking. It took him a while to piss with his rock hard cock.

Going into the kitchen he moaned quietly as he seen Karen at the stove. She was wearing a white, thin robe that just barely covered her cute little ass. The way the thin material clung to her he could tell she wasn't wearing panties. She leaned over slightly and he could see just the bottom edge of her firm tight ass. The snow white flesh contrasting with the rest of her dark tanned flesh. His cock was rock hard again pushing out against his old running shorts he slept in.

"Good morning my favorite stepson!" she said turning around and glancing at his bulging crotch. A soft shiver swept his young body as he looked at her. The front of the robe was loosely tied leaving the top open enough to show all the center of her firm jutting snow white breasts. The outline of her large dark brown nipples poked out against the thin material. She moved over giving him a big hug,pressing her perky,firm breasts against his chest and feeling his rock hard young cock pressing against her pussy.She held him for a few moments knowing he was enjoying the feel of their bodies pressed together as much as she was."It's so nice having you here Tom." she said pulling back from the hug. "Sit down breakfast is ready." she said looking down at his bulging crotch again thinking what a big cock he must have.

Tom sat at the table watching her every move, his young hard cock twitching around as he stared at her clevage. When she leaned over to sit the plates down her robe fell open just enough for him to see her large dark brown nipples. They were about the size of quarters and stood out almost an inch from the creamy white flesh. He couldn't believe she was dressed like this in front of him. He had to work hard to look down his real moms tops to see her big nipples. Pre-cum oozed from the tip of his virgin cock.

Karen moved over to the cabinets and reached up higher than she needed too getting two coffee cups. The back of her robe showing young Tom about half of her gorgeous smooth ass. Tom stared at her beautiful round ass thinking he was dreaming.

Karen sat down at the table making sure her robe slid high on her thigh and fell open. At 37 she was enjoying showing her hot body to the young 16 year old teenager. She wanted to suck and fuck his young cock so much and by the way he looked at her she knew it would happen. She also wanted his cute friends all fucking her too.

Tom looked down through the glass table top and see Karen's shaved pussy between her legs with the robe open.He let us a soft gasp as he stared at her smooth bald pussy. His cock rock hard and twitching around inside the confines of his shorts. His mom had a big hairy bushy pussy and his step mom had a shaved pussy. Quite a contrast.

Karen slowly moved her legs apart as she asked Tom if every thing was alright. He replied everything was fine and the food was great. In all the porn sites he had been on he had never seen such big fleshy cunt lips and such a big clit. It stuck out past her puffy lips like a small penis. He couldn't believe how she was sitting with her pretty pussy in plain view. Maybe she didn't realize or pay any attention to the see through glass top.

Karen was quite aware of the glass top watching his cock jump around in his shorts. She moved her legs further apart, giving the young teen a clear view of her wet pussy. As they sat there eating and talking Tom never took his eyes from her cunt.
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1 year ago
so far, its pretty good, but this only the first part, i need to read more!
1 year ago
A fantastic start to this story love the way she is seducing him good job man
1 year ago
AWESOME I loved it thanks for posting it for us
1 year ago
damn this is really hot
1 year ago
very good start & yes more