My friends niece Nicole

I had seen my friends niece Nicole a few times and she was a young,sexy girl. She always dressed sexy and seemed like she enjoyed the way men and women looked at her.At eighteen she was tall and slender with a lovely body.Long black hair hanging down to her shoulders outlining her beautiful high cheeked boned face Small perky breasts that she always showed off with little open neck tops. Long well shaped legs with a perfect little round ass. The shorts she always wore showed a camel toe and just a peek of the cheeks of her fine little ass.

My friend Bobby called me up last week and told me he had seen Nicole naked. I knew she was staying with them for a few weeks,but I told him I didn't believe he had seen his hot little niece naked.He said he had came home from work early and caught her and her boyfriend in the f****y room. Both of them were naked and Nicole was between his legs sucking his cock. He watched them for quite awhile taking in the beauty of her sexy naked curves. She was obviously enjoying sucking her boyfriends slender little cock.

They were both shocked and very scared when they seen him,each of them trying to cover themselves, babbling they were sorry and Nicole was crying.Each of them bright red and trembling. Bobby's huge cock was rock hard and he seen Nicole looking at his huge bulge in his pants.

Bobby being Bobby he told Nicole to stay right where she was and not move.That included getting dressed or anything. He said he would walk Rick her boyfriend out and be right back in. He didn't allow the young boy to dress either. He took him in the garage and told him he was calling his parents and the police and he was in so much trouble. The young boy started crying and begging him not to tell anyone,especially since his parents were very strict and religious.

Bobby told him there was one thing he could do and one thing only. Rick said he would do whatever. Staring in disbelief as Bobby unbuckled his pants and pulled out his rock hard eleven inch fat cock.The huge purple head covered with his precum.

"You suck my cock like you made my little niece suck yours and I won't tell anyone Ricky!" Bobby said looking at the young boys hard little cock still twitching around.

"Please please I can't do that sir anything.anything else?" He pleaded.

"Get on your knees right now or I am making the call! Bobby threatened

Reluctantly the young boy got on his knees and Bobby stepped closer to him. His massive hard cock right in front of his face. "Lick my cock Ricky!" He rubbed the big mushroomed shaped head against his lips.

The eighteen year old boy did as he was told sliding his tongue all over the slippery,sticky head. Surprised that he found the taste pleasant. At Bobbies direction he licked every inch of his long fat cock. Bobby had him look at him as he took many pics on his I phone. Bobby had never thought about doing anything like this and was surprised at how huge Bobbies cock was.

Bobby pushed the head of his throbbing cock into his mouth and told him to start sucking. Enjoying the control he had over the young teen. Ricky started eagerly sucking the huge cock in his mouth looking up ay Bobby as he appeared to be taking a video on the phone now. He had precum dripping from his young twitching cock as he strangely enjoyed sucking the older man's cock. Bobby shoved more of his fat cock into the boy's mouth,his eye's watering and he gagged.

Bobby put one hand on the boys head telling him to relax his throat muscles and take more of his cock down his throat. Telling him what a good cock sucker he was, as he started roughly fucking his mouth. Shoving more and more of his fat heavy veined cock into his mouth. The boy improving on his gagging and letting more of his invading cock slid down his throat.

Rick was enjoying the feel and taste of Bobbies big cock and sucked even harder,putting his hands on his smooth firm ass. Doing something he never thought he would ever do let alone enjoy it so much.

Bobby pulled his massive slippery cock from Rick mouth,telling him to stick out his tongue. AS Rick stuck out his tongue Bobby started slapping his mouth with his rock hard cock,the boys saliva splashing all over his chin and dripping down on his smooth chest."Tell me what you want Rick?" he asked continuing to slap the boys mouth with his long,fat cock."Tell me you want to suck my big cock!"

Bobby looked up at him knowing this was being taped,"I want to suck your big cock Bobby! I want your big cock back in my mouth fucking me like you were! I like sucking your cock."

"Do you want me to cum in your mouth so you can swallow my cum?" Bobby asked.

Rick didn't hesitate. "Yes.yes.yes...cum in my mouth!" He replied opening his mouth wide as Bobby crammed his long, fat cock into his mouth. Pulling on his hair hard as he fucked his mouth for about another ten minutes before releasing a huge load of cum in the boys mouth. Rick swallowed the hot,thick cum gushing into his mouth,but couldn't take it all at once,there was so much of it. As he started gagging Bobby pulled his cock from his mouth and covered his fave with his huge load. As Rick swallowed his mouthful of cum enjoying it. Bobby shoved his squirting cock back into his mouth, giving him two more mouthfuls to swallow.n his mouth.

AS Bobby pulled his cock from the boys mouth his gardener and helper walked into the garage smiling as they seen the naked boy with cum all over his face. Both of them slipping off their pants exposing there huge dark brown cocks. Juan's thick heavys veined dark brown cock even bigger than Bobbies.

"Take care of the boy Juan!" Bobby told him walking out of the garage into the house.

Nicole was sitting on the couch with her shorts laying on her lap covering her young pussy. She had her blouse d****d over her shoulders covering her small firm breasts.She was still quietly sobbing."I'm so sorry Bobby that's only the second time we did that. Please don't tell mom and dad!!!"she pleaded.

"I'm ready to call your parents right now Nicole,they we be crushed when I tell them I seen you sucking your boyfriends cock and enjoying it so much." Bobby said quietly."And I am calling the police and having Ricky arrested.'

Nicole started sobbing even more,pleading with Bobby just like Rick had. Finally Bobby agreed to think about it and see if there was something she could do to keep him silent. Like Rick,Nicole agreed to do anything he wanted. Only he had big plans for Nicole and wanted to stretch it out. She was so beautiful and so sexy he wanted to share her sweet little body.He told her he had already seen her naked so there was no sense in trying to cover up. Telling her how beautiful and sexy she was and how much he enjoyed seeing her lovely naked body."It won't hurt anything how Nicole to let me see you naked and it might make me change my mind about telling any one.

"Are you serious?" She asked in disbelief. Thinking why would he want to see her naked when he had such a beautiful wife with a killer body.

"Yes,Nicole I am very serious I really enjoyed seeing your hot naked body.Please let me see you naked right now."

She slowly pulled her blouse away revealing her small,firm pointed tits with her large puffy dark brown nipples. She had goose pimples all over and her nipples were hard and erect as Bobby looked at her. "My boobs are so small" she said quietly.

"Your boobs are beautiful Nicole,I love small breast and large nipples" Bobby told her.

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good start
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Please keep it going!
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very good
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hh mmmmm hermosa concha :) !!