My Stepdaughter Jenna 5

I slowly pumped my rock hard cock back and fourth in Jenna;s hot tight pussy, The slick,soft folds of her pussy clinging tightly to my cock. I slapped and fondled her beautiful round little ass. I had thought about this for many years and it was finally happening. What a lucky man fucking my beautiful,sexy stepdaughter.

Jenna was moaning and moving her hips around,telling me how good my big cock felt.I am sure she had heard her Mom talking dirty as we fucked and she knew what I wanted."Fuck me...fuck me....ohhhhhh yes ....yes fuck me....give me all that big cock.!" she squealed.

I pushed all my fat cock up inside her and she wiggled her ass around in circles.I started fucking her with long hard strokes now, Pulling back until just my head remained between the pouting lips of her young pussy,then cramming it inside her,balls deep. Slipping another finger up her tight asshole. Finger fucking her asshole in unison with fucking her pussy.

My cock glistened with the mixture of her cunt juice and my precum as I pumped back and fourth between her enticing pink flesh.I watched her young hanging tits flop back and fourth in the large wall mirror. She was jerking her body around wildly as we fucked. She looked at me in the mirror licking her lips.

"Fuck me harder Mike....I'm going to cum. Fuck me real hard!!!!" she screamed.Pushing her ass back towards me. She had a screaming orgasm and I fucked her hard and fast feeling her whole body shiver. Her young pussy clinging tightly to my cock as I felt back the urge to cum. I held on until she came again,then my cum gushed out deep inside her. I kept cumming as her pussy milked my cock.

I finally pulled my cock out and moved around rubbing it on her mouth.Flicking out her tongue she licked the cum from my slick cock. I could tell by the sounds she was making that she enjoyed the taste of us mixed together. Then I playfully flipped her over on the bed, spreading her long toned legs. My thick white cum oozed from her cum filled pussy. I moed down so my mouth was right in front of her freshly fucked pussy. I licked my warm sticky cum from her perky cunt lips.

She gasped saying no one had ever did that before but, she loved me licking her with my cum inside me. She raised up on her elbow watching me tongue fuck her creamy pussy. I sucked my slippery cum from her and moved up to kiss her spitting my still warm cum into her mouth. She eagerly sucked on my tongue swallowing my cum. Jenna was no virgin and she certainly loved sex.

We decided to order room service since we were starving and continue our love making. After ordering I slipped a robe on and she started to slip one on ,I stopped her and told her to stay naked and let whoever brought our food up to see her hot,sexy body. She thought for a moment and asked if her Mom did that. I replied telling her that her Mom enjoyed showing her body off too.Jenna said it sounded hot and she would do it for me.

"Will you do ANYTHING for me?" I asked.

Jenna looked at me with those big blue eyes and said, "Yes,of course!"

Twenty minutes later there was a knock on our door. The young Mexican Juan,assigned to our room wheeled the cart in. Yesterday he had seen my wife topless. He stopped as her seen Jenna come out of the bathroom naked. His eyes moving up and down her lovely curves.Her dark tan contrasted sharply against the snow white flesh of her bikini line.Her beauty was breathtaking and her body a physical delight. He stared with his mouth hanging open.

Jenna turned red as the young Mexican looked at her. She had goose pimples all over and her large nipples were hard and erect. She did like showing her body and she was loving this.

"Damn,I don't have any change for you Juan." I said looking in my wallet at all my cash.

"Oh that no problem senor." he replied unable to take his eyes from my step daughters hot,naked body.

"Yes it is Juan,you should always get tipped for excellent service. Jenna would you suck Juan's cock since I don't have a tip?"

"What......what did you say?" she gasped totally surprised by what I had just said.

"Do it for me Jenna,I'm sure you will enjoy it too. I know Juan will."I said winking at her.

She stood there for a few moments looking at Juan's bulging crotch." This is just like school some days."She moved over and knelt down in front of the stunned Mexican." Are you sure you want me to do this Mike?" she asked unfastening his shorts.

I pulled my robe open showing her my growing cock. She flashed a huge smile watching my cock twitch around moving upward."Yes,I am very sure! Have you ever had two guys at once?"

"Ohhhhhhhh...ohhhhh'''oh I haven't!" She as his hard dark brown cock sprung from his pants. His Spanish cock was about six inches long and slender,It jutted out and curved upward. The dark purple head was like twice as big as the shaft.A true mushroomed shaped head.

"OH senorita I must be dreaming....this can't be happening!" Juan moaned. His young rock hard cock jerking all around.

Jenna helped him step out of his shorts and boxers.His dark brown cock right in front of her face."I can't believe I'm doing this either Juan,but I want to suck your cock!" she said looking at me. Flicking out her tongue she licked the huge rubbery head like an ice cream cone as she gripped the base."I've never had a brown cock."

Juan grabbed her blonde hair with his big brown hands and crammed his hard cock into her mouth. Jenna started eagerly sucking his cock,still looking at me.

"Oh Jenna,that is so hot watching you suck a big brown cock!" I told her. Her lips clamped tightly around his hard flesh. Her eyes watered and she gagged a little but,she kept sucking his cock.

"Thank you,thank you...ohhh senorita Jenna you mouth feels so good,so very good!" Juan moaned fucking her mouth as he held onto her hair. He looked over at me stroking my hard cock."You like this too senor Mike?"

"Yes, I love it Juan. I really love it. Talk dirty to her,tell her what you want.Don't be shy,she loves sucking cock!" I told him.
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