My Step Daughter Jenna 3

My wife kept talking as I looked at her daughters long well shaped legs. I had no idea what she was saying. The top of Jenna's dress was a very low cut scoop neck showing off her firm jutting breasts.

Jenna uncrossed her legs and moved them slightly apart. The hemline of her little dress was at the top of her golden thighs. I could see her neatly trimmed blonde cunt hair. She smiled at me as she ever so slowly moved them further apart. I had seen all of her gorgeous naked body before,but she had never been this direct or this bold.

My throbbing cock was twitching around under the towel and Jenna was watching it as she kept moving her long legs apart. I had my first clear view of her pink fleshy cunt lips protruding out past the thin silky blonde hair. The side of her young pussy was shaved smooth with just the narrow landing strip of light blonde hair. I couldn't believe my step daughter was showing me her cute little pussy.The enticing pink flesh glistened with her juices.

I knew this was so wrong and I should put a stop to it before it went any further.At eighteen Jenna was more than half my age, but I knew she was not a virgin and she loved sex. She wrote everything in her journal and I knew where she hid it. Her description of watching me and her mother in bed was so fucking hot.

I finally hung up the phone with my wife staring at Jenna sitting in the chair with her legs spread wide and up on the arms of the chair. Showing me her sweet pussy and her puckered little asshole. "Do you like showing your pussy to me Jenna?" I asked

"Yes,you know I do and you like looking at my pussy,don't you?" she replied.

"Oh yes I love seeing your sweet cute pussy! I pulled the towel off my lap, exposing my hard cock to her. I am not huge but my cock is almost eight inches and extremely thick. The dark purple mushroomed shaped head is even bigger around than the shaft.

Jenna gasped seeing my hard cock " Ohhhhhhh Mike.......oh its so big!!"She got up and walked over to the edge of the bed staring wide eyed at my cock twitching around. "I've never seen one this long and so fat...ohhhhhh I really like your big cock......its so much bigger than Karl's. "She said speaking of her boyfriend.

I had thought about this moment for so long,wanting to touch her,taste her,and fuck that little blonde pussy. I told her to slip her dress off and get down on her knees. The beautiful 18 year old did as I said as I moved my legs apart."Do you want to suck my cock Jenna?"

"Yes......yes I do!" She quickly replied reaching out with both hands and moving her fingers lightly over my cock. "Ohhhhhh so big and sooooooo hard!"she moaned exploring every inch of my cock and balls.

"Tell me what you want to do Jenna.I want to hear you say you want to suck my cock. Talk dirty to me honey." I said looking at the beautiful teenager between my legs,her pouting lips just above my cock. I knew she had heard her mom and I talking dirty while fucking and her mom was very good at it.

"Ohhh,yes....yes Mike I want to suck your big cock, I have thought about it for so long. I want you to fuck my mouth,let me taste your big hard cock,then pound my little pussy. I want to feel your fat cock up inside my little pussy."She moaned squeezing the base of my cock with both hands. She said what she had heard her mom say many times.

"Lick my cock Jenna!' I told her. I moaned as her warm,wet tongue slid over the head of my cock.It felt so good as she swirled her tongue around licking up the precum. She looked up at me as she explored every inch of my cock with her tongue. I could tell she was enjoying it as much as I was. I asked her how many cocks she had sucked and she told me six."Do you like sucking cock Jenna? I asked running my finger through her long blonde hair.

"I love sucking cock Mike" she moaned licking and kissing the smooth rubbery head of my cock.

"Do you love sucking Sara's pussy too?" I asked

She looked up at me surprisingly,then flashed a big smile."Yes,I do!" she said opening her mouth wide and slipping her wet,warm lips over the head of my cock.She took the head into her mouth and starting eagerly sucking. Looking up at me with her lips stretched to the limit around my fat cock.I pulled her hair moving her head down, cramming more of my cock into her mouth. She gagged as the head of my cock hit the back of her throat,but she kept loudly sucking and moaning. Her hands fondling my balls as she started bobbing her head up and down. Her cheeks bellowed in and out and her eyes watered,taking more of my cock into her mouth. My beautiful sexy step daughter was quite the talented cocksucker.

I slipped my cock from her mouth and pulled her up on the bed telling her it was my turn. She laid down beside me telling me she would do anything I wanted.I kissed her on the lips and her tongue slid into my mouth. I moved my hands over her firm jutting tits,gently kneading the smooth hard flesh.Even laying down her young tits stood up. her lemon shaped nipples were even bigger than her moms. I flicked my finger over the hard rubbery flesh feeling them grow even more. I pulled on her dark brown nipple stretching it even more as I lifted her C cup breast up. Breaking away from the kiss I moved down to lick and suck her big nipples. Moving back and fourth giving each one equal treatment. I spent some time teasing and sucking her fat nipples making her squeal and jerk her hips around.

She started pushing my head down and I kissed and licked her smooth flat stomach before sliding down between her wide spread legs. I admired her pretty, pink, glistening pussy, Inhaling the sweet fragrance of her young juices. Such a beautiful blonde pussy. I pushed her wide spread legs up and back exposing her tight little ass. Putting my hands on her smooth white ass,I pulled the cheeks apart and started licking the crack of her ass. Flicking my tongue over her puckered little asshole.

She squealed with delight as I tongued her ass telling me no one had ever done that before and she loved it. Before our trip was over I was going to have my cock up this sweet little ass. From reading her revealing journal I was sure she had a virgin ass.

I moved back up licking the smooth, shaved sides of her young pussy. Letting my tongue just barely brush over the pouting pink cunt lips. I licked and sucked my fingers getting then wet and slippery with my saliva. I moved one had down sliding my fingers up and down the crack of her ass,teased her tight,little asshole.

Jenna was breathing heavy,jerking her hips up and down. Her fleshy hard clit was sticking up from her lips." Ohhhh mike,lick my pussy, please lick my pussy!!" she gasped.

I slid my tongue over her velvet soft cunt lips tasting her sweet,delicious young pussy.I licked and sucked her lips being careful not to touch her excited clit which grew even larger. Teasing her puckered asshole with my finger,pressing it against the tight wrinkled opening.

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some good shit!
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very good add
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leavin us hanging!
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Just when it was getting real hot...need more
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more soon ya damn tease that is soo HOT
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such a tease! next please.