My Friend Ron,His Mom,and Neighbors 3

Ron stood naked in front of his neighbors,his young cock rock hard and sticking straight out. He couldn't believe that Sandy was standing there in a sheer white nightgown,letting him see her hot naked body.

"You have a beautiful cock for a young man." Sandy told him licking her lips starting at his slender young cock with the large mushroomed shaped head.

"Thank are very beautiful too!" Ron replied. With the exception of his Mom,this was the first time he had ever seen a woman's naked body.
"Hey what are you doing? I don't want my picture taken when I'm naked!" Ron said as John got the camera out.

"Remember what I said Ron? If you don't do everything we tell you,we call the cops and your Mom,then you go to jail for window peeking!! John spoke in a stern voice.

Sandy had slipped her nightie off and except for her high heels she was naked. "It's okay Ron the pictures we take are for our private collection and no one else will see them. If you are a good boy I will suck your cock and let you fuck me.Would you like that Ronnie?"

Ron was shocked at what she had just said. He stuttered as he he quickly replied yes,yes,yes. Still staring at her beautiful naked body. His young cock twitching around wildly.

John gave the camera to Sandy and she started taking pics of Ron. He posed as she directed him to and loved the way she talked about his cock. Ron didn't even notice John taking his clothes off until he moved up beside him. Ron gasped and his eyes widened seeing Johns huge hard cock jutting out from his muscular body. John's thick heavy veined, fat cock was twice as big as his and as big around as his wrist.

"Ohhhhhhhh, I love taking pics of two beautiful cocks!!!" Sandy said snapping a few photos. "My pussy is so wet Ron,thinking about you and John both fucking me! Have you ever been with a woman except your Mom?"

"No...........hey....what are you talking about my Mom?" He asked his face turning bright red.

"Well,we were not outside window peeking,but there has been several times when your blinds have been open. It's okay Ron your secret is safe with us." John told him moving closer, so their cocks touched. His massive cock dwarfing Ron's slender five inch cock.

Ron did enjoy the feeling of their hard cocks rubbing together as Sandy took pics.He moaned out loud as John reached down and rubbed his young cock,pressing them tightly together,stroking them.

Sandy told them how hot it was watching them. "Ron if you suck John's cock for me,I will suck yours!"

"I...I..I can't do that!" Ron replied thinking what it would be like to suck his huge cock.

Sandy put the camera down,the hidden video camera was still taping.Moving in front of Ron she took his hands and put them on her firm round tits. letting the young teen fondle every inch of her snow white flesh and rub and pull on her small hard nipples.

Ron's cock was covered with pre-cum as he explored her tits.They were bigger Than his Moms,but her nipples were smaller.Like long pencil erasers stilling straight out.

Putting her hands on his shoulders she pushed him down,telling him to get on his knees. Ron looked wide eyed at her pussy right in front of his face,her pink puffy cunt lips glistened with her cunt juices. He could smell the sweet fragrance of her pussy.

Sandy stepped away and John moved over in front of Ron,rubbing the huge head of his massive cock against his lips. Ron was scared and excited feeling his sticky rubbery head rubbing against his mouth.

"Suck his cock for me Ron and you can do anything you want to me! Anything!!!! I am a very nasty woman.!! Suck his cock Ronnie!!!" She put her head on his head.

Ron opened his mouth wide as the smooth rubbery head slid between his lips.he started sucked on John's big cock,enjoying the feel and taste.He looked at Sandy lust contorted face,watching him sucking her husbands huge cock.She was moaning and rubbing her wet pussy watching them. Ron was surprised at how much he was enjoying sucking cock. He gagged as The older man crammed more of his fat cock into his mouth.

Sandy grabbed the camera and used the rest of the roll taking pics of Ron sucking his first of many cocks. She was sure their group of swingers would welcome him with open arms and legs.

Ron fought back the gag reflex and was able to get more than half of John's long fat cock into his mouth. John had his hands on his head and was actually fucking his mouth.

"I can't take anymore John,it's my turn. Let's go into the bedroom now.
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2 years ago
Ahh blackmail, cool way to learn
2 years ago
A sweet fun, brings back happy memories when I was a teenager and the mature woman in the office.
2 years ago
Wow hot mmm