My friend Ron,his Mom and neighbors.

Ron and I were laying in bed giving our cocks a rest. Ron made me promise not to tell anyone about what he was going to tell me. I did thinking we had just fucked around with his hot mom,so what else could there be.

Ron was even younger when this happened.One night when he was outside he just happen to see into his neighbors window. The bedroom blinds were open and he could see his neighbor Sandy slipping her dress off. His young virgin cock was rock hard seeing the beautiful blonde in her tiny,sexy white lace bra and panties.

He had his cock out stroking it watching her take off her bra and panties. Sandy was a very beautiful woman and her body a physical delight. Ron watched her lay on the bed and play with herself as he jacked off outside her window.

He watched her three nights a in a row and even watched her and her husband having sex.He couldn't believe how huge his cock was and how easy she took it. Watching them was sex ed 101 for Ron.

The forth night Ron had just pulled his young hard cock from his shorts watching Sandy strip. All of a sudden her husband had a hold of his arm and was calling him a little pervert. Ron's heart and stomach traded places as he pulled him inside their house. He was so scared his cock went instantly soft and he tried to put it back in his shorts,but John would not let him.

Sandy came out into the f****y room wearing a sheer little whit nightie. Ron could see her beautiful naked body through the sheer fabric.He was surprised that she was dressed like this in front of him.He could not control his cock slowly rising up from seeing her hard nipples and pussy close up. She was obvious about looking at his cock.

John told him that he was in big trouble and he was going to call the police and his mom. He would make that every one new what a pervert he was.Ron begged them not to call his mom and the police saying he would do anything. He was so scared,tears ran down his cheeks. John and Sandy talked back and fourth telling him he might even have to go to jail.

Sandy finally said that since Ron had seen her naked,she wanted to see him naked.That and he had to do whatever they told him. He quickly agreed unable to take his eyes from her pussy beneath the sheer gown.Her blonde silky cunt hair was neatly trimmed to about a one inch strip.

Ron slipped his shirts off,then pulled his shorts and boxers down at the same time. His small slender cock stood straight out,precum leaked
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2 years ago
Another good one mmm hot
2 years ago
not bad i got to say id probably would have shit myself if that happened to me
2 years ago