My wife's virginity

My wife and I have know each other for a long time. We met in Sunday school but I was five years older than she. My wife is a pretty ginger haired girl whose sweet nature I could not help but fall in love with. I didn't date a lot. I screwed a number of women, two of them were wives. They flirted with me and I was an easy fuck for them.

My wife's friendship grew stronger every time we met. By age 16 and me 22 we had something special. Just by change one day after church we went outside after the service and without saying anything we kissed. From that point on we saw each other every day. I drove over to see her after work and her parents allowed me to see her because they had know me and my f****y since I was 5.

Our relationship blossomed quickly and we fooled around a lot. She gave me lots of blow jobs and I enjoyed going down on her clitoris. We laid naked on top of each other a great deal and I would often cum on her belly, neck or face. I wanted to wait until she was 17 to take her virginity, she on the other hand wanted me to tear her hymen and make true love to her. A few times my penis did push inside her but did not brake her cherry. It is up to your comments to decide whether I had actually had taken her virginity at that point.

One sunny November day we went for a walk on her parents property. We figured we would fool around a little before dinner. I laid her down on my jacked and pulled down her pants and panties. I kissed and licked her 16 year old belly before going down on her. My wife's scent always turned me on. It made giving her oral sex so much more desirable. After making my wife cum three or four times she told me she wanted me to be inside her. That she loved and trusted me. She undid my pants button and I was already pretty hard. I am not hung like a giant. My length is 6 inches long and pretty thick. What makes me stand out is the rather large quantity of sperm my body produces.

My wife guided me inside her wetness and we kissed a lot before I pushed inside her. I did not thrust inside her like a power-jack but slowly entered her until my penis met her hymen. I did not want to prolong her pain and pushed right though the thick skin. She did wince in pain but only for a short moment. My wife was very tight. Every time I pushed deeper, the more I was ready to cum. We did not use or even think of protection. The more I pushed in the harder she held me. After about five minutes of thrusting and pulling out I was ready to cum. I wanted to pull out but she told me to stay. It was right after she said those words that my orgasm erupted. My penis spilled shot after shot of potent sperm inside my wife. We held each other tight as my body sought to deliver my life creating seed inside her body. I must shot six times inside her. When it was over I held her tight and almost fell asl**p on her.

When we realized it was time to get up I used my white tee shirt under my long sleeve flannel to clean up the bl**d and sperm that was dripping out of her. We kissed and went into the house for dinner. I held her had pretty much that whole night. We had a fright for a while because my wife period was late and began to think about the possibilities if she was pregnant. Marriage would be our future one way or the other. My wife got her period seven days later and we both went to Planned Parenthood so my wife could get on the pill.

Five months later my wife was 17 and legal to have sex without getting in trouble with the law. We got married 6 years latter when we both graduated college and waited two years until we had our first c***d. We have been together almost 22 years and married 16 of them.
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