Fun with my office co-worker

Here is a fantasy that I wrote based half on actual events that happened to me.
It has been almost a year since we have been acquainted with each other. We both work in the same company but in a different departments and only see each other briefly in the hallway passing by or in the large inter-departmental meetings that seems to last way too long. We haven’t spoken to each other yet but I could tell that you want to get to know me. Your beautiful eyes speaks loud and clearly whenever you are staring at me. I recall the day first time I ever saw you. It was bright warm Spring day. After long Winter and record breaking snow fall that we had here in this little town of ours, everyone were enjoying the weather outdoors as much as possible. Group of us were having lunch break in the little park just steps away from the company buildings. You were wearing white floral sun dress with hem line just above the knees. I was having my sandwich and reading a newspaper. Well, pretending to read but in actuality I was peaking over the paper to see you. I couldn’t concentrate on paper because you are so hot! You were sitting directly across from me on the park bench with your co-worker girlfriend. I don’t think you were fully engaged in the conversation with your friend. Every time she wasn’t looking at your face, you steal a glance at me. At one time when your friend was searching for something in her purse, you looked at me steadily with beautiful smile and crossed your sexy long legs slowly and deliberately. Wow! I could almost see you underwear. You had on thigh high nylon stockings. You burst out laughing and your friend wondering what had happened. I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlight. My eyes were bulging out of my socket in unexpected excitement. Rest of the day I spent day dreaming about you and not accomplishing any work. I wanted so much to run my hands over your long silky smooth legs. Flirting went on for couple of months but still not had chance to speak to each other. I should have dropped a note or called you but I was so intimidated by your beauty that my nerve turns into Jell-O whenever I am in front of you. I don’t even know if you are married or not but didn’t care. I know I had to have you. Then it happened just other day. I went to a break room to eat my snack and you were in the room alone. You had on a short black business dress suit with matching high heels. You were standing and leaning over the table reading a newspaper. The dress had little bit of low cut line but as you were leaning over, I could see very nice cleavage with your ample breasts covered in black lacy bra. Oooh! What an instant hard on I got. Again, you gave me your sweet smile as I sat to have my snack. This is opportunity I have been waiting for, Mike say something smart now! I was utterly frozen by the sight of your beauty. You went back to reading paper as I was chewing on my snack and trying to say something cool. You were smiling as you read the paper but I really don’t think it was from reading something funny in the paper. The section you were on was on murder and fatal accident. After what seems like an eternity, I still couldn’t speak up. You finished your diet soda and walked past behind me to get some water from the water cooler just behind me. You took time sipping on the water standing behind me. Then with a smile you said” Have a great day” and start to walk off. I watched your sexy swaying ass as you walked out of room. Seemed like you were making extra “sexy” ass sway just for me. What an idiot Mike! Why didn’t I say something? Thirsty my ass! I ran after you in the hall way. After making sure no one was around I gently grabbed your hand and pulled into nearby emergency stairway exit. I closed door behind us and we gazed into each other’s eye for long second. I pulled you into me with my left hand behind your head and right hand on your back. You gave no resistance and stared into my eyes as I slowly gave you a passionate kiss. I can feel your pounding chest against mine and you are breathing little heavy now. I lowered my right hand to caress your firm round ass. My cock is rock hard and you can feel it against your thighs. I turn you around and lift your fragrant hair up to expose nape of your neck. You gave soft moan as I kiss your neck. I bring my hand and fondle your breast. I can feel the nipple getting hard beneath the dress and bra. I insert my hand between the dress and the bra and slowly circle my finger over your erect nipple. I then pull your bra to side to let your tit hang out. I firmly squeeze your nipple with my finger and thumb. You let it out ”Ahaaa” My cock is aching as it is trying to get harder as it is already rock hard. I bend you over the stairway rail and lift your skirt up over your ass. I lightly caress my finger over your pussy covered in black lacy panty. Your knee goes little weak and lets out “Yessss touch meeee” I pulled down your panty to your ankle to expose sweet sexy pussy. What a erotic view! Seeing you bent over with your round ass exposed with high heels and lacy thigh high nylons. My cock is aching so much and need some relief. Whew! This fantasy is getting long and I am getting really horny. I will take break here and go stroke my cock thinking about all this.

Should I continue with the story? Maybe you would like to finish it up or give some input. Describe about your self and what turns you on.

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3 years ago
very good & continue