CAUGHT BY s*s: fantasy

CAUGHT BY s*s: fantasy

I’m Sid. I’m 62 now but I wrote this while I was thinking about the frolicking times during my school days in England, and the fun I had with a select number of hard and interesting guys.
Hand jobs were the preferred method of release for most of us, but I was one of the few that liked to suck cock, and I loved every minute.

So this story is an expanded dream that is partially true, its up to you to remove the fantasy from the reality, but why! its all fun . . . Comments please.

c. 1963
It was bound to happen some day. I came home from school, the house looked empty, no cars in the yard or the garage and no one in the house. A prefect time for a long, lubricated wank.

By the time I had reached my room I had a substantial rod trying to push it’s way into freedom.
I flung my school bag onto the bed, stripped down and adjusted the large floor mirror slightly so I could see the most important parts, my cock, balls and with a little lean back my winking asshole.

I’m stripped off, down on my knees, legs spread with a nice hard-on in front of the mirror, reaching for the hand lotion, I commenced applying some to my stiffening cock and slowly rubbing myself to wonderful orgasm , not like the quick rub and cum in the bathroom every morning, this was going to last.

I’ll let my s****r Becky continue ...
Sid. was on his knees naked with his cock in his hand facing the seven foot mirror, it was this reflection that had me entranced. He was apply hand cream to his cock with his right hand, and Jerking himself off slowly.
“what a beautiful hard on” thick long and the head was a deep purple as he wanked his fist up and down the shaft. His left hand was busy rubbing and pulling on his balls and every once in a while a finger would snake back to his asshole and he would rub around the hole then slip the finger in a little way, His cock visibly throbbed every time the finger gained entrance to his ass.
There he was, eyes fixed on his cock through the mirror, so I still was unnoticed. I’d never seen my b*****r play with himself, and I found myself getting wet and sloppy between my legs, and I had developed an itch that just had to be seen to.

As Sid continued to take his time slowly stroking that wonderful full cock, my hand found it way inside my panty leg and right to my clit. I rubbed my clit then slipped my finger into my dripping pussy that was still wet from my quick fuck from John my boyfriend, and I lifted a finger to my lips and there was that wonderful cocktail of pussy juice and cum I licked it clean of his seed. I continued to watch my b*****r and was getting so worked up, I slipped my panties down and continued to finger fuck my cunt and with my other hand fingered my bum hole “God it felt great”

My boyfriend John had come looking for me, and seeing what was going on. he come up behind me and slid his hardened cock against my ass. I groaned out loud, and that’s when my b*****r turned, and panicked. It was impossible for him to cover himself, and anyway here I was with my T-shirt up over my tits, my pussy dripping juice, my fingers digging deeper and my boyfriend rubbing my tits and rubbing his cock up the crack in my ass.

Sid gasped and stopped wanking until he saw what was going on then he turned and pointed that wonderful cock towards John and I and returned to jerking off. I could not stop fingering my self, as John moved us both towards Sid until we were right in front of him.. Sid’s cock looked wider as he gazed on my body I was lost in he warm glow of lust, John bent me over and slipped his cock into my cunt and started fucking me in earnest. The position was uncomfortable so I sank to the floor and my hands and knees and John re-inserted and commenced fucking me, I looked into the mirror and saw that John was looking at Sid’s cock “now this might become interesting” I thought!

Sid was just in front and to the right of us, so I knew he could see Johns cock disappear in to me and the sounds of cock in cunt was driving him to jerk off even faster. I reached and found his balls, his eyes widened and he scooted closer to me , his prick was only inches from my face now, John was still driving hard into my pussy and I moved my hand from Sid’s balls to his cock. It was hot, firm, and as soon as my hand was on it he removed his own hand and started to rub my back, ass and tits. The feeling was wonderful.

John said I should put my b*****rs cock in my mouth, I’d had that thought for some time, but I didn’t want to piss off John by taking the prize without some kind of ok from him.

I leaned forward and lovingly kissed the tip and sides of my b*****rs cock, I licked the pre-cum from the tip, moved it around the head then swallowed it down. Sid groaned and bucked forward slipping his cock past my lips and into my waiting mouth. I felt John’s cock lurch in my pussy and he slowed down a bit, I guess he wanted to make this magic moment last . I had progressed and fully engulfed my b*****rs cock and had started to finger his ball and ass hole much to his delight. I looked up and over to the mirror, and found that Sid was adjusting his vision from my mouth, to John’s cock in my cunt, to John’s face, in the mirror I could see John lick his lips as he stared at my b*****rs cock, it was then when I realised that things could become even more enjoyable.

I pushed Sid away from me and told him to lie down on his back, I quickly pulled away from John and turned slightly to the side so I could see all in the mirror, then while on my hands and knees, I placed my cunt over my b*****rs waiting mouth, he commenced licking it immediately. I motioned to John to get behind me and sick his cock into me again as I started to re-suck my b*****rs wonderful hard cock.

WoW! What a wonderful feeling, a hard wide cock in my mouth, a solid cock driving slowly to the hilt in my cunt, with Sid’s mobile tongue working on my clit, and 2 sets of hands roaming all over my Tit’s, Ass, and body.
God! I was starting to fuck back towards John, urging him to move faster, when he leaned on my back and kissed my neck, then my ear, and moved to my cheek that was full of my b*****rs cock. the next thing I knew, John’s mouth was alongside mine working on Sid’s prick, “Wow!” I moved slightly and let my b*****rs cock slip from my mouth, and John quickly took it all into his mouth and sucked it with passion. I felt Sid’s tongue leave my clit, I was not sure what was going on down there....

Sid’s takes up the story...
There I was perfectly placed under my s****r, my access to her cunt was excellent. I drooled as John’s slick cock was slipped back into Becky’s dripping cunt, John had looked down at me while he slipped his prick back in, and smiled. I licked her clit and once in a while I ran my tongue around the spot where John’s cock had parted her dewy lips, this caused both them to shudder, I even ran my tongue back along the underside of his cock and flicked his balls when they came into reach as he drove deeper into my s****r. When I did this my cock pulsed in my s****rs mouth.. God! It wasn’t the first time I had been this close to a cock but never in this position, and when John shifted to lie over the back of my s****r, I again left that wonderful clit and licked her cunt at the point where John’s prick was penetrating. Again I felt a shudder from him and I moved back down to catch those wonderful hanging balls in my mouth.. That’s when my cock slipped out of my s****rs mouth and I felt another warm mouth sucking my cock all the way to the root. Wow! John had taken over and I redoubled my efforts on his prick and balls and started to finger his ass . On the outstroke he slipped out of my s****rs tasty cunt and his cock landed on my face, I tilted my head back a bit, and caught the tip of his prick between my lips, and sucked it into my mouth. John groaned, his mouth on my cock sucked even stronger. It was great.

Here I am sucking on a cock that is coated with my Becky’s tasty pussy juice, mixed with John’s first load, and the mouth on my cock had redoubled it efforts....

This was becoming better and better, my cock changed mouths, and I lifted John’s cock from my lips and slipped it back into my s****rs waiting hole, I continued to work on her clit and with my hands I started To rub John’s ass and balls, I slipped a finger close to his asshole, he jumped forward into Becky, her mouth clamped down on my cock and she groaned, John joined in the vocalisation, and spread his legs wider to give me more access to his pink winking hole.

I was in heaven, and I was having difficulties maintain my composure. Becky must have realised that I was about to cum, and worked even harder on my cock, John had joined her and they were taking turns slipping the my prick into there mouths. John’s cock slipped out of my s****rs cunt, and I quickly trapped it between my lips and I came, in whose mouth I don’t know but I knew that both of them had tasted my seed. John pulled his throbbing cock from my mouth and drove it deep into Becky, and with me licking his balls he came. I could feel the throb and expansion of his cock as it pushed deep into my s****rs pussy.

From my vantage point I could see her belly jump as the spasms over came her and she came. John’s cock was filling her with his sweet cum and it had started to leak out, I was lapping it up as fast as I could like a dog cleaning out the gravy bowl, not wanting to miss a drop of the combined fluid of pussy juice and cum cocktail..

As John pulled out, more cum dripped into my waiting mouth, his cock touched my lips and I almost had it all the way into my mouth when he shot another load of sweet cum onto my tongue.

We collapsed on each other, I was dividing my time by sucking John’s cock clean, and removing and extra juice from my s****rs pussy lips, as both of them were sucking my cock clean....

It was fantastic.

Since I was on the floor with my head towards the door, it was then that I noticed Mom & Dad standing in the doorway, we had been so involved, no one had heard them come home or climb the stairs, I tried to push Becky & John of me, but it was to late. Dad was advancing into the room with Mom close behind him, I panicked, but then I noticed a cheeky smile on Mom’s face and waited for the shit to hit the fan. To my surprised, Mom slid down on her knees, and took my limp panicked-stricken cock from Becky’s and John’s hands and squeezed it lightly then slipped it into her mouth. “God” that felt good, even with all the previous activity, It gained in length and width, as Mom continued to suck it into her mouth, her hands were exploring my balls and as I looked up I could see Dad had removed his pants and boxers, and was lifting the short dress up from my Mom’s ass.

In the mirror I could see he round ass and the light pink panties that covered her cunt, but only for a second, Dad had then down to the back of her knees and was fingering her pussy and bum hole as he stroked his solid glistening cock.

Becky takes up the story:
Mom was on her hands & knees beside us all and had Sid’s cock in her mouth, Dad looked like he was about to ram his beautiful cock into Mom. I was right, he moved forward and lifted that gorgeous cock and rubbed the lips of Mom’s cunt and then ever so slowly he slipped it into her, she groaned and worked even harder on Sid’s prick. Dad was in her balls deep, and reaching over to me, took hold of my leg and pulled me away from Sid’s Mouth and gently closer to him, I slid in close and his big finger moved to my wet pussy and started working on my clit, sometimes slipping into my cunt or rubbing the outside of my bum-hole. “Wow”. It was wonderful, there was Dad deeply fucking Mom while fingering me, Mom sucking Sid’s cock and poor John had been left out, so I pulled him to me and grabbed his cock and pulled to my mouth. Dad had added his tongue to my pussy and it felt wonderful.

Dad was looking at me as I sucked on John’s cock, the look in his eyes was one of love & lust. Even with what had already gone on before, I found the sight and smell of all this activity was bring me to the boil again. John, was not sure what to do so he simply leaned over and started kissing Sid on the neck and face, Sid responded by moving his head to capture John’s mouth with his.

All of a sudden, Dad pulled out of Mom and pulled me to him and drove his cock into my wet well fucked cunt, Mom moved and gave Sid’s cock a final lick and placed her legs over his thighs and taking his prick slipped it into her moist hole. Sid bucked his ass off the floor and drove his prick deep into her dripping cunt. Mom kissed him and pulled John closer to her as she grabbed his cock from me and proceeded to suck it deeply into her mouth. John gasped and moved closer, to the point where his ball were directly over Sid’s mouth. Sid raised his head and shot his tongue to John’s balls and licked them with a frenzy, John lowered his balls for maximum contact and found Sid wanted to lick his ass as well.

Sid takes up the story:
Here I was my cock deep inside my Mom. Mom was sucking John, I had a perfect set of balls and a lovely ass-hole within tonguing range, Dad was fucking Becky. It can’t get any better that , this I thought, but in a few minutes, more changes, Dad lifted Mom from my cock and started sucking it with a mouth like a Hoover. Becky & Mom were now in position licking each others pussy like there was no tomorrow, I moved to grab that massive cock for my Dad’s and started to administer the best wank I could on that wonderful meat. John had moved and was slipping his hard cock into my Mothers cunt, directly in front of Becky’s mouth, it was amazing. all this activity, and no one had said one word, just the slapping of balls to ass and the sounds of sucking coming from every where.

I moved slightly again, and now I had Dads cock was in my mouth, he had turned and dropped his sack on my forehead, all I had to do was grab the tip with my mouth and suck it in like a pig looking for its first nipple. He was cumming, I felt the expansion of his prick in my mouth and then a rush of cream filled my mouth coating my tongue, I swallowed it down just as another gush filled its place, I was coming too. Dad increase the suction on my cock as my juice charged into his mouth with a f***e I could not believe, “Dam!” I have never cum this hard in my life. We laid there, cleaning up the wonderful mess, and letting our hearts slow down.

Dad was the first to disengage, and giving my prick a final suck, he lifted himself off me, I tried to keep his cock in my mouth but he just looked down smiling, licked some of my cum from his lips and moved back. I tried to follow that wonder prick, and as I raised myself up on my elbow, I saw Mom, & Becky’s lips licking each others clits like there was no tomorrow, and John was driving into Moms cunt like a madman. That’s when Dad moved over and slipped his head between John and Mom and proceeded to move John cock out of Moms sopping cunt and into his mouth, Dad wanted more cum, but I wanted some to. I joined the battle of the Johns cock, taking every opportunity the lick, suck and fight for a piece of the shaft or head, whatever I could get my lips on.

John was almost at the point of no return when Dad grabbed his balls and shaft and pointed it towards my mouth, I wasted no time, it was in my mouth in an instant, sucking like mad, trying to get my fill of his sweet cum, mixed with the cunt dripping of both my Mom and s*s. . .

Epilogue: Over the intervening years I’ve had many opportunities to handle or slide a stiff cock in my mouth, and occasionally my ass, but I still continue dreaming and jerking off. Sometimes I think that I would love to be watched while I suck or jerk off! Someday perhaps...
Hope you liked it! comments please. . .

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6 months ago
Damn! This story has my cock rock hard!!!
9 months ago
family fun is best!
1 year ago
It's great the way you wove this story together through three voices... It made it even more enjoyable. It's a fave for me
1 year ago
You outdid yourself on this one Mike. Wow was it a great read. All the ingredients that appeal to me. So fucking hard.
2 years ago
Very well written. Hot and juicy