kitten gives me an idea

I was washing my hands in the sink when she came in from the garage with the groceries. I flicked my wrists to remove the excess water and turned around to greet her; with my hands still in mid air from the rinse, I smacked the bag of groceries in one hand which followed through to her chest, and hit in the face with the other hand.

A couple of boxes of wheat thins and some fruit flew out of the bag which ripped a bit and went s**ttering on the floor.

"Ah, I'm sorry sir", she said unexpectedly. "Don't move, I'll pick those up", she said as she bent down in her high heeled shoes. I hadn't even asked; she must have been wearing them earlier, but who doesn't find a woman who shops in heels to be the sexiest thing alive - and I just love watching her bend down to pick them up.

"Give me the bag", I say, placing it on the counter.

"I've got a couple more bags in the car, and the milk is cold..", she utters.

She's wearing a low cut tank top type shirt with her cleavage exposed. I glance at her cheek to see if I left a mark. Using her ass to finish drying my hands I inspect her closer. She sees me looking and gets coy slightly thinking I might be pissed that she got in my way.

I raise and eyebrow and smile wryly, "is your face okay"?

"Yes sir, I feel fine".

"it looks like I swatted your chest pretty good though. I see that it's a little red".

"Oh don't worry about me, I can take it. Look, see"?

She starts beating her chest with an open palmed fist like a cave man. After one or two quick and precise blows, she opens her fingers up and keeps slapping her breasts.

Smack, smack, smack!

Her breasts are flopping up and down held in her bra, and her chest is getting more and more red.

Slap, slap, slap!

"You, see? I'm totally fine. I can handle it. It's really not a problem."

My ears perk up as the not-so-subtle, point comes across clear as day that she's goading me into something. She must have been waiting for weeks to find an opportunity to convey her little sentiment to me without intruding on my own desires.

She turns around to head back towards the car.

"No, hold up a minute", I reach for her hand as she's turning. She, quickly turns back around with the most pretty smile. "Yes, sir", she says intently.

"Go downstairs", I say with a stern smile. "Yes, right away".

She clip, clops down the stairs in her heels as I quickly run out to the car to get the milk and hurriedly throw it in the fridge. I open up a drawer and pull out the plastic wrap.

I jog down stairs to find her in the corner room. She's already unbuttoned her blouse and kicked off her sexy shoes.

"Where do you want me"?, she says looking excitedly at the plastic wrap in my hands.

"Stand over by the pole".

She gets into place, feet together, like a soldiers stance, chin up, and breasts at attention.

I grab her cheeks with my hand and squeeze her lips into a kissy face, I pull her in and kiss her hard. I always kiss her, always like it may be the last kiss I will ever give to a woman. She knows there's no one else in the world as important as the two of us.

"Take off your blouse".
"Take off your skirt".
"Take off your panties".
"Take off your bra".
"Back up against the pole"!

I open the surran wrap and tie a piece around her ankle. With it securely anchored, I start wrapping around her knees up to just below her waist.

"Arms at your sides"!

I start again, tying a piece off around one of her wrists. I wrap several times across her torso to the pole, and stop under her breasts.

She's got such a sparkle in her eye. I haven't seen my kitten this excited in years.

She looks at me, pleased with the work I've done, and trying to anticipate what comes next.

"I think you lied", I pace slowly.

"No"! "Why do you say that"?, she asks.

"You just showed me upstairs, that you can handle being slapped quite hard, and you claim, that you feel fine".

"Yes, that's right", she says insistently. "I didn't mind at all that you hit me. Nothing you do to me bothers me".

"I see", I say. "Well...I think I'm going to have to find out for my self".

She braces her self as I slow step closer. She takes a sharp breath as I extend my hand. I put my thumb in her mouth and she sucks on it. I love being inside of her. Even the feel of her wet mouth is exquisite.

I pull my thumb out and then take a swat at her tit. It flops and jiggles, unrestrained like before when her tits were chained to her chest. I pick my hand up and smack her other breast. "Pop"

She looks at the floor so she doesn't know where my hand will go.

I turn my hand side ways and smack the inside of her breast. I gradually get more firm as I feel her body rhythm responding to me. I smack up, I smack down. I cover her breasts in red. Finally, the last two smacks for each breast is particularly hard as I fee completely dominant over her soft supple body.

"Perhaps I was wrong", I say. She looks up at me gingerly with her tits a slightly different shade of red.

"I knew I would please you", she said happily.

I take advantage of the fact that I have her still constrained. I move in close and stick my tongue in her mouth. I like the feeling of kissing her deeply with only her head bobbing around to try and please me back. She's so salacious when it comes to kissing, I love.

I start to pull the surran wrap off, but I start with her legs. Once it's off, I start massaging her thighs. I kneed her inner thighs and slowly work my way up to her vagina. She's wet. So fucking wet. I immediately slip my fingers into her waiting cunt. She drips down my wrist. I keep man handling her pussy until she comes. It's so great watching her writhe in elation stuck to a pole. She wants to throw her hands up to rub her tits or pull my hair, but all she can do is grit her teeth in pleasure.

After I'm throughly soaked, I pull off the rest of the plastic and head upstairs. She walks in front of me carrying her clothes and heels. As we get to the top of the stairs I stick my middle finger in her pussy to feel the risidual wettness, and she jumps slightly - nerves still excited from the feverish sex acts we just performed. When we get up stairs, she turns around with a smile on her face. She leans in and I grab her whole body and we kiss. Like Alice and Ralph Kramden at the end of the Honeymooners. Fitting since we both feel as if we're on a honeymoon...
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