Cunnilingus.O school composition (Erotic Story)

When we in class XII, and was a skinny girl with a pretty back with a pair of breasts little more than shoot, my Romanian teacher gave me the theme, an essay about the most beautiful imaginary random in the summer.

When I got home, I lay in bed trying to choose the most beautiful story I'd wanted to lived in the hot summer months. To me decide on the subject, I started rubbing, easily excited, because, for me, a beautiful story can only be a sensual. After I felt more relaxed, I decided to write about a real chance. I heard whispers and gossip about a mysterious word "cunnilingus", some spoke of him as an art, others as a science. For Romanian profit told us to write a work of fiction, something that would be held really, I thought the story of an actual fact can not be interpreted only as a fantasy, and both.

Must say that after I taught the subject, the teacher asked me to stay after school to discuss with me about my work. She was a very severe, so we had no choice. She spoke authoritatively, yelling about my composition. He wore that day, ended up in a neck blouse, sleeveless, which could still see her black bra. While talking about what I had written, I noticed that emphasize certain words in my notebook with a red pencil. Absorbed morals that I do it, pen area exceeded specifications, spinning, u*********s, in fact ei.De foot at a time, almost infinite it between her legs. I felt an atrocious heat in the body, nedandu my account, but if it was conscious or not making it. While explanations gave him, and I've reached without knee, hoping that the discussion will come to an end. Rebukes them merely to bring in my mind my story erotic ecstasy. Here is my composition ....

What we did during the summer

Holiday in most of the time, I listened, I did the work in the garden and I sailed on the Internet. A typical way to waste time for a girl of 18 years, a suburban area. In one day, when my puppy does not stop barking, a female voice addressed me: "Hey, even a dog that is Enchanted." I looked up and saw a beautiful woman with a skin Olive, one whose age exceeded mine by more than two or three years. Exploded in his legs tight-fitting jeans and gave her breasts almost as skimpy on the outside of the shirt. He told me it was bona neighbors of mine who had two young c***dren. When I say "small" do not mean in any way to her breasts. Later, when her bra and freed the black, I saw that fall within a category difficult to find in a lingerie shop. Until then, not yet understood how can two identical dance in beauty, but in dimesnsiune. Although my breasts are not exactly the same, the difference between the future of my friends was evident. Maybe some men may be aroused by it. It was not my case ... I wonder?

Anyway, that summer I gained a new friend, with whom waste time in front of a stupid TV show. When two c***dren who have to sl**p catadixeau care, we comfort each other in the living room sofa. I never realized until then how can a nice long french kiss .. When you know that there is no one in the house, no longer put bra to let me kiss and suck them nipples naughty. Sometimes, doing what she called "a surprise for you." I take her hand and my fingers to straighten, gently between her legs, where they were was a soft touch, like a jelly full of sugar. Then get your fingers wet and I went to the lips, kissing them and licking them to me avidly.

In one day, when they become wet vagina really heavy, I asked in a whisper: "Did you hear about cunnilingus?" "No. What does this mean? Is a foreign language?" "No way," she chuckled. Then he slipped the panties on her body, and sat naked on the couch, legs wide apart. I kneel gently on her face and I pulled her head to the hot, telling me "I want to kiss me and lick me a little. First light, delicate, and then becoming faster and stronger." Velvet aroma and taste were incredibly exciting. At one point, I begged of them suck vagina. He spread my wings and pink nipple showed the alluring clitoris. He asked me to kiss him, his tongue rubbing it with circular motions until he came near orgasm. Without want, during this, my hands to her breasts indreptasera hot, insatiable my fingers caressing her nipples and tweak them slightly strengthened. Her moans were accompanied by mladieri greedy spoiled the body. Gently toss them broke into my flesh excitandu me almost to orgasm. Certainly, my pleasure was felt vibrant way kiss of sweet meat. To show me what a total pleasure, she slept on my floor, and entered my vagina with her tongue snake versed. A hungry vibe feverishly cling to kiss her. Then I said: "You now poposesti back inside." A few moments later, my tongue into her vagina insatiable murmur rose, deeper, deeper. Issued by the tension trembling mouth gave me a bitter sweet nectar source. I felt like I got together on a forbidden land, but the extreme of pleasure. I left then embraced in a few moments as measuring an eternity, her breasts shining mangaiandu a sweet sweat.

I asked her to let me meet every day. She laughed, a lively bell, telling me: "Come on, get up and get me happy again." I answered: "Yes, I know what cunnilingus. A word is so beautiful"
It was this story the most beautiful of my summer vacation. A pleasant thing but an educational ... I learned the definition of the word "cunnilingus."

When I read my composition, I watched closely my colleagues reactions (we have only two boys in the class). I found that had become captivated by topic, deepening eyes were somewhere in the depths of their being. At one point, almost I was interrupted by the one of them, which begins to caress a nipple. A girl who moves his feet rhythmically, as though it swam in a sea of kisses.

How and remorse over my teacher, is another story, beautiful but can be incredible. As a diligent student, I had to learn from it some essential things about language and universal literature. In fact, I learned that there are other languages, more effective and more subtle, which can discover the pleasure.

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4 years ago
marfa,ador cunilingusul
4 years ago
Great story!! More?
4 years ago
Hi! It's the first time I read an erotic story in english!!! And I think I couldn't have chose better.
4 years ago
very good for your 1st story in english