My gay boss suduced me

I was in my early 20's and was a apprentice to be a tool and die machinist.
Half the plant had press's and the other half did die making and repair work.

I had worked there for about 3 - 4 months and the shop foreman, Gary had kind of taken me under his wing. He showed me how to set up new dies and feed machines. We had begun to be a tag team for any new projects coming in.

During one of my breaks I had to hit the men's room. It was a pretty rustic Putting it nicely The rolls off toilet paper hung on chains that were fed through large holes in the stall wall, I ducked down one day and noticed I could see clearly into the next stall. The stall near the urinal you had a clear view of the business end of who ever was standing there.

When break time hit Gary always walked in with me when the buzzer would went off. Instead of taking a urinal one day, I sat on a toilet to check things out. Gary took the urinal next to my stall and when I peeked through the hole he seemed to be gently stroking his cock and not taking a leak. I jumped up away from the hole not sure what to think of it. Figured maybe one of the press girls got him hot and he needed some relief ?

Then one day the owner said he was bidding on some equipment from a shop that went out of business. He asked Gary to go check it out before it went up for auction so he wouldn't bid on any junk. Gary asked if he could take me along to have help. The owner said sure, it's about a 120 mile trip one ay so plan on being gone for the day.

So the next morning Gary and I meet up in the parking lot at work and head out in his car. Gary then confides to me that he and his wife are going through a divorce and that she was moving out of the house. I said it sounds like a bummer, he said no not really we haven't had sex in a long time and he was ready to become single again.

It was a little awkward for me at that point and wasn't sure what to say. Then Gary spoke and asked - so you dating anyone ? I said well kinda - I took out one of the press girls a couple times. He asked if I got lucky with her yet. I said not yet, He chuckled and said that must be frustrating. I said yeah it is. Gary then said that when he was a teenager and would get a case of blue balls he would go to a known gay section of town and walk around. It wouldn't take long for someone to offer a blow job. I was shocked and really didn't know how to react. Gary asked what was wrong with that ? I said I don't know - Its just the gay thing - he said a mouth is a mouth. unless the guy has a big beard, if you close your eyes you'd enjoy it because no girl can give as good a BJ as a gay guy can.

This talk was getting me hot, I always wore tight jeans back then. Gary noticed too. He reached over and rubbed my cock and said it feels like your not so grossed out by it now. I then confessed that when I was in my teens I experimented with a buddy once and once I jacked off with some friends.

Gary then said, he had been staying in a motel until his wife was out of the house. He wanted to swing in to see what all she took from the house. I said I'm along for the ride, your my boss so don't matter to me.

When we walked in the door, Gary said take a seat I'm going to walk around the house and see whats gone. So I sat back in a recliner, kicked back and closed my eyes while Gary did his thing. Next thing I know Gary is down on his knees rubbing up my thighs and working on my belt. The rubbing was getting me hard as a rock. I leaned my head back and figured I would try to imagine the hot press girl going down on me. Just as Gary was unzipping my pants his wife walks in the front door yelling at Gary - I'm not sure what all they were saying - I jumped up zipped up and ran to the car. Gary came back pissed.........

That weekend I take the press girl out to the bar, we ran into some of her friends and she say's that the girls are going to a bachelorette party and she wanted to go with them. I said fine go ahead and go.

So I ordered a beer and a shot and sit there thinking how I can get laid. Then I started thinking about Gary and our interruption by his wife. I finished my drinks and drove to Gary's house. His car is in the drive but no lights are on. I almost left and thought I'll just gently knock on the door. To my surprise Gary answers the door in a bathrobe, he say's hey I was just thinking about you come on in.

So I go back and sit nervously in the same recliner. Gary walks over and said let me take up where we left off. He reaches for my belt and zipper like a starved a****l - he immediately sucks down my cock and is moaning and telling me how good I taste and how he loves how thick my cock is. I was fantasizing about this the whole 20 minute ride there, I shoot off like a cannon and Gary gulps it all down.

Gary then asked me to take off my clothes and lay with him on the floor while he turns on a porno to get me going again. So I shed my clothes as Gary drops his robe to the floor and we lay down. I reached over and started stroking his cock to full hardness - I had never felt or seen such a long cock. He lays back and said man you are great at hand jobs - I said yeah I've had plenty of practice on my own. He asks if I want to go further and try sucking his cock. I said I feel like I owe you after blowing me. So I scooted down and start licking from his nut sack all the way along the underside of his cock up to his head. It was so hot and the skin was silky smooth. I then put my mouth over the head of his cock and try to take as much as I can. There was still room to wrap my hand around his cock so I started gently stroking him while taking as much of his cock as I can. Gary is moaning in pure pleasure, he said man your a pro - how many times have you done this ? I said I've never been this far before. About then he say's he was going to cum any second. So I pulled his cock out and stroke his slicked up cock and he shoots rope after rope of cum across my chest.

I laid back exhausted now, my jaw was sore but my cock was stirring again.Gary says wait here I'll be right back.
Gary comes back with a butt plug and a large tube of lube - I had never seen a butt plug before - I said what do you do wit that ? He said lay back and relax, you'll love it. So Gary squirts a large portion of lube in his hand and drops down swallowing my cock whole while reaching around to lube my butt hole up.
I started getting nervous, in all the fantasizing I never thought about anal sex. I said Gary - I feel like I have to take a dump man get your fingers out of there, He tried to convince me I didn't and I needed to relax to enjoy it - I couldn't relax - I was getting more and more freaked and jumped up telling him thanks for the great sex but I'm not ready to go any further right now.

Gary got up hard as a rock and ripping pre cum - I felt bad but I wasn't ready to take that next step......

I left Gary's place that night and the next day I went to work I got laid off. I was shocked - I said what's this all about, Gary was truly sad and said he was sorry but the economy was killing jobs and they lost a contract with Ford so we have to cut back. That was the last time I saw Gary, but the memories still survive........
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1 year ago
1 year ago
fantastic story but Gary is a shit
2 years ago
2 years ago
Loved it, but I agree Gary was a dick
2 years ago
Sounds a bit like my first time sucking cock and gobbling semen, except there were five other guys and it wasn't my idea until I finished the first one.
2 years ago
Good story.
2 years ago
Great story. But Gary is a dick.
2 years ago
great until the very end.
2 years ago
That's awful that he laid you off the very next day. I enjoyed what you wrote immensely until the very end. Hope you post more.
2 years ago
Great stuff BUT what an ASSHOLE!!!!