My first circle jerk (True story)

One weekend when I was hanging out with some buddy's I went to school with.
We were at Danny's house sitting around the living room, no parents were around. Danny told us how his dad has a stash of Playboys out in the garage. We ventured in to check them out. Joe noticed there was a old refrigerator running in the corner. We looked inside and saw it filled with beer. So we all grabbed a beer and started checking out the Playboys.
After finishing my beer I had to take a leak bad. I asked Danny if I should piss out behind the garage, he said no - His dad always uses the floor drain in the garage, he decided he needed some relief as well.
So I walked over to the drain pulled out my cock and started pissing - I had a bit of a chubby going on from looking at the Playboys. Danny hollered at the other guys and said hey look, he's got a cock like a horse!!
I laughed and said your crazy - how big is yours. He hauled his out and I felt bad for him. He had the thinnest little pecker I ever saw. We had showers at school and I always felt I was average at best.
The other 2 guys came over and hauled out there dicks and took a leak too. One of the guys asked if I ever jacked off. I said sure, all the time don't you.
Danny asked what is that ? He never heard of jacking off. I tried to explain it to him and he asked me to please show him how. Joe said he jacks off but don't know if he does it right or not. I suggested we should go inside to Danny's bedroom where its a bit warmer and can kneel on the carpet. So we snatched up a few of the best center folds and headed off to Danny's room.
We placed the center folds out on the floor and circled them. Everyone scooted by the center folds and pulled out their cocks and work them up good and hard.
I kneeled down next to Danny and showed him how I stroke my cock. He was trying to watch and do the same. He was getting frustrated and not having much fun. I reached over and grabbed his cock ( First time I ever felt another guys) Danny's cock was so thin it was like trying to jack off my finger. Danny said it felt odd with me holding his peter. He said he got the idea and wanted to try some more himself. Joe kneeled down on the other side of me. His cock looked about the same size as mine but he was not circumcised. Joe asked if I would show him how to stroke his cock. I reached over and his cock felt hard as a rock and hot in my hand. I slowly slid my hand up and down working his foreskin back and forth over the head of his dick. It didn't take Joe long before he shot off the biggest stream of cum I ever saw.
By now my cock was drooling precum and I needed relief, I grabbed my cock and gave it a few strokes and shot a wad out across the floor too. Danny ha a dry run, he shuddered and said he felt funny then ran to get paper towels and cleaned up the mess. I was feeling a little odd by now, it was the first time I'd ever jacked off with anyone else around and wondered if everyone would keep this between us. I told the guys I had to take off and go do my paper route.

This just started my curiosity............
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1 year ago
fantastic story made cum all over myself rememberomg my own circle jeerks
1 year ago
what a great exciting experiences. It really is hot and erotic to hold another guys cock for the first time....
2 years ago
Great! Keep sharing!
2 years ago
ahh good times. great story
2 years ago
Sweet Lol
2 years ago
Awesome first time!!
2 years ago
that must of been nice ÷)
2 years ago
Sounds fun xx