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120 hi-res photos

120 hi-res photos
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Sabrina – Boys, boys, boys

Sabrina famous 80’s music video were her tits pop out of her bikini whilst singing in the pool with other hot babes.

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[Story] Screwing my Step-s****r

The thought of watching his step-s****r screw, excited Justin. She was a cute girl, blonde with big blue eyes and a cute smile. She had had sex before, and he always wondered what it would be like watching her do it.

He had seen Janet naked a couple of times, and had promptly jacked off after each time. He and Scott both were virgins, but it looked like Scotty was gonna get his first. All the girls liked Scott. He had brown hair and eyes and was a cross between Scott Baio and the Karate k**.

Scotty was staying over the weekend while his parents were away on a trip and he'd hit it ... Continue»
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[Story] My Boyfriends Dad

One Saturday weekend my boyfriend of 2 years and some friends went out to a night club for some late night dancing and drinking. We were exhausted when we got back to his home (at 22 he still lives with dad) and upon shading our clothes we jumped naked into bed. Nowadays we don't have sex when we have been drinking heavily but this night, feeling horny from the drinking, I got under the sheets to give him oral but only to hear him snoring a few minutes later. Though I got around to fingering myself to an orgasm with his half limp dick in my mouth, and then went to sl**p.
Early that morn... Continue»
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Meet hot swingers looking for no strings sex in yo

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