The Landlady's New Pet - Part Five

The padded caning bench was all too comfortable, though there was no danger of me falling asl**p on it. My arse clenched involuntarily as Elaine strutted behind me and cut the air menacingly with her wickedly flexible cane; this delighted the women no end, as they saw me flinch. Hortense removed a cover from a standing object before me, and opened the object up to reveal full length mirrors which she arranged at various angles; I was to be allowed to witness my punishment and the enjoyment of my audience. Elaine strode round to the front of me once more, parading her elegant and formidable figure; my cock was throbbing to a full erection again already, the smiling women who were smugly viewing my predicament made me yearn to be punished. I was ready to know my place. Elaine moved to within two inches of my nose, ensuring I not only had a good view of her delicious mound nestling between her corset and black stocking tops, but could have a good sniff too. She then drew the cane between the protruding lips of her sex and had me lick the cane clean.

“Taste the essence of the woman and the cane that is now going to taste you. You shall now learn who is truly in control; you have earned 24 strokes, prepare to cry like a baby as I administer your first caning of the night.” The women grinned with eager anticipation as Elaine moved to my side and measured her distance, ensuring I could see her, myself and all our guests in the mirror. She smiled more wickedly than ever as she raised the rattan and brought it home for the first time. I cried out in pain as the vicious sting of the cane warped through my body; my arse felt like it was on fire. Elaine showed no mercy whatsoever as she worked her elegant and dominant body in an athletic arc as the cane was brought whooshing down again and again; the crack it made as it left it red lines across my arse encouraging pleased smiles and taunts from the delighted women, as they helped themselves to many more pictures. Elaine smiled even more contentedly as I began to weep like a c***d; such was the pain of my mistress’s deliveries.

After twelve strokes, I cried like a baby, after fifteen my arse seemed to go a little numb and I noted the wicked satisfaction on the faces of the smiling women, after eighteen the squirming induced by the cane had my cock fully erect beneath me as I watched my dominant mistress work her way to breaking me. I could not quite believe it but the sense of eroticism mow outweighed the pain; I was now enjoying the torment, I wanted to be broken. After 21 strokes I was close to coming on the bench and Elaine smiled knowingly at me; she would ensure the last three strokes were made to tell. Though the last three strokes were delivered with aplomb by Elaine, I did not ejaculate and felt almost cheated.

The women applauded as I was left tearful and broken, the pulsing of my cock on the padded leather matched by that of my sore arse. I was allowed just a few moments to recover before my leash was tugged and I was led to the bed by Elaine. I was made to lay face down and the women sat around the edge of the bed, admiring Elaine’s handiwork; my arse glowing. A tub of antiseptic cold cream was produced, and the women took turns in applying it to my battered backside. Though it stung like hell at first, the action of the women’s hands smoothing it in had me squirming on the soft silk sheets, teasing my erection. Hortense climbed to the top of the bed; her messed panties in hand, and sat in the pillows.

“Poor baby! Now you’ve had cold cream at one end, you’ll have cold cream at the other!” The women laughed as she showed me the panties. These would still need cleaning; the evidence of my earlier disgrace still very prominent, though no longer warm.

“Don’t worry baby, you shall have a nice warm treat when you’ve cleaned them.” My cock went rigid as she laid the panties before my face, and then pulled her legs back, and upward, showing me her huge arse and the beautifully puckered anus which she would have licked. Anita lifted the panties to my lips and I licked my mess from them as hastily as I could; Hortense giggled as I ogled her heavenly bottom and she toyed with her sex with a slender finger. When Anita was happy I’d done my duty with the panties, she tugged my leash and I eagerly scrambled forward. Hortense barked at me assertively.

“Don’t you dare lick until I tell you! I want you to have a good sniff first.” I writhed on the bed and was on the verge of begging her to allow me to lick; my nose virtually pressed to her sweet arsehole, the tangy aroma was driving me mad. I was truly learning how I could be a slave to my own balls…

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God you know just where to stop to ensure I read the next part