The Landlady's New Pet - Part Two

My cock was rigid as I viewed from all fours, the large and shapely bottom of my new mistress as she opened the door to the first of her guests. She greeted a huge plump woman with long dark brown hair and full length black leather coat by giving her a peck on the cheek; both women had the look of exited schoolgirls as they turned to look down the leash at me, collared and waiting obediently.

The large woman assumed a more dignified air as she removed the coat, slowly and deliberately, so that I might view her thigh length boots, red satin panties and corset, and huge globular breasts; her 50 plus year old body resplendent, a superbly dominant woman. She smiled wickedly at me as she toyed with the leash.

“Have you broken him yet Elaine?” Not only did I now know my Mistress’s first name, I also had my predicament confirmed; my balls tingled as I awaited her response.

“Not yet; he may disappoint on that front, he gave up all his desires under the influence of the potion, and he is very, very, submissive. He’ll be very easy to train and will do just as he is told; though we will all have fun showing him his place at the feet of all women.” The two chuckled as my leash was tugged and I was made to turn and follow my new owner and the first of her guests back up the hallway. My eyes were transfixed by the delicious movement of the red and black panty clad arses, as the two women walked me slowly and deliberately to my destiny. Elaine seemed to feel my eyes on her delectably rounded and mature bottom; without turning she spoke with an air of contempt.

“Don’t you fret, you’ll soon be put to good use licking some panties clean; I shall let the ladies know how you are attracted to dirty underwear-some may cane you for your indiscretion!” My cock pulsed at the thought of being punished before a group of women, having been humiliated in licking their soiled panties to earn a thrashing. Pre-cum was now dribbling from my eager and yearning penis. Elaine turned and smiled knowingly as I was walked past the room we had left when the doorbell had rang, my knees hurt on the unpadded mats which covered the polished floorboards of the hall, and I was glad when my two captors paused to open a door to a room I had not entered before. I was led into a large lounge with softer carpeting, an array of large black leather seating, stools and various padded bench-like furniture; a large comfortable looking bed resided at one end. Ominously, one end wall was adorned with various wicked looking implements, and an umbrella stand stood centrally; bristling with an assortment of rattan canes, crops and whips. Both women helped themselves to the cane of their choice before sitting together on a vast leather sofa.

I was made to kneel in front of the women; both teased by displaying their crotches; the tight camel-toes protruding with their obvious arousal, both showing damp patches where their feminine juices had flowed in anticipation of the show to come. The large woman lifted her feet to the sofa, her panties lower down, tight in the crack of her bottom; how I yearned to be allowed to sniff them, and use my tongue to service the arsehole concealed by the fabric. She gave me a look of utter contempt as she stroked a slender finger down the groove of her pussy, making the fabric stick to her moistness.

“I can’t wait to see him beg to be milked for the first time, that is, if he doesn’t come when one of us is caning him. Where ARE the others? I want my bottom licked!” As soon as she spoke the doorbell rang once more; Elaine looked at her.

“Would you Hortense? I hope they’ll all be here shortly.” Big Hortense eased herself down, and stood before me, lifting my chin. She then turned and slowly bent over; the crack of her huge and beautiful arse, inches from my face.

“You get your nose in there and have a good sniff! I am going to have you lick my arsehole as soon as all the others are here!” I did not hesitate and softly pressed my nose over the fabric which covered her anus I could only imagine at that point; I inhaled deeply and my poor cock stiffened to the point of bursting as Elaine laughed and I took in the tangy, honeyed scent of the glorious woman’s rectal aroma. She moved away smartly, sensing I was about to lick the fabric; her first tease successful. She strutted away to answer the door and I heard the voices of at least two other women in the hall. Elaine tugged my leash and took the opportunity to talk to me in private before my ordeal started.

“I am so glad you came here. I know we are both going to have a heavenly time together, though you will also be treated to hell by some of the ladies; if you perform well I shall reward you, but be clear on one thing, your old life is over; I own you now.” She smiled triumphantly as she could see I had no answer; defeat and resignation, along with an erotic pleasure, must have shown in my eyes. I awaited my first view of the two arrivals.

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2 years ago
My old life, I hope is also over!
2 years ago
Oh Please Please write some more soon x