The Developing of Emma part Three

She awoke to the sickly smell of a woman’s perfume; the silky stockings were still there, but Emma was now naked apart from a chiffon negligee, her hands bound behind her back. The voice of the woman broke the silence.

“Hello again ‘Emma’; that’s a very pretty name you’ve chosen for yourself, we shall soon have you worthy of being Emma, and you’ll soon know your place amongst men, and women.” The woman was sat with her legs crossed in a throne-like chair, no store clothes now, she wore a one-piece black leather bodice which accentuated her mature curves exquisitely, and black seamed pantie hose displaying the full glory of her long legs. Emma’s sissy cock stiffened against the chiffon, scared as she was. The domme smiled as she spoke again.

“That d**g is a wonderful thing; you’ve told me everything whilst in a trance. I know you’re submissive, I know you want to be a girl; I know you are really Emma inside. We are going to help you realise all your dreams. You are ours now; you will become Emma completely over the coming months. You will then realise someone else’s dreams; you will be sold to a suitor.” She laughed at the look of distress on the sissy’s face as a large burly and naked male walked in. Emma’s cock stiffened as she felt truly submissive and vulnerable now. The domme strutted over to Emma, stood behind her and held her head up as she knelt trembling.

“This is Kurt, he is one of many men who will master you and train you. You will now suck his cock for the first time.” The big male did not smile; he slapped Emma’s face making her eyes water as he toyed with his large cock as it stiffened at the prospect of a new sissy. Emma sniffed at the manly scent of his bulbous and sticky bell end, as he put his hand behind her head. The domme watched intently sneering and excited.

“You lick it nicely first little sissy. I want you to savour the taste of a real man; you’ll swallow his seed too; every last drop.” Poor Emma licked at the hardening bell end, making Kurt shudder and gasp with pleasure. This was truly a sweet sissy and he would enjoy training and breaking her. Emma trembled with fear and was so ashamed when the domme pointed out her stiff and erect sissy cock.

“Oh what a dear little sissy you are going to be; I think you know your place already!” Kurt pushed his stiff cock between Emma’s sweet lips, into the hot softness of her mouth. She gagged a little as the large veined cock probed back and forth. Emma cried sweet tears and dribbled as Kurt applied his urgent member relentlessly. Emma’s bottom tingled and her sissy cock pulsed as she was used for the first time. Her tears pleased Kurt, and his cock soon buzzed with erotic pleasure. His balls tightened as he looked down in ecstasy at the sweet sissy that was now his. Emma now sucked on the large cock lovingly; she was truly beginning to know her place, her anus tingled and tightened as Kurt moaned in ecstasy and shot his first globule of hot semen. He held Emma’s head firm as he delivered; there was no escape for her. Emma gagged a little more as she gulped and swallowed the hot salty cum. Kurt roared and spent again and again, his white cream dribbled down Emma’s chin as she struggled to swallow it all. Sated, Kurt pulled his glistening cock from the sissy’s mouth; cum dribbled from the end of his cock. The domme slapped Emma.

“Lick that cock clean, I’ll have no mess!” Kurt smiled as Emma’s tongue lapped delicately at the dribbling salty morsel from his still firm bell-end. She yelped as the domme whipped her sweet little arse with a cane, just for good measure. Kurt laughed and wiped the dribble of cum from Emma’s chin with a finger, then had her lick that clean too. Kurt was more than pleased.

“Well done Elaine! This one will make a very sweet sissy indeed. She’ll have the full treatment as soon as possible; I can’t wait to see her in a few months, her pussy will be very inviting when she’s ready.” Kurt left the room and Elaine took Emma to the wash rooms to prepare her for her first treatments. The wash rooms were immense, including a Turkish Bath area. Emma was handed to two dominant looking young females who bathed her and powdered her dry. Under Elaine’s supervision she was taken to a room and laid on a soft bed. The giggling girls lifted Emma’s sissy cock and balls, creamed them and shaved off every last bit of hair; her legs were given the same treatment. One of the girls smiled wickedly as she picked up a pot of cream; Elaine and the other girl held poor Emma down as the cream was applied to her sissy cock and balls, chest, arms and legs. Emma writhed in pain as the cream stung like hell, especially around her sissy balls, making her cry like a baby, much to the delight of the females. The cream would ensure that no hair grew back for some considerable time.

The pain subsided and the girls dabbed away Emma’s tears. Elaine took five tablets from a huge apothecary jar and made Emma swallow them.

“You’ll have these twice a day for the next three months. You’ll see the benefit of them quite quickly. You are going to be such a pretty sissy.” Emma had no idea what the tablets were, she was in no state to refuse them. She was then taken to her bed chamber. Elaine looked very stern as she pulled three items from a drawer; one was a large blue tablet which Emma was made to swallow. The second was a tiny cock cage. Emma whimpered as the girls looked on delightedly as her hairless white sissy cock was caged.

“We’ll have no masturbating, except to order. You’ll cum when I say so and at no other time.” Elaine smiled wickedly as she showed the sissy the other object. It was a vicious looking butt plug.

“This will prepare your bottom for its future service; you will learn to enjoy the feeling. Poor Emma was held down and cried like a baby again as the plug and her anus were greased; the plug squeezed home by her dominant mistress. Emma sobbed as her tight little anus clenched at the spiteful plug. Her sissy cock stiffened as best it could in the cage. The invading plug teased her bottom sweetly, she was truly well on her way to sissyhood now.

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I do so love your writing
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Oh yes loving this, how can I make it come true..... Emma xxx