The Developing of Emma Part One

From an early age it had always been the same; an attraction to girly things, never quite fitting in with the boys. When adolescence brought out its spots and downy genital hair, it also brought the urge to dress in s****r’s clothes when no-one else was at home. The feeling of a tight bra and panties contrasting with the airy freedom of a thin cotton dress, whilst perched precariously on high heels, always guaranteed a healthy erection followed by most gratifying hand relief. Oh to be a girl! On one of these occasions, as an eager cock erupted whilst viewing dress and heels in the mirror, ‘Emma’ was realised for the first time.

Despite these longings, a strict conforming to the norm was adhered to, and even though now living independently, a veil was cast over ‘Emma’; but an inner yearning burned within and would ensure the release of that alter ego. That release would also be ironic, as it would lead to a life of submissive slavery. A pair of soft printed cotton panties, secreted away from the s****r some years before, surfaced amongst other masculine underwear; the urge to put them on was just too great. The girly feel of the panties took control; more items were required; how to acquire them?

It was one of those large stores all set out on one floor, with male and female items converging in the middle. A large and haughty Manageress watched with intent as a somewhat delicate looking male hovered on the periphery; eyes obviously wandering to view the attire of the opposite gender. She had seen this person in the store on prior occasions, and noticed the attraction to feminine items; he could be a candidate for the syndicate of friends who employed her in a shady life beyond the store. A wicked grin stretched her red lips as the candidate plucked up the courage to move over to the female section.

The buxom woman strutted over on patent stilettos, her positive walk oozing feminine authority. He was just looking at a pair of silky gold panties with matching corset and garter belts when the formidable woman descended upon him, positioning herself as to trap him between racks of feminine items.

“Looking for something for a wife or girlfriend are we?” He first went cold and felt like a criminal, or schoolboy caught by the headmistress, doing something he shouldn’t. He gasped as the smiling woman’s breasts heaved in her tight white silk blouse; the smile almost a sneer, his cock stirred a little as the woman’s air of authority emanated her natural dominance. He tried to reply but his voice broke in the wake of her supreme presence; he thought about leaving, but she sensed this and gripped his hand; his cock stiffened as he felt her take control of him. She spoke softly but firmly now.

“I’ll bet she’s about the same shape and size as you, isn’t she?” The voice was telling him, not asking him. Her grip tightened as she stood tall, feet close together her tight calves clad in black stockings. He almost whimpered his response.

“Yes… she is.” The formidable woman turned slightly and nodded to two equally dominant looking female store assistants who had been watching, their arms crossed in matronly fashion; they winked at her and disappeared as if to order. His captor resumed her grip.

“Why don’t we go and try some things on; I’ll tell you how they’d look on a woman, you needn’t be embarrassed, I’ve had lots of men try things this way.” Before he could respond she was pulling silky items from the displays with her free hand. He glanced around; there was no-one else about. His cock buzzed as he saw that this woman would have it no other way; what the hell, no-one else wold know. She picked up the garments he’d nodded approval to and ushered him forward.

“Let’s go to the cubicles now.” He watched her large but firm arse wiggle in the tight black skirt; her legs and heels not helping him disguise his now full erection. She passed articles to him before he drew the curtain and stepped away, so as to make him think she could not see him strip. She smiled victoriously as she peeped through a hidden vantage point behind the cubicle; the sweet printed cotton panties which he took off and hurriedly hid beneath his jeans gave the game away completely, and confirmed her hunch. Not only that, he had a delicate shape too; he would make a fine sissy for a dominant male.

As he gingerly tried on the alluring underwear she came back and pulled the curtain. He blushed red as she stood with her arms crossed surveying him.
“Oh, they look really nice on you, so I’m sure ‘she’ will appreciate them.” Her sarcastic emphasis on the ‘she’ was not lost on him, but he continued to play the game; this had been a real thrill.

“Err… yes, I like… I mean, she will like them.” The buxom woman cast her net.

“If you come back tomorrow, I’ll have some very special things for you – half price.” He nodded in the affirmative as he pulled the curtain and changed back. He could not believe his luck; neither could the woman as she gave him the package and bid him farewell till tomorrow. As soon as he left she took out her mobile.

“Be here tomorrow Kurt, I have one for you.”

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2 years ago
wow what a startlooking forward to the next chapter
2 years ago
Emma you are very lucky to have such a wonderful story written about you :)
2 years ago
Oh lucky Emma, can't wait for more. Xx
2 years ago
Oh wow that is brilliant, i am now buzzing about the next installment. At last a story about me!!!!