The Slave and the Sissy Part Six

After watching the African depart with his new sissy, Ella turned to Slave.

“On the subject of Africans, you have an appointment to honour with Mistress Ayesha the day after tomorrow; make the most of your sissy tonight, I shall cage your manhood again in the morning in preparation for your visit. Pepper will manicure her when she arrives this evening to take you tomorrow, she will be my guest tonight as we have business to discuss; I’ll let her know of your fondness for each-other, I’m sure she’ll enjoy teasing you both about it, in one way or another.” Pepper gripped slave’s arm tightly; she wanted him all to herself now, but knew this not possible. Ella smiled as slave reacted by kissing Pepper softly. Pepper smiled through the concern on her face; she was resigned to the fact that at least she’d be able to share him.

On a hill just a mile or so from Ella’s household, a huge black man on a donkey brought his b**st of burden to a halt. His huge cock stiffened as the trussed silk bundle which lay helplessly before him, squirmed uncontrollably; plaintive sissy whimpers made his huge member pulse and poke upward in his robes. Honey’s sweet little buttocks were clearly outlined in the silk which held her captive. A huge black hand fondled her cheeks with delight, pressing firmly home the wicked butt plug. Inside the divinely soft prison, the sweat dribbled off Honey’s fragrant body under the hot sun. The man had brought the b**st to a halt just as she was to come; he had thoroughly enjoyed the tease and knew what his sissy would do now. Now she squirmed for all she was worth without the aid of the donkey’s motion; the hand which now owned her pressed the plug sweetly in time with Honey’s bound thrusts in the silk against the leather padding.

She flexed against the bonds which held her, controlled her; she felt the tightness of her wrists and ankles, the taut rope which went from neck to feet, keeping her in submissive heaven as she thought of that huge black cock stretching and hurting her little anus, writhing in ecstasy all the more against those bonds as she relished a whipping by the huge man, before an audience. Oh how she’d cry as the cruel whip punished her soft little bottom, oh how that huge black cock would hurt, Oh how the silk felt so exquisite as her stiff little sissy bell-end rubbed in satisfaction against it. Honey wanted to pee and defecate at the same time, such was her complete submission to the situation; her little balls tingled the sweet alarm of her inevitable orgasm as she squealed into the gag. The huge cock, the whip, the audience, the silk; the black hand pressed hard on the plug as honey clenched in complete and utter ecstatic submission, her whole body was bathed in sensual pleasure as she stiffened and shot her cream, her little bell sliding sweetly now as she messed. The full impact of her bondage was realised as she tried to straighten out in full orgasm, only to enjoy the sweet sensation of rope about her neck and ankles, holding her at her master’s pleasure, making her spend all the more as she thought of the extra whipping.

The black man laughed triumphantly as he cracked his whip for the donkey’s benefit; anxious to get his sissy home and relieve his aching cock. The sound of the whip added a sweet finale for Honey; her bottom clenching tightly at the plug as she heard its wicked noise. Her little sissy cock dribbling a final sweet tribute at the sound.

Another huge African was now in attendance at Ella’s fortress; Ayesha, no stranger to slave; he knew every nook and cranny of the magnificent woman’s beautiful physique, he had licked her clean before. The haughty bitch wore only a purple chiffon full length dress and a golden thong which barely covered her sumptuous womanhood; this was there purely as part of her schedule of titillation; she had been key in developing slave’s wanton urge whenever confronted by soiled panties. As she eyed slave with contempt on arriving, she had made sure he noted her deftly pulling the thong tight into the crack of her glossy black arse and evidently sweaty pussy. She would enjoy making him beg to sniff and lick the thong clean. She would make sure to wear the same thong tomorrow, to ensure that it was sweetly scented after the labours of two days, tucked tightly in her magnificent cleft.

Slave and Pepper were made to kneel in opposite corners of the room whilst Ella and Ayesha drank wine and discussed business and the topical fact that slave now belonged to Ella. Ayshea was so pleased that he had been wrested from the fat woman; she loved his services as did Ella and was often at the fortress. She was most interested at the developing relationship between sweet little Pepper and her favourite tongue. It was time for her manicure.

Slave was called over and made to hold Ayesha’s long, formidable, sleek black legs as Pepper daintily painted her toe-nails gold; the glittering varnish contrasting beautifully with her gorgeous dark brown feet. The black woman sniggered.

“I’ve decided to take both of you on slave’s appointment with me tomorrow; a sweet sissy will see what a male’s true position is amongst women, I may even have you perform before my womenfolk and their canes.” Pepper quivered as the black woman laughed, she was glad to be going with her love, but her cock and bottom tingled with fear at the prospect.

Honey whimpered as she saw daylight for the first time in an hour. She was surrounded by a crowd of black males with cocks as huge as her new master’s, sissies and nubile females of all races in various states of bondage, and before her in the middle of a courtyard amongst the smiling faces was her immediate destiny. A large padded leather pole with shackles which awaited her.

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2 years ago
Oh my! Fabulous and oh so sensual.
Well done