The Slave and the Sissy part Five

Ella took the chain from their collars when they reported to her, together for the first time, in the morning. Pepper’s eyes were exceptionally bright this morning, and slave looked full of vigour and ready to carry out any command that befell him without the slightest hesitation. Pepper gripped his hand tightly, lest she should suddenly wake from this beautiful dream; she smiled to herself, the tenderness she felt in her bottom could not be down to any dream, she had been well and truly fucked and wanted the day over quickly, so as she could entertain her slave once more. There was a slight tinge of sadness to the morning’s events though; Pepper’s friend Honey appeared in the charge of a large harem mistress with wicked whip in hand. Ella smiled.

“Say goodbye to Honey Pepper. We have found a suitable buyer for her and she is to be despatched today when he arrives for her. I know the two of you used to discuss your fantasies; you are beginning to realise yours, and Honey will be very pleased I’m sure, when she meets her buyer.”
Pepper embraced Honey and the two shed a tear as they hugged. Honey, a sissy of equally effeminate proportions as Pepper, had soft blonde hair in a long pony-tail and deep brown eyes. She eyed slave enviously as Pepper smirked with pride.

“Are you his? He looks like the sort you were always milking yourself over on ‘relief’ days. He’s very handsome.” Pepper went her customary pink as she gripped Slave's hand and looked up at his muscular body with submissive puppy-dog eyes. Slave could not help but smile with pride too, as his cock swelled at the thought of last night, and of what was to come that evening when duties were over. His mind was already halfway up that pretty bottom already. Pepper and Honey cried a little more as they said their goodbyes; slave then took her at Ella’s command and they knelt together in a corner as the buyer’s arrival was announced. Honey was striped completely naked, her cage removed and her hands were bound behind her back. My cock rose at her sweet vulnerability; pepper took my hand and placed it on her bottom as we watched. I whispered to Pepper.

“What was her fantasy?” Peppers bottom squirmed on my hand as she enjoyed being fondled.

“She likes big black men.” She giggled softly as right on cue, Ella welcomed in a huge black man, dressed in Arabic style robes, loosely hanging. The robes showed a prominent bulge at the front, indicating that the man had been savouring this moment. He put his hand under Honey’s soft little chin and smiled as he surveyed her. He smiled all the more as her little cock stiffened and erected on realisation she was to be owned by a huge black man. He swept the robes to one side with his free hand, and little Honey gasped as he revealed a huge black cock. The massive velvety black phallus stiffened as he looked at his prize; he poked the bulbous greyish-purple bell-end under her nose and Honey sniffed excitedly at it, taking in his masculine scent. Without command she licked enthusiastically at the underside of his massive bell-end, sampling the salty taste of his sticky pre-cum which now oozed freely from his huge organ. He chuckled with satisfaction and at the delightful sensation of the petit sissy’s little tongue. Honey’s cock stiffened at the thought of the exquisite pain her little bottom would feel when this huge cock stretched her tight little anus to the limit. The man pulled hi cock away, lest he should go too far. He nodded at Ella who came over and sat behind the sissy, holding her firmly.

The large African knelt in front of honey and gently grasped her sissy cock. Honey eyed the huge phallus which was still on display and eagerly bucked in the man’s grasp; oh how she wanted to come. The man and Ella both laughed at her submissive impudence. He began to stroke the sissy’s eager little cock as he spoke.

“Now little Honey, I am going to make you come. If you make any noise whatsoever when you squirt, you shall have a whipping before my entire household staff, as soon as you arrive at your new home.” He stroked her vigorously making her pant with pleasure. He and Ella smiled at each-other, knowing exactly what the totally submissive sissy would do. Honey tried her hardest at first, to make it look like she wanted to comply. She watched his large black hand move rhythmically up and down her little white cock, teasing her oozing pink bell-end remorselessly , she eyed that huge cock, still on display; oh how that would hurt her bottom, she looked at his large features and imagined him brandishing a whip; oh how she would love to be whipped before an audience. It was all too much. Honey let out a high pitched squeal with gusto as she spurted in heavenly ecstasy. Ella and Honey’s new, huge black owner, laughed as she did so; she had certainly earned a whipping. The black man watched with pleasure as his hand teased the last spurts of cream from his new sissy. Hot white jizz dripped down his black knuckles. He held his hand to Honey’s mouth and she lapped his fingers clean without being asked; she knew her place.

The black man then bound his sissy ready for the journey; ankles bound, and a ball gag strapped in place, Honey’s little cock was erect again as the black man took a little something from his pocket.

“A gift for my new sissy; this will please you at all times and remind you that you are mine.” It was a vicious looking ebony butt-plug, shaped like an aerodynamic phallus with balls below, designed to tickle the wearer’s prostate. He grinned with satisfaction as Honey’s little bottom accepted the plug, the sissy making a muffled cry as her little bottom clenched around the intruder. Her little cock stiffened and pulsed as he produced a huge black silk sack; Honey was lifted to her feet and glanced lovingly at her new owner as he shut her out from the daylight, ready for her journey. The sack went right down to her ankles; straps were applied around her knees, waist, arms and neck. Honey made muffled whimpers as she enjoyed full bondage, her little cock stroked at the silk; how she wanted a whipping now.

The huge man deftly picked up his prize and casually put her over his shoulder. The party followed him down to the outer courtyard where a donkey awaited him. The sissy was laid carefully across in front of the small saddle. The huge African making sure his sissy’s cock was erect up against her belly. Honey moaned as she squirmed in the darkness of the silk, her little cock teased against the leather clad back of the donkey. A tie then went under the donkey, from ankles to collar strap. Honey now felt completely bound and helpless; her cock pulsed with pleasure as the plug teased her anus and she squirmed in erotic heaven against the delicious bonds which held her. Before they departed the African spoke again.

“You will now begin your journey to another life. If you mess on my silk during the journey, you shall have a further whipping.” He smiled as he urged the donkey forward; the movement making Honey‘s erect cock squirm continually, a huge hand on her bottom to let her know she was owned, which deftly fingered the plug in her bottom. He knew she would come and earn the extra lashes.

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2 years ago
good length and detail
2 years ago
I can't wait for the next part :)
2 years ago
honey is also so lucky to have a man taking care of her sissy needs

just like me:)