The Slave and the Sissy part Four

Pepper and I knelt on the silky sheets of the bed and studied each-other in disbelief; our cocks rigid and ready for relief. I took her sweet sissy cock in hand as I sniffed and licked at her face and neck; her skin as white and silky as the sheets. She thrust her slippery little sissy cock back and forth between my fingers as I teased her glistening little pink bell-end. Pepper panted with anticipation as she unhitched her crop top; her sweet little breasts stood firm and inviting, my cock throbbed as I licked and sucked at her stiff little nipples. She quivered and let out a little moan as I slid my hand down her feminine back and slid it over her soft bottom, my middle finger straight into the hot cleft of her buttocks and into the hotter inviting tightness of her anus. She looked me deep in the eyes and whimpered as I probed deep with the one hand and ringed her little cock with the other, fingering her little ball-sac gently as I stroked her back and forth.

She was good enough to eat and I was so impatient; I so wanted my cock to be where my finger was. Pepper did not keep me waiting; she wailed with pleasure as I curled my finger deep in her anus and I felt her thrust and convulse sweetly; her hot cream exploded from her little cock, splattering on my thigh and dribbling down my knuckles. I kissed her softly as she spent again and again, moaning sweetly in ecstasy. We kissed and then she took my hand, watching me with soft eyes as she licked her sticky gift from my fingers. She bent down and licked my thigh clean, then looked up at me again as she took my stiff cock in her hand and licked my sticky bell-end, making me jerk uncontrollably. She let go, turned, lay on the bed and lifted her sweet bottom. Now it was my turn.

I knelt between those beautiful white legs and felt the softness of her buttocks with my hands, as Pepper lay there submissively, waiting to be fucked. I licked the back of her thighs making her shudder and whimper all the more, her sweet anus pulsing in and out expectantly; she had had her orgasm and now yearned to feel my cock inside her. I licked up the curve of her thigh, and then licked her sweet little scrotum; I felt her tense as my tongue glided up to her hot little anus. Her aroma was as sweet as any female I’d licked, and I teased her tangy little anus, probing deep with my tongue, ensuring she was nicely lubricated. I moved forward and licked the small of her back as I prepared to have her for the first time.

Pepper gripped my hand and squeezed tight as I moved my stiff and wanting cock into the soft cleft of her delicious cheeks. Gently I eased my engorged bell end into the tightness of her anus for the first time; it was so tight and warm, I was close to coming already, such was the exquisite feel of my sweet little sissy’s pussy. Pepper moaned and cried out softly, making me halt; I did not want to hurt her; she pulled my arm, urging me on. I stiffened my back and pressed the length of my stiff cock home into the invitingly tight warmth of her boy-pussy. The sensation was absolute heaven as I pushed right to the hilt. Pepper moved back and forth, slowly at first, making my cock spasm and pulse deliciously; she was enjoying her submission to the full. The a****l in me took over and I released her hand, gripping her soft torso with both mine as I now glided in and out of her gorgeous bottom, my balls slapping hers as I thrusted in ecstasy. Pepper laid face down, arms stretched back, in complete sissy submission; she moaned with pleasure as she was fucked mercilessly. My whole body went into spasm and I nearly passed out, such was the exquisitely strong and ecstatic strength of my orgasm. Pepper cried out in sweet submission, clenching and releasing her anus around my stiff cock as I erupted with a roar into her sweet haven.

I seemed to come for an eternity, spurting again and again into my sweet Pepper; she was mine and I was in complete ecstasy as I viewed the red haired sissy beauty, enjoying being fucked, lying prostrate in submission as I emptied my aching balls into her. She whimpered sweetly as my cock caused her exquisite pain which she thoroughly enjoyed. At last, panting and completely sated, I released my sissy, pulled my dripping cock clear and we entwined in a loving embrace. Tears of joy crept out from Pepper’s sweet blue eyes as she held me so tight, as to never let go. I licked them away and kissed my sissy long and hard. Once again, unknown to us, smiling eyes looked upon us from a hidden vantage point. A dildo dropped to the floor, having worked a third orgasm from a moist pussy. Someone else was pleased with their work; the tease had been worthwhile. She would keep this vision in her head when the slave next serviced her, and she would have his sissy watch, but before that, she would have them watch the sale of Pepper’s friend, Honey.

The two continued to grip each other tightly, soft and secure together, bound by Ella’s chain under the silken sheets as they drifted off to sl**p, both entirely satisfied with their first encounter.

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2 years ago
I'm really enjoying this :)
2 years ago
your hard cock felt too good inside me and my clamping down on it as you filled me with your mannly cum