The Slave and the Sissy Part Three

I was more frustrated than ever now; Ella laughed wickedly as I was led away on my leash, my cock pulsing and dribbling like mad in its cage, was there no end to this torture? We turned a corner and we were approached by a smiling harem girl who, giggling passed a sack to mistress. We stood by a door to another room. Mistress tickled my balls before handing me the sack.

“You have five minutes to complete a task for me; I want you to put all the black ones in the sack.” She smiled and lifted her chin dominantly as if to say ‘I mean it.’ I was puzzled as she opened the door but asked no questions. I walked in and she closed the door behind me; my nose was immediately assailed by a rich heady feminine aroma. There in the middle of this small room was a huge pile of soiled panties; mainly white thankfully. Their scent filled the room and it drove me wild; 5 minutes! I might as well have been allowed 5 hours; as I picked up the first black ones I sniffed the delicious gusset, oh how I wanted to masturbate! I was stunned when a door opposite opened; I was stunned beyond belief when she walked in with another sack. Pepper!

I dropped the panties as we stood staring at each-other across the pile. Her milky white flesh was coloured only by her sweet blush as she gave me a soft smile and picked a white pair and placed it in her sack. I picked the black ones, which were outnumbered by about 5 to one.

“Not just 5 minutes surely?” She knelt sideways by the pile, showing me the curve of her sweet little bottom and nodded before speaking.

“Yes, just five minutes.” I hurriedly stashed the black ones visible and then knelt closer to her; I found it difficult to keep my eyes off her as we reduced the pile; the intoxicating scent of feminine essences helping to keep my cock bulging as I helped Pepper with the white ones too. Unknown to us, another pair of eyes smiled through a hidden peep-hole, a finger stroking an aroused womanhood as they watched. Our hands went for the same pair of panties and we touched for the first time; I squeezed her soft hand gently and she moved her lips close to mine. My cock pulsed as we quickly touched lips; how I wanted to fuck this beautiful sissy, I felt her quiver as we exchanged the softest of pecks. Time was running out; we stuffed the last panties home as doors opened again at either end, revealing beckoning mistresses. We looked long and hard at each-other as we parted; Pepper would be on my mind the next time I was allowed to come. Mistress Ella giggled.

“Strange how it took you the full five minutes; there isn’t a great deal of black panties here." Wickedly, she held a particularly soiled pair to my nose and asked.

“Did you like laundry duty? I may let you go in there un-caged one day; would you like that?” The beautifully tangy scent of the gusset and the thought of Pepper, and my dominant mistress before me, had me oozing sticky pre-cum.

“Yes mistress I would love that.” She laughed at me again. I so wanted the treat she’d promised me. When would it happen? I was close to begging her for release. She fondled my balls again, as though she sensed my torment.

“I’m going to have my toe-nails painted now; you can come and watch.” I was leash-led back to her lair and mad to kneel in a corner close to the vast bed, Ella clapped her hands and the smiling harem girl came in with someone petit behind her. The harem girl smiled knowingly straight into my eyes, as though she knew I’d be there. She deftly rubbed the cleft of her pussy through the sheer chiffon leggings she wore, before leaving the room to reveal the hour-glass figure behind her. Pepper again!

Ella smiled as Pepper tried not to notice me; she thought she’d be punished if she showed any sense of attraction. I watched as she knelt elegantly at my mistress’s feet. I marvelled at her radiant red hair, hairless white skin sweetly freckled about the neck and lower arms. Her soft feminine body was completely hairless; her little round breasts cupped in a tiny black crop-top, nipples as prominent as the little ceramic cage which held her only vestige of masculinity. This truly was the sissy of all sissies; how I yearned for her now! She knelt nervously being aware I was there and just as excited as I was; Ella smiled at her achievement; she was so enjoying the tease. Pepper struggled to hold the pot of nail varnish in one hand and apply with the other, dabbing the skin around Ella’s nails and then hastily wiping it off.

“I... I.. I’m so sorry mistress.” Ella looked down at pepper softly.
“You are jumpy today Pepper! Whatever has got into you? Don’t worry, nobody is to be punished today, I think you just need help.” She smiled triumphantly and looked in my direction.

“Come over here slave and hold the pot for Pepper!” I did not hesitate and moved to one side of her, grasping the pot; she smiled softly at me.

“Not there slave; you’re in the way, kneel behind her, you’ll have to get nice and close though.” I swallowed hard and my cock throbbed as I nestled behind Pepper; her soft white arse now between my legs, I had to lean forward to allow her access to the pot and took the opportunity to sniff at her beautiful red hair. I felt her shudder slightly as the hairs on my chest tickled her sweet back. Ella was most pleased with Pepper’s attention now, and beamed with pleasure on making her next command.

“She’s still very shaky slave; why don’t you put your arm round her waist to steady her.” Pepper let out a slight whimper as I put my hand as gently as possible around her soft slender waist; the warmth and softness of her little belly was heavenly; I sniffed at her sweet scent as I stretched forward with the pot. Ella smiled at Pepper who was now taking as long as she could with each toe-nail; she was thoroughly enjoying being held by a strong male, especially this one.

“Would you like to have a slave assist you with your chores every day Pepper?” Slave felt her little belly churn with excitement.

“Oh yes mistress, I would love that.” Ella turned her wicked smile at Slave.

“Slave, would you like to have a sissy to look after from day to day? You know you are special to me, but you know you cannot accompany a ‘standard’ female.” The thought of Pepper made me so glad I was a slave and could not have a female. I felt her quiver all over as she waited my response.

“Oh yes mistress, I would love to look after a sissy, I would be most grateful.” She grinned from ear to ear and then sat back on the bed- her toe-nails finished.

"Why don’t you feel Pepper’s bottom, and see if she will suffice; I can soon find you another.” Ella knew that already, there could be no other for slave or Pepper. My cock was bursting as I drew my hand down to the soft cheeks of Pepper’s beautifully rounded, soft girly bottom. My other hand was now free; Ella smirked and leaned further back on the bed from whence she retrieved two tiny keys which she passed to me. I recognised one as that needed for my cage. Ella giggled.

“Be a gentleman and set your sissy free; I suspect young Pepper may be just a little excited in there.” I leaned over and carefully slotted the key into the tiny ceramic caged; Pepper kissed my cheek as I did so. After unlocking I released the clasp and lifted the cage free. Pepper blushed as her sweet little sissy cock erected to a 45 degree angle; her pretty little pink bell-end glistening with moist pre-cum. Ella had Pepper unlock me; my cock assumed the same stiff status as my sissy’s, striped with red lines after its tight confinement, my bell end almost purple, firm and straining at the release of bl**d into it. I was ready to fuck her right then. Ella pulled a very long chain from the bed and fastened either end to my and Pepper’s collars.

“Now you are bound together. You will wear this chain tonight as a symbol of your commitment to each-other. Now stand face to face, I want to see you kiss each-other.” We stood together and embraced for the first time. Our lips met and my world spun crazily as I closed my eyes and indulged in the warmth of Pepper’s sweet kiss. Ella stood close and put her hands on our bottoms, squeezing us together; our erect cocks met for the first time and pulsed together as they slipped against each-other in their excited, lubricated state. Ella giggled.

“Come with me now, I’ll show you where you will be staying from now on.” She led us to a room down the corridor and opened it. A huge bed with silken sheets waited. She pushed us into the room and closed the door as she left…

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So HoTT!
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Brilliant :)
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I so want to be pepper with you. your sissy to take care of totally