Sissygirls Sweet Adventure

She had spent an eternity with the finishing touches, making herself look as soft and girly as possible, not that she needed to do so. She was as nervous as hell and teetered just a little on the tall black stilettos with silver spikey heels she had waited so long to wear. The walk down the path to the waiting cab seemed three times as long as usual; would the driver think there was anything unusual about the girl who was his latest fare? He smiled warmly and watched the long legs enter his cab.

“Where to Miss?” Sissygirl was wary of speaking for the first time, a little scared that her tone of voice might alert the cabbie to her sexually metamorphic state, as beautiful as she was to those who appreciate the sweetness of t-girls.

“Do you know the Venue Gentleman’s Club on Lexington Avenue?” Sissygirl was both surprised and pleased at how naturally the gentle pitch of her voice had come out. The Cab Driver smiled again and leered at her tight blouse and crossed legs.

“Right you are Miss; wish I could join you in there!” Sissygirl smirked as they drove to the destination; she would walk back the short distance to The Saint, her true target and meet her latest date there; it wasn’t an ideal venue as it had a bit of a reputation, but was a good place for special people to meet as both had friends and acquaintances who often met there before moving on. As the Cab Driver dropped her off at The Venue, he sniffed at her perfume as she paid him; the excited bulge in his pants throbbed, as he watched the long legs and sweet bottom walk down the street from the cab’s mirror as he drew away. Sissygirl’s cock stiffened in her panties as other males ogled her as she walked to The Saint; she felt so perfectly feminine and enjoyed the view of her reflection in the plate glass windows.

The place wasn’t at all rowdy that night thankfully, and she strutted in confidently. There he was waiting for her as he said he would; his face beamed and the men and gurls he was with whistled their appreciation at the approaching sissy. His cock stiffened immediately as he viewed the gurl he wanted so much. Sissygirl blushed sweetly at the attention received. He stood and took her in his arms, unsure of how much affection to show her; how he wanted to be alone with her now! Sissygirl quivered a little in his strong grip and made the move for him, offering her lips automatically; her thoughts being mutual, she had so looked forward to seeing him again. The crowd cooed and continued soft whistles as the two tasted the warmth of each-others lips and embraced for the first time that evening. As their bodies met, the two could feel each-others stiff excitement against their torsos; he sniffed at Sissygirl’s hair as they broke from the kiss and stared into her willing eyes; how he wanted her all to himself in the warmth of a bed. Sissygirl looked up at him; she felt so submissive and wanted to do anything to please him, she wanted so much to kneel and suck his aching cock right there and then. They were both brought to their senses by the offer of a drink, which they both readily accepted; even so, he squeezed her hand tightly as if to reassure himself that she was really there. He had communicated with her many times before, and dated her twice already, but she had never looked the way she did tonight; she was so incredibly feminine. Her dreamy eyes looked him up and down and she smiled softly as she wiped her ruby lipstick from his lips with a tissue, giggling as she did so. He viewed her soft downy arms as she did so; everything about her was perfect.

He had not been with a t-girl before; he had always had the urge but had never taken that leap of faith until he had communicated with Sissygirl. The idea had sacred him a little, but she had cemented his attraction forever; she was so soft and pretty, so effeminate. He was hooked. As the others discussed where they moved onto, they had to nudge the pair to gain their attention; they were in a world of their own. As the two danced with each-other later, they could not wait for the time to pass; they both drank very little alcohol that evening, consumed instead by the elixir of each-other’s company, both wanting to be alone together as their bodies entwined again and again on the dance-floor. Sissygirl giggled.

“I can’t wait to get these panties off; I’ve made them so sticky thanks to you.” He pulled her soft bottom tight against him and sighed as he thought of what she would be like. Sissygirl giggled all the more as she felt his hard manhood against her belly; she so wanted to make him come for the first time. As their friends began to drift off, they declined offers of going on elsewhere that night. Friends smiled knowingly at them as they said their goodbyes; the two looked into each-other’s eyes, time to make their excuses and depart, time to be alone together…

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2 years ago
Great story, love it
2 years ago
Fun stuff
2 years ago
Excelent, looking forward to more xxx
2 years ago
keep on writing, great beginning!
2 years ago
Whoa cant wait to read more!