Duty Bound- part 3

Hannah and the girls sat between the suited males with whom they felt reasonably secure; they did not know just how ‘secure’ they were to become. Hannah’s tight skirt and flashy red shoes made her feel exquisitely effeminate; she studied the bulge in Scott’s crotch and imagined being on her knees to him, looking up submissively at his stiff cock. Her soft submissiveness was to help her in the days to come; her life was to change forever. As the girls drank more and more, they were unaware that the rounds bought by the men contained no alcohol in the three drinks for the males, fairly soon something other than alcohol and mixer would go into the three drinks for the girls; they would then do just as they were told and would be doomed.

Hals cock pulsed and felt sticky in his pants as he eyed the three sweet beauties who would soon be captured; this part in their game gave him such a thrill, his cock stiffened as one of the girls gave him a sweet smile, he imagined what each of their sweet bottoms would smell like; he loved to sniff them when they were trussed, helpless and aware of their fate, their aroma was at its sweetest then. Many a time he had watched and sniffed at a t-girls boi-pussy as it flexed and pulsed submissively in sweet anticipation and fear on learning they were to be sold into slavery in the Middle-East or Africa; his tongue would sample the sweet savoury taste too as the helpless, yet somehow willing effeminate beauties were taunted with the promise of huge black cocks splitting their pretty white bottoms.

The powder was deftly applied to the drinks at the given time; all six cocks were erect at that point, the girls all cosy with the unassuming business-like males. Hannah looked at Babs and Simone, who were staring fixedly at their respective partners, whilst their soft breasts were openly fondled by the men who were now laughing and leering at the two. Hannah felt so strange and realised something was not as it should be; too late. She tried to move or complain or something, but nothing happened, Scott smiled wickedly and slid one hand under her skirt, under her bottom, and Hannah’s cock stiffened as a large finger was pushed deep into her hot little anus. She sat helpless as the other hand moved up her skirt and grasped her pulsing cock, stroking it sweetly. Scott laughed wickedly again.

“You’re mine now you little slut. We are all going to go back to my place, you are going to suck my cock, and then I’m going to see how tight that pretty bottom is. After that you are going to have a nice sl**p, and when you wake up, we are going to have a nice little surprise for you.” Hannah tried not to enjoy the sensations, but was helpless; she knew something terrible was to happen to her, but the finger in her bottom was heavenly and her cock was being stroked so pleasurably. Scott squeezed and teased her little bell-end as he heard her whimper and felt her little ball sac tension in readiness for sweet submission. A blinding wave of pure and absolute ecstasy washed through Hannah’s body as she shot her cream within her dress and panties, Scott sniggered and nibbled at the soft beauty’s neck as her tight little anus clenched sweetly at the finger and the warmth of her hot milk covered the other hand which continued to milk her. Hannah knew that she was his now, and so wanted to be a slut, she dreamed of being whipped or even snuffed as the intensity of her continuing orgasm took complete control of her; she spent again and again as Scott squeezed and teased the last drops of cream from her. He slipped his finger out from her anus; put it under Hannah’s nose before sniffing it himself and then licking the savoury taste like a lollipop.

The girls were allowed to recover only slightly, to ensure they could walk and do as they were commanded. The d**g had them in a hypnotic state, but they call all see from within as it were, that something was happening to them. The men knew this of course and delighted in this moment of capture. Hal looked at Simone.

“You’re going to drop your panties and let me fuck your arse the minute we get indoors, aren’t you Simone?” The others laughed hysterically as Simone nodded in acknowledgment like an automaton, as though he had simply asked her make him a cup of coffee or something. This was the test; the girls were in the perfect state now. They wobbled a little as they were lifted to their feet, but they marched out perfectly; no-one gave the three couples a second glance as they left, nothing remained to indicate they were ever there, other than a small blob of semen on one of the seats, testament to Hannah’s erotic submission.

The girls were walked meekly to a large black car; once in they were hooded and as Scott drove, the other two took advantage of sampling the sweet bottoms of Simone and Babs; Hal lifting the hood of Simone up past her nose, and having her suckle his rigid cock, whilst he probed her soft little button with his middle finger. After about 15 minutes the car pulled into a driveway and paused as they drew into the cover of a garage. The girls were taken swiftly upstairs and stripped naked. As the girls sat mesmerised on the bed, the men looked at them triumphantly as they took each pretty girl in turn and studied them like items of livestock. Scott stroked the soft white cheeks of beautiful redheaded Hannah.

“We really have hit the jackpot this time boys! It’s such a shame to pass these on; I’d love to have this one as a pet, I’m going to have my monies worth with her tonight before she’s trussed, and then I may fuck her for luck after she’s tied. I bet she’d enjoy that!” The men laughed as they too discarded their clothes and each girl was taken to a room to be enjoyed and then processed for sale, led on by their muscular hairy captors; cocks up at 45 degrees in readiness to probe those sweet arseholes. Hannah’s little bell-end glistened with the come she’d spent earlier as her cock rose once more on being commanded to kneel and suck Scott’s aching cock. Her soft eyes looked up submissively from behind her red locks as she sucked wantonly on Scott’s bulbous bell-end; he wanted to whip her but could not mark her, it was all too much she was SO perfect; he grunted in ecstasy as his tingling excited balls pumped shot after shot of hot cream into the sissy’s mouth. Hannah gagged only slightly as she consumed his salty nectar with gusto; she could only feel pleasure now and was not aware of the reality.

Scott lay on the bed with Hannah whilst he cock readied itself for that pretty bottom; as he licked, kissed and stroked the beauty, his cock was soon up and rigid. He licked her sweet arsehole and thought of how pretty she would look when trussed. He smiled as he heard grunts of satisfaction emanating from the other rooms. He lifted Hannah up to her knees whilst she faced down; she whimpered submissively as he eased his cock into her tight little anus.

Hannah’s head hurt as she woke; she tried to get up but could only wriggle; she tried to cry out but was gagged. She looked in horror as she noticed her reflection in the mirror opposite. Hannah was bound by the ankles and thighs, her wrists behind her back. She tried to rub her cock submissively and instinctively on the sheets but felt something strange; she looked in the mirror, her cock was smartly imprisoned in a little plastic cage. Her arse hurt in a strange uncomfortable yet also pleasurable way; she was plugged! Her soft little anus gripped and squirmed on the bulb which was lodged inside her, she looked once more at the reflection; she was wearing nothing but a chiffon body stocking and those bonds. Her balls tingled with a mixture of fear and strange submissive delight; what was to become of her? The other two girls were brought in, writhing and moaning, and placed on the bed next to her. The men smiled as they looked at the delectable packages. They would be on their way soon.

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1 year ago
Please more. Must hear about fat Arabs or black cocks owning them
2 years ago
Oh yes kidnap me lol
2 years ago
Oh my goodness, What have these girls gotten themselves in to? What's next? I can't wait!