Training Sissygirl- part 2

Jim Grinned like the devil; he paid the cabbie and pulled Sissygirl toward the bar. As they went through she felt like a slave on parade; the mainly gay clientele were dissected by many transvestites and the odd pretty t-girl like her. Her cock rose and her bottom tingled as she felt eyes all over her; the feeling of being owned and controlled by someone else appealed to her erotic submissive nature and this exposure was certainly a thrill she had not expected.
Jim led her to a group of males who all introduced themselves as being ‘bi’; they all smiled wickedly at her and eyed her up and down. One of them looked at her partner.

“You were not k**ding Jim, she is lovely. Is she up for a bit of fun with us all?” Sissygirl blushed as several hands fondled her in the crowded corner of the bar. Jim smile broadly and looked at her.

“Oh she will be, we’ll soon have her in the mood. We’ll have a few here then we’ll go down to ‘The Annex’ and meet Frank; his place is free tonight and just around the corner.” Sissygirl gasped, as the males closed in around her as Jim passed her a large drink. They laughed as she spluttered a little at the alcoholic content of it. Jim smiled and gently caressed her crotch; feeling her excited erect cock, tight against her soft belly.

“You’re going to be a good gurl for me tonight, aren’t you? It’s high time we had a little fun, and the boys are all so pleased to see you.” She was now a little scared but her submissive nature took hold of her as she viewed the burly males about her; she felt so vulnerable yet willing, and the alcohol seemed to be working on her very rapidly. She said nothing and Jim took this as her acceptance. After several drinks there they left for The Annex which was just as crowded; Jim introduced Frank and he ogled her as keenly as all the others. They all sat in a corner and jostled for a position close to Sissygirl, where they rubbed her soft legs and squeezed her feminine arms, sniffed at her soft hair and whispered innuendos to her, making her face blush and her cock stiffen. Suddenly they all stood up, leering at her. Jim took her hand.

“Time to go have some fun at Frank’s private party.” Those behind her fondled her soft bottom as they walked her out of the bar. Frank only lived a block or so away and they were soon at the door to his apartment. As soon as they were in, Jim and the others immediately discarded their clothes. Sissygirl froze as she viewed the array of erect cocks. Jim looked at her with a wicked smile.

“Ok Sissygirl, let’s see that sweet ass of yours; off with your clothes too!”

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2 years ago
I like stories better than videos lol
2 years ago
sounds just like me
2 years ago
Oh you wicked man! I do love your writing you big tease ;)
2 years ago
Off with her clothes! reminds me of alice in wonderland. Great read! Keep it up