The Making of a Sissy - Part Eleven

Whilst Bella showered, Ellen and Sandy went down to the poolside to ready some ice and bottles for drinks later; there was Bella’s phone, Ellen tapped in the number to her own phone, and also took down someone else’s number. Ellen smiled wickedly.

“I have a very sweet idea, but I’ll need a week to arrange it; I have to put a proposal to that aunt of hers first. I’ll need your assistance at some point.” Sandy was willing to help out in any way, and the two chatted and giggled as they too went back upstairs to shower and prepare for the evening. Roberts worked swiftly to get the videos and pictures on to computer, whilst Carl ogled at the results on screen. Roberts also uploaded several select images to a covert site he was a member to. Within minutes there were rave comments about the beautiful sissy who was performing with the well- known and well received Ellen; Roberts was very smug, but knew he would have to afford Bella a great deal more respect now, especially as she had hit it off so well with the mature redhead; he could ill afford to lose her friendship in the business. Roberts printed off many pictures and handed them to Carl to slide into an album, whilst he burned a few videos to disc. They too then prepared for a relaxing evening with the girls.

As darkness fell the night air retained its sticky humidity and the party sat down, comfortably attired and all members very relaxed and happy with the day’s events. Bella sat between Ellen and sandy who both petted her admiringly as they sipped at the alcohol. Bella had never felt so relaxed or fulfilled in all her life and her eyes glistened softly as they wandered around the illuminated pool and grounds; the soft scent of the other girls and the warm chatter of the two males adding to the atmosphere and her contentment. Ellen gave her a soft cuddle.

“Tell me about your Adam; what is he doing at the moment?” Bella blushed a little despite her relaxed mood.

“Oh he’s working his way through the later stages of college at the moment; he’s not too sure what he wants to do permanently but he does a lot of bar work at the moment. He’s always saying how he’d like to mix a few cocktails for me.” She sighed wistfully.

“I’d love to take him up on that, but I can never be out without my s****rs, and Aunt Jane won’t here of us hanging out in bars.” Ellen took a long sip of her drink as she listened, then smiled at Bella.

“You never know, things can change rapidly; you’re a very pretty girl and your aunt can’t hold onto you forever.” Ellen and Sandy smiled at each other as though maybe they just knew something the sissy didn’t, but Bella soon forgot about it as her phone buzzed. She exchanged a few sweet nothings to her sweetheart and the others were touched at the soft sincere way she gripped the arm of her chair and spoke to the young man as though he were the last person on earth. As she blushingly whispered ‘I love you’ down the phone, Sandy asked if she could speak to Adam too; Bella was only too happy to oblige the friend who had given her the freedom of that phone. Sandy spoke to Adam about a website, and whispered to Roberts who gave her a password which she passed on to Adam. Sandy giggled as she ended the call and passed the phone back to the sissy.

“Oh Adam is going to be so excited when he sees his little sissy next time; you won’t stand a chance!”

The friends drank long into the warm night, at one point watching various recordings of the earlier work on a huge screen by the pool; Bella gasped as she saw herself, perhaps realising for the first time just how beautiful she was. The more they saw, the more pleased both Roberts and Ellen were with Bella. In the early hours, after many conversations and many more drinks, they all went to bed; Bella cuddling up to her soft pillow, thinking of her experience earlier, and yearning for Adam.

Adam finished his bar job, went home and hurriedly entered his room, fire dup his computer and entered Sandy’s directions. A broad smile erupted across his face as he saw Bella with the delicious redhead; the swell of his cock as instantaneous as his grin, which now turned to gasp of sheer wonder and excitement at the beauty of the sissy he cherished; he picked up the phone.
Bella was lying face down in her soft warm haven, her sissy cock rigid as she thought of the bonds of earlier, and her Adam. As if by magic, the buzz of the phone brought her back to reality, and she picked it from the table. A warm deep voice made her little cock stiffen all the more.

“I’m just looking at some pictures of you; I so want to be with you now. You look so vulnerable; I just wish I could have been there to comfort you afterwards; were you scared?” The sissy giggled softly as she rubbed herself at his welcome voice.

“Only a little, I was thinking of you all the time and that helped me relax and enjoy what was happening to me; please don’t be ashamed of me; that’s what scares me most.” Adam stroked his erect cock as his listened to his sweet sissy and looked at the beautifully erotic pictures.

“Oh! You gorgeous thing! I’m just jealous that I wasn’t there; I’m going to come in your honour right now, to make up for it; I want you so much.” Bella listened intently as Adam softly moaned with pleasure; she would help him.

“Are there any pictures of the dildo there?” Adam moaned louder as he neared orgasm, and clicked further into the series of pictures.

“Ahh! Yes, if only I’d been there, I need your sweet little pussy so much.” Bella completed her sweet tease with what was the honest truth.

“I imagined it was you, my Adam, inside me for the first time; I came so sweetly Adam, I will save myself just for you!” Bella closed her eyes and sighed as she heard Adam virtually roar down the phone as he experienced the most luxurious orgasm he’d had since Bella obliged him in the sea.

“Bellaaaa!!! I want you so much.” His cock spurted generous loops of cream as he viewed his sweet sissy’s pussy being violated by a woman whose face he did not see; Roberts had been careful to give out coordinates for a freebie section of the site which did not show Ellen’s identity. Adam was not concerned with this, he had eyes for his sissy only, and he spent gratefully again and again. The two whispered their sweet nothings and Bella cuddled her pillows and slept soundly after the call; she had pleased her love, which gave her more pleasure than anything. She could not know that the next weekend was to be even more exciting than this one.

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2 years ago
Oh how lovely. Though I want to know what her buddies are planning?
2 years ago
Oooh I cant wait to see what Ellen and Sandy are cooking up! Great job!