The Making of a Sissy - Part Ten

Bella quickly gulped down her vodka and cherry, her bottom tingling with anticipation as her new mature friend gave her a commanding look; she had so enjoyed being submissive for her at the end of a leash, and now she knew she would be bound tightly on a soft inviting bed, and made completely helpless. Her cock stiffened sweetly at the thought; perhaps she would taste the cane again, she would love that. Ellen took Bella’s little hand and squeezed it tightly; though she had only just met this supreme example of a shemale, she knew instinctively she could trust her completely. The redhead smiled knowingly at Bella; her cock was in a similar state of excitement, she could not wait to see her new charge trussed and helpless, and hear her whimper sweetly when she was finally milked. She squeezed her soft little bottom as they reached the top of the stairs.

“You and I are going to have a few drinks together when we’re done; I’m really warming to you and I want to see you with that starry look in your eyes more often.” Sandy smiled at Ellen then gave the sissy a wet kiss on the side of her face and giggled as Roberts beckoned them into a huge bedroom at the end of the hall. She and Carl settled into a dark corner on a huge leather sofa out of the glare of Roberts lighting, where they could watch and be intimate, unseen. The two as aroused as the performers as they watched the pair strip and the sweet sissy led like a lamb to the waiting bed by the elegant buxom redhead. As they faced each-other by the bed, the little sissy was already fully erect with sheer excitement; her eyes glazed with wonder as the mature beauty pulled her close, for a soft kiss before ordering her onto the bed.

Now Ellen’s cock rose as she had the sissy kneel on the bed; her soft white skin contrasting with the black silk cover. Ellen softly caressed the cleft of Bella’s buttocks with her finger; the reaction of the contact with her anus making Bella’s cock bob sweetly; the sissy looking up at her firm controlling mistress with wide eyes. Ellen licked her finger before choosing a silky cord and tying Bella’s hands behind her back. She then stood and had Bella lick her cock for the first time; as Bella willing sucked on Ellen’s cock from the edge of the bed, the mature redhead smiled as she reached down to meet the sissy’s own yearning erection; the tips of her fingers revealing Bell’s glistening little bell-end, slick with sweet lubrication from pre-cum already. Sensing the sissy’s urgent excitement, Ellen withdrew her cock and had the sissy lay face down on the bed; now she bound Bella at the knees and ankles. Bella was in ecstasy and rubbed her stiff little cock against the silk; enjoying thoroughly the full eroticism of her submissiveness, oh how she wanted to be punished and abused now. Roberts looked from behind suitable screening, not wishing to distract either t-girl as he worked the various cameras; his cock ached for relief too, and the next episode would mean he could not deny his urge to indulge himself.

Ellen sat on the soft black silk; her elegant feminine limbs with pale skin and freckles also contrasting sweetly. She rubbed the soft white bottom of the bound sissy, which arched up gratefully to meet the probing fingers of the mature shemale who could do as she pleased with her. Bella was already very close to coming and dreamed of being whipped or caned severely; her little cock wanted to stroke the silken sheets, and the redheaded mistress took great pleasure in teasing the sissy, making her arch her bottom all the more, which brought her stiff little cock away from the ecstatic comfort of the sheets. Ellen laughed audibly as she sensed the sweet enjoyment Bella got from the tease; she was so submissive. She poked a finger deep into her tight virginal anus.

“Well sissy, I think it’s time you had something more than a finger in there; I’m going to have you submit completely to me.” Bella’s stomach fluttered and her little cock pulsed with excitement; what was to happen to her, was she to be fucked at last? She squirmed uncontrollably against the tight bonds, feeling them bite into her wrists, knees and ankles as she flexed her feeble muscles in an attempt to incur a little pain. Bella had not known such erotic pleasure and was close to coming when Ellen put her arm under her sweet little belly, lifting her bottom to ensure she was not allowed to come. Not just yet. Bella writhed and whimpered expectantly as Ellen produced a wicked but slender dildo; she wanted the sissy to know pleasure in captivity, but would not use anything on her which would spoil the pleasure of her first cock. Ellen put on a triumphant look for the cameras as she continued the tease, showing the phallus to Bella and pressing it to her lips.

“Now sissy, you give this a good sucking so it’s nice and lubricated; we both know where it’s going next, don’t we?” Bella sucked and sucked on the dildo like a baby with a comforter she stared wildly at the dominant redhead; oh how she wanted to be violated. When Ellen was good and ready, she withdrew the warmed and lubricated dildo and lifted the sissy up on her knees, face in the silk, making sure her sweet little anus was pointing toward at least one of the video cameras. Bella gasped as the redhead licked her tangy little bottom, probing deep with her tongue, enjoying the sweet taste of the submissive sissy. Then she eased the dildo into her tight little bottom for the first time. Bella squealed with a mixture of pleasure, discomfort and sheer erotic excitement as Ellen smiled wickedly and eased four or five inches into the sissy’s virginal bottom.

Behind the screen, Roberts shot wad after wad of hot cream from his rigid cock; he could not resist any longer. Distant murmurings were also heard from the direction of the sofa, as Carl’s genuine phallus entertained Sandy.
Bella’s little cock throbbed as the bonds held her tightly and the dildo was slipped teasingly in and out her bottom. Ellen was ready to deliver her sissy now.

“You’ll come for me now sissy; I want to see a good show on that black silk.” With that she smiled sweetly and clasped Bella’s little sissy cock with her free hand, and then stroked it mercilessly, making sure to tease the little bell-end with her thumb. Bella bathed in a sea of submissive ecstasy as the redhead sneered and teased, probed her sweet anus and manipulated her captured cock. Bella moaned long and hard as she tensed to enjoy her bondage and the complete control she was under, as the pleasure of a luscious orgasm washed through her. Ellen watched with satisfaction as the sissy’s little balls tensed tightly and her delirious moan of utter surrender was greeted with generous jets of hot milky cream which Bella spent gratefully on the black silk. Still bound and helpless, Bella was then to perform her duty in relieving Ellen who know knelt before her and lifted the sissy’s head. Bella sucked lovingly on the redhead’s aching cock, and as Ellen too, reached that sweet Shangri-La, Bella willingly swallowed her mistress’s gift with gusto.

Roberts was more than pleased with the nights work and Ellen cuddled Bella with some affection as did Sandy. Ellen was now more determined than ever to ensure Bella received an even greater reward…

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2 years ago
good length and detail
2 years ago
Wow amazing, I'm so sorry I haven't been around to read these xxx
2 years ago
Fantastic once again! I can't wait to see what happens next!
2 years ago
You've been busy! I had to read a few to catch up, not that I'm complaining, great story xxx