The Making of a Sissy - Part Nine

As they sat sipping drinks and discussing what shots would be done indoors or out; Bella’s little cock bulged in her sari as the mature redhead licked her lips as she discussed the ways in which Bella should be trussed, collared and leashed, amongst other things. Sandy stood up suddenly and ran across the patio when she saw a tall figure emerge from the house into the sunlight; this was her Carl. Bella looked on enviously as the two squeezed and kissed at length. She could only dream of being that way with Adam, and so yearned for such a moment with him. Sandy tugged Carl over to the others; he waved acknowledgement at Roberts and Ellen whom he’d met many times before, and then looked down at Bella. He whistled as he stared at her admiringly.

“Phew! Sandy wasn’t k**ding when she said you were beautiful – you are stunning!” He pulled up a chair and sat cheekily close to the sissy, making her blush pink; Ellen and Roberts laughed as Sandy dragged him off the chair.

“I think someone needs a little something to quell his excitement!” With that she whisked her sari off and stood naked, wagged a ‘follow me’ gesture with her finger and disappeared inside, Carl needed no further coaxing and followed her. Ellen smiled and looked at Bella’s soft little face which was full of wonder and excitement at Sandy’s freedom and the confidence that went with it.

“I’d love it for things to be that way with you too; I know we’ve only just met, but I think we are going to be very good friends. I am going to see if I can assist with a little more freedom for you.”

As noon passed, sandy and Carl re-emerged to join the others in the shade for the first alcoholic drinks of the day, Roberts set up a screen and backdrop on the lawn close to the pool and fidgeted impatiently as Ellen stoked Bella’s hair while she sipped a Vodka with cherryade; the bright red staining her lips, making them all the more feminine and desirable. When she’d finished, Ellen smiled warmly at her, took her hand and led her meekly to the screen. Both stripped naked and Ellen had Bella kneel down on the silky platform. She put her hand under Bella’s chin and had her look up at her; the sissy’s natural submissiveness seemed to flow as she looked up at the imposing and somewhat dominant redhead. Roberts snapped away and had two videos rolling constantly; his cock ached for relief; even without props, the contrasting beauty of the two shemales was magnificent. Bella was truly enjoying this new experience and was willing to do anything for the mature redhead whose natural command ensured she was in complete charge of her. As Ellen gave her a sneering look for the benefit of the cameras, and produced a collar and leash, Bella’s sissy cock rose with excitement. The redhead’s cock did likewise and poked close to the sissy’s nose as the mature woman gently fastened the collar around Bella’s sweet little neck. She looked up at the masterful woman with soft submissive eyes as the leash was applied and pulled tight. Bella’s bottom tingled with excitement as she was pulled this way and that as the photogenic shemale struck various poses for the camera. The redhead’s erection was now full, as she too relished the experience of being with such a pretty sissy. She whispered softly to Bella.

“I want you to think of your Adam now, but try not to keep your eyes closed all the time.” Ellen drew the kneeling sissy forward on the leash and poked her erect cock at the cherry-red lips; Bella’s little cock stiffened and bobbed with sheer excitement as she looked softly up at the sneering redhead and softly enveloped her bulbous bell-end with her soft little mouth. It took all Ellen’s willpower to avoid coming in the sissy’s mouth whilst Robert’s snapped away. Sandy sat naked on Carl’s lap; impaled smartly on his erection, Carl returning the favour by sweetly stoking Sandy’s cock as she squirmed and whimpered whilst watching the show. After about half an hour, wherein various props were used, they broke for drinks once more. Ellen was so pleased with her understudy, and so was Roberts. Ellen cuddled Bella warmly.

“Well done! You are such a natural! I can’t wait to do the bedroom scenes later; we are going to tease you until we are good and ready, then you shall have some relief.” She squeezed Bella’s soft little bottom then continued.

“And I am looking forward to some relief too.” Bella was thoroughly enjoying her work and loved the idea of seeing her again after the weekend; she hoped they could remain friends somehow. Sandy and Carl quickly made themselves decent as the group settled down for drinks. Bella’s phone buzzed and she grabbed the phone, wandering across the lawn and giggling girlishly as she spoke with the one person she really desired. Ellen smiled and looked to Sandy.

“I want to have that young man’s number; I’m also going to pay her Aunt Jane a visit too.” She glanced over at Roberts who was busy taking props and cameras inside.

“We need to keep our eyes on the wolves that are homing in on her too.” Carl laughed;

“You two keep your eyes on him and I’ll look after Bella.” His remark was greeted by a generous helping of iced water down the back of his neck, courtesy of Sandy. Bella strolled back kissing the phone; her starry-eyed look having returned. Ellen looked at her warmly.

“Let’s go and do the bedroom scenes while you are in the perfect mood; you keep someone close in mind, and you won’t disappoint Mr Roberts when we perform.” The party moved indoors and up the stairs…

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2 years ago
this is getting so good looking forwadr to thenext chapterthanks
2 years ago
Can't wait for the next!!!
2 years ago
Finished at the vital moment again - you're a big tease! Loving it though