The Making of a Sissy - Part Eight

The girls sat cross legged sipping orange juice as the day warmed up around them. Roberts’ house had extensive lush lawns beyond the pool which shimmered in the hot sun; the pool looked very inviting to Bella and Roberts looked at the pretty sissy, his mouth watering as his cock pulsed.

“Just go in whenever you want; it’s nice to see you free from your usual routine, I know how strict your Aunt Jane is with you; swim naked if you wish, no need for a bikini here. Sandy and the others never bother with swimsuits when they’re here.” Bella was a little shy at first, but Roberts had seen her virtually naked anyhow, and he was a photographer after all. Sandy cancelled out any inhibitions she might have had, by taking the initiative and stripping her sari off to reveal her naturally feminine body. Roberts smiled as her cute bottom wiggled to the edge of the pool; he snapped away with one of his many cameras as the slender form dived into the blue pool. Bella giggled and blushed sweetly as she too, stood and un-wrapped her sari. Roberts gulped involuntarily and his cock stiffened immediately as he witnessed the sweet perfection of Bella’s naked form for the first time. He almost forgot to take pictures as the soft white body of the completely feminine sissy padded graciously to the edge of the pool.

Roberts wanted her to remain there forever as he snapped away at the deliciously curvaceous and slender body. Her soft short and downy brown hair contrasting sweetly with her pretty pale complexion and red lips, her slender shoulders and well-formed round breasts; nipples sweetly erect, betraying her excitement. Her perfectly girly arms leading down to that soft bottom which still had a few rosy marks; Roberts’ cock pulsed as this reminded him of the caning, his eye wandered down to her beautifully shaped thighs and to the front, her dear little sissy cock, which had spent so sweetly under the cane he’d brandished. The nymph-like Bella completed the vision by tip-toeing as she prepared to dive; the beauty of her feminine legs and sweet bottom accentuated by the posture. Roberts gasped as he snapped away; his cock now rigid. God! How he wanted to fuck that sissy!

The girls were splashing and frolicking in the pool; Roberts taking the odd snap and video as they relaxed, when he suddenly turned to greet a stunning redheaded woman of about 45 who had just walked in. The two girls smiled and said hello to the tight skirted mature beauty, who kissed Roberts fondly on the cheek. The woman was a picture of elegance in her tall stilettos. She looked down at the girls.

“I can’t wait to get in; I love this pool!” Robert’s smiled knowingly at the two girls; Sandy winked back at him. As the beauty undressed she faced away from the pool; Bella looked enviously at the mature woman’s buxom form, she was certainly in her prime; her long elegant legs flicked her skirt to one side, and her beautiful red hair waved and shimmered halfway down her back, which was pure white with the exception of pretty freckles around her shoulders. Bella gasped as she turned; the woman smiled broadly as she revealed that between her luxuriant thighs a cute hairless cock confirmed she was transgender. Roberts smiled as he saw the little sissy’s reaction, and thought of how sweet some of the photo shoots would be with the two beauties together.

“Girls, I’d like you to meet Ellen; she’s going to help with the shoots later, you should look good together.” Bella clung to the side of the pool staring fixedly at the beautiful mature t-girl who swam toward her; she was everything Bella aspired to be, but to Ellen, Bella was everything she wished she still was – petit, youthful and irresistibly attractive; Bella had been led such a tortured and sheltered life, she was still unaware how beautiful she really was, her wicked guardians constantly reminding her of being a ‘freak’. She felt very warm inside with her new friend, and this woman was a revelation. Bella was glad to be in the water as she now had a full erection; she had noticed the handcuffs etc. which played on her mind and excited her, and now this mature woman was to partner her, she was very excited. Ellen brushed up against the two, exchanged a kiss with Sandy, whom she already knew, and then turned to Bella who was starry-eyed. Ellen gently squeezed the pretty sissy and giggled softly as their torsos touched; butterflies flooded Bella’s stomach as she felt the redhead’s cock against her; as erect and excited as hers.

“You are a pretty little thing! I shall enjoy tying and dominating you later, even if it is only role-play; why, you’re that sweet I could eat you!” Bella blushed a little; her words as to what was to happen later did not help quell her erection; her little cock throbbed rigidly and Ellen softly stoked Bella’s little scrotum, making her yearn to come. Ellen gave her a soft kiss on the lips as she continued to fondle the sissy’s balls.

“I can’t wait to see you in ecstasy later; you’ll look amazing in the photos I’m sure; you mustn’t worry about a thing, we’re all going to have some great fun this evening.” She smiled and gave Bella’s stiff little cock a squeeze, then guided Bella’s free hand to her cock.

“There sweetie; that’s to remind you that you’re in good company.” She smiled warmly as Bella blushed pink as her little hand clasped a healthy sized cock, which pulsed as Ellen tensed her middle at the pleasurable feeling exuded by the delicate hand.

“You are so special! I’ll bet there are lots of boys on your tail; do you have anyone to call your own?” Bella was a little mesmerised by the whole thing but managed to reply.

“There’s one I’d like to be, and he wants me too, but this is the first time I’ve been allowed anywhere without my s****rs or my aunt watching over me; I’m so grateful for having Sandy as a friend, I didn’t even have my own phone till she gave me one; now I can speak to Adam whenever I want. I just wish I could see him.” Ellen was amazed as Bella went on to pour her heart out about her strict upbringing, which contrasted sharply with the circumstances by which she had met Sandy. She told of her history with Adam from the Mall, to her meeting in the sea yesterday. Ellen was particularly touched by the young man’s restraint when he could have penetrated the delectable sissy as the opportunity was there; she was charmed by his wanting things to be right. Ellen resolved to assist Bella in any way she could; her aunt could not rule her forever, and she was of adult age now.

“Let’s go and have a drink now; Mr Roberts will be anxious to start taking some posed pictures soon, and I can’t wait to see you pose.” Ellen watched the pretty bottom ascend to pool steps, followed her, and took great delight in padding the sissy dry with a fluffy towel; both Bella and Ellen had semi-erections as the two contrasting beauties felt the warmth of each-others excitement, which was much to the delight of Roberts as he snapped away; his own cock rigid as he viewed the pair…

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2 years ago
Superb yet again! Great job!
2 years ago
wow so hot hope you write chapter soon
2 years ago
Oh my|! Fabulous, what's next?