The Making of a Sissy - Part Six

Roberts took full advantage of his few minutes alone with Bella, as Aunt Jane attended to the caller at the door; he wiped her soft lips clean of his sticky semen and sat her tenderly on his lap, careful to let her sore little cheeks hang over; he caressed the soft white flesh and softly kissed her forehead.

“I’m sorry I had to punish you; I’d love to make it up to you, how would you like to come and stay at my place for a few days? I promise I won’t do any more than take a few pictures of you; there are other girls like you there, and we have a nice swimming pool and plenty of booze, I’ve seen how you like that.”
Bella was in a quandary; she would love to get away from Jane and the girls for a while, but was sensible enough to be wary of a male whom she knew instinctively would have trouble controlling his urges if he had her to himself; after all, he had already caned and abused her. Her sissy cock stiffened a little at the idea of being at the complete mercy and violated by a large masculine a****l, but her soft side reminded her that she yearned to give herself to Adam. She might agree to go with Mr Roberts if she could just trust him a little, but how would he gain the permission of her strict Aunt? Her mind was made up for her when Jane came into the room with the person who had rung the bell. Roberts smiled at the visitor and looked back at Bella.

“This is Sandy; I believe you’ve met, she’s one of the girls I was telling you about. She’s staying at my place at the moment.” Bella needed to use all her restraint to not make it obvious she was delighted to see a girl who, as far as Jane and Roberts were concerned, had simply poured her a few drinks. She bit her lip as she said ‘hello’ as indifferently as she could manage. Roberts continued.

“Sandy asked if she could go to the beach with you and the girls when I mentioned I’d be here today and Jane had told me of her day’s plans; why don’t you ask Sandy about the pool and everything, like I told you, I’m sure Jane won’t mind if she knows girls like Sandy will be around to look after you.” Roberts then put Bella down and looked at Jane with a c***dish smile; there was something he wanted to ask her. As he engaged Jane with his proposition, Bella beamed at Sandy, who whispered at her.

“I couldn’t believe my luck when I heard Mr Roberts was coming here; I’ve had to make all sorts of promises to get here as well, but I think he wants to add you to his photo portfolio, and who wouldn’t. I know Madame Jane, and she’s bound to ask me to look after you and make sure he doesn’t let his cock take over; I can’t believe how it’s working out.” Jane frowned a little but Roberts persisted and pointed to Sandy; as if by clockwork Jane Ok’d Bella to go with Roberts for the weekend and made Sandy swear to ensure that Bella was chaperoned everywhere, even at the photo shoots. Bella put on her most timid face when she was told she’d go, and be on her best behaviour, and was told to go upstairs and change for the beach. Sandy would stay the night and take her to Mr Roberts’ house tomorrow. Sandy took Bella’s hand and almost dragged the sissy up the stairs.

Though Bella loved to go to the beach, everything had its price; her bikini was necessarily a little uncomfortable, as the gusset was specially made, very tight in order to conceal her bulge as best as possible. The Bikini bottom had a little frilly skirt affair which completed the cover from the front, but displayed her feminine bottom nicely from behind. It also seemed to accentuate her coke-bottle shape; passing boys and men oblivious to Bella’s reality, smiling and ogling at her sweet shapely body. Bella would not mind her usual slaving for the girls on this occasion; being sent for drinks and ice-creams etc. as Sandy was with her. She wore fashionably baggy shorts and bikini top, which served the purpose perfectly; the two t-girls attracting as much attention from males as the three s****rs. Tara and the girls deftly flashed their sweet camel-toes at the required moments, in an attempt to receive more attention than the two sweetly effeminate friends.

As Bella and Sandy walked back across the burning hot sand from the beach café with a tray of drinks in hand, having had the first order from the girls, they noted a crowd of young men around the s****rs. Bella froze; Tara was face to face with…Adam! She seemed to be delighting in telling him something, nestling up to the well -developed young man. Bella bit her lip and nearly dropped the tray; Sandy took it from her, guessing who the young man was.

“That’s Adam I take it? He’s very nice, not unlike my Carl.” Though Sandy tried to make Bella feel at ease, she was aware from their phone conversation of just how nasty Tara could be. Even at that distance, they could perceive a bemused look on Adam’s face as Tara gossiped with a smiling face; Bella could guess what he was being told. Sandy squeezed Bella’s arm as the sissy’s eyes welled up.

“I’m sure it will all be ok, don’t look so sad.”
Bella was distraught and ran down the sand past the crowd, she ran down the beach toward the rocky area and then waded into the frothy surf; she pushed on till she was shoulder deep in the water, the gentle waves lapping at her hair as she turned to face the beach. She could see Sandy walking with Adam; both obviously looking for her; she cried openly and was scared of what he might say. She waded round to an area beyond some rocks where she could not be seen; luckily the sea was very calm that day. She heard splashing behind her and tried to wade further, but the rocks barred her way. Distraught, she turned and saw arms flailing as someone swam ever closer to her; it was Adam. She turned and pressed herself against the smooth rocks, trembling as the sea lapped at her soft white neck and shoulders; she wanted the sea to engulf her as a hand softly touched her shoulder.

“Bella, please talk to me, I miss you so much!” Bella turned and looked into the deep blue eyes of the man she most desired. He pulled her closer, as he studied the red puffy eyes which wept even as he held her.

“I don’t care Bella; Sandy has told me everything, I know how it’s been for you…I want you so much.” Adam would have no more of it, and pulled Bella closer still, embracing her soft body, wiping her tears away and putting his hand behind her head. Bella closed her eyes as their lips met softly, Adam holding her tightly as they swayed gently in the warm shallow water. Bella’s head spun as she gorged on the succulent kiss, and felt Adam’s cock erect and stiffen against her soft belly. Overjoyed by her realisation that he still wanted her she peeled her tight bikini bottom off, allowing it to drift down to her ankles; Adam could now feel her sweet little cock, stiff and eager against him, he kissed her forehead softly as he too let his trunks drift down. The two shimmered together in the warm water as their cocks pressed excitedly against each-others nakedness; Adam squeezed Bella’s sweet sissy bottom tightly, gently fingering her soft boy-pussy. They kissed lovingly and grasped each-others willing cocks in a sweet homage to their legacy at the mall. Bella looked Adam softly in the eye and thought of turning to face the rock; Adam sensed what she thought and held her firm.

“I want to as much as you sweet Bella, but I want it to happen somewhere that’s right; I want to hold you close and caress you for hours after.” They kissed again and continued to stroke each other, Bella sighed in exquisite ecstasy as Adam milked her sissy cock to orgasm, and Adam grew in stature as he gripped her soft body with his free hand as he too spent in a rapture of sweet pleasure; their warm seed mingling in the blue ocean.

Bella’s tears were now of sheer joy, and Adam smiled sweetly as her, licking them away as he helped her replace her bikini. Having pulled back his trunks, he moved back a little and saw Sandy waiting patiently about 50 yards off; she was hiding her face and not looking their way, so as not to disturb them. Adam yelled for her to come over; Bella grasped his hand.

“I’m going to be in so much trouble for moving out of Tara’s sight, but I so want to be with you forever.” Adam smiled as he squeezed her tight once more as Sandy approached smiling at the two together. Adam kissed Bella as a wave washed over them.

“I intend talking to you as often as I can; Sandy has another phone number for you. I must go now; I’ll go further round the rocks to the escape steps up the cliff; you carry on crying, we want someone to think you’ve had a really bad time with me!” And with that he slipped from her grasp and Sandy cuddled Bella, and they made their way back as Adam swam further round. As the two reached the edge of the rocks they heard a whistle, and saw Adam waving from up on the cliff; they waved back and he blew a kiss then disappeared over the headland.

When they got back, some of the boys were still there, and crowded round Bella taking the opportunity to touch her in comforting gestures, as tears flowed and she managed to look distressed. Tara moved through the pack anxiously and looked first at Bella, sneered a little, then looked to Sandy.

“Well? How were things?” Sandy frowned as Bella whimpered and cried openly in the background.

“What do you think? Look at her, and do you see Adam?” Sandy had no need to even make any suggestion; Tara was a spoilt arrogant bitch, and she smiled triumphantly as she put two and two together, coming up with the five that the two friends intended.

“Maybe I won’t tell mom how bad you were today; I can see some things are beyond you, I hope you’ve learned your lesson. I expect I’ll be hearing from Adam myself soon anyway.” With that she smiled and went back to the beach towel and lay in the sun. Sandy cuddled Bella as if to comfort her and the two strolled down the beach, followed by a throng of young men who watched the two sweet rears with interest. The two friends giggled when out of sight and discussed having a drink by Roberts’ pool tomorrow. Bella looked forward to that, but not half as much as she looked forward to feeling that phone vibrate to an incoming call…

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2 years ago
Just read through all the parts of theis magnificent series! So good! You are a fantastic writer! Can't wait for the next!
2 years ago
Fabulous again.
I can't wait for Mr Roberts' house, though I might like to know about Bella and Sandy's night together first :)