The Making of A Sissy-Part Five

Bella washed away her tears and the various aromas of the night in her en-suite shower cubicle, shampooing her soft brown hair free of the semen deposited by the males and the womanly essence of Tara. After drying her soft downy body she retreated to her silky bed, shuddered and cried a little more as she remembered what she had been subjected too. Tara was mean, but was also right; what would Adam think of her? She toyed with the phone and the instructions given by Sandy, luckily, the other girls were always losing their phone charge leads so Jane had bought several ‘universal’ adaptors with multi connectors – one had been thrown at Bella by Victoria a while back, and remained in her room. Bella’s heart glowed a little as did the tiny phone screen as she plugged it in and secreted it under the sheets. Sandy’s note mentioned; ‘plenty of credit at the moment; let me know if you need more and I’ll top it up. Please call me as soon as you are able, regardless of what time; I so want to know all about you!’ The first number on the list was Sandy’s; Bella nervously pressed ‘call’.

Sandy was overjoyed to her from her new friend and Bella had a lump in her throat most of the time as she relayed her story; her little cock stiffened and she rubbed it on the silky sheets as she told Sandy about Adam, and Sandy told her of sweet episodes she’d had with boys and men. Bella was close to coming when Sandy said she would try to make contact with Adam and find out his phone number; she was determined to get them together somehow. Sandy was even more determined to help Bella gain a little more freedom somehow. After about an hour they blew each other kisses and said goodbye. Bella hid the phone away and pulled the soft silky pillow into her sweet face; kissing it and dreaming of being in Adam’s arms as she drifted off to sl**p.

The next day, Bella was ordered into the girl’s bedroom and Jane came in looking very pleased with herself.

“You’ll need a nice high frilly pink dress and pure white panties this morning; we want your sissy bottom to look the part for our guest, when you bend over to accept his caning. If you take it well and please Mr Roberts, I may let you go to the beach with the girls later.” Bella did not protest as the giggling girls helped her into a fluffy pink satin dress, ideal for sissies. The white silk panties were pulled up and over Bella’s little cock and balls, and then white cotton ankle socks were added; pink sandals completing the picture of a pretty girl who was to be punished. Bella’s cock stiffened as she was made to look in the mirror as usual; she was a slave to her submissiveness, and though she did not relish being caned, this would be by a man, and in front of her smiling step-s****rs too. She thought of the promise of going to the beach and hoped the man would not leave any stripes on her legs; these would show beneath her bikini.

Dressed for punishment, Bella was led downstairs to the lounge, where she was made to sit on a hard chair in the corner; a vicious looking rattan cane lay on the table, for all to view. Bella’s anus tingled and her stomach filled with butterflies as she thought of the pain which would be delivered by the man. The other girls sat comfortably in softer chairs, leering at Bella with satisfaction as the sissy sat squirming; the cane before her. They looked at their watches impatiently. The doorbell rang and Bella gave a little involuntary gasp, much to the delight of Jane and the girls. Bella’s little cock stiffened at the sound too; she was curiously excited about being punished. Mr Roberts entered the room and Bella shivered all over; he was not wearing a suit as last night, but wore a black shirt with black lose fitting slacks and black leather knee length boots. He looked like an executioner.

The girls smirked as they studied the bulge in his slacks which increased visibly as he spied the pink sissy who was to be caned. Jane was also dressed in black satin; she smiled contentedly as she gave her command to the soft submissive little sissy who awaited her punishment, Bella’s panties now sticky at the front, as her sissy cock dribbled in fear and anticipation.

“Hand the cane to Mr Roberts and apologise for making him come again; I think we all know you have deserved your punishment, I hope you are ready to suffer.” Bella moved daintily to the table and felt the weight and flexibility of the cane; how it would hurt her. She trembled a little as she stood before the large and muscular Mr Roberts; making his cock pulse as he witnessed her fear, he took the cane from the small white hands and soft hairless arms that held it, and smiled wickedly as he awaited the apology.

“I...I...I’m sorry for being so rude…please cane me.” Poor Bella blurted out her apology and the girls sneered delightedly. Jane took Bella, who now cried openly, and had her lean over a low backed leather couch; Mr Robert’s cock stiffened markedly as the pink frilly dress was lifted to reveal that perfect feminine bottom he had seen last night. The silky white panties were taken down and left around one ankle; a prominent sticky wet patch was very apparent to them all, the sissy was looking forward to her punishment, they all assumed. Roberts wished he could stroke his cock at the sight; Bella was made to tip-toe with her legs slightly apart, her little hairless sack swung sweetly, buoyed by her stiff little sissy cock. Bella faced a huge full length mirror; if she were brave enough to keep her eyes open she could witness each stinging delivery. She flinched and whimpered as Roberts put his hand across the soft white cheeks, deftly slipping a finger into the tight little anus, which clenched sweetly around the tip. Bella’s balls tingled and her little cock throbbed as her exposed bell end felt the draught of movement; she could not understand he emotions, she wanted to be caned. Roberts took his hand away and sniffed his finger; his cock was ready to burst as he relished the tangy aroma of the scared little sissy, before licking the tart tang from the tip. Now he would cane her.

“I think six strokes will suffice Madame Jane?” Bella looked at the reflection of the woman in the mirror with pleading eyes, and saw her grin wickedly.

“Make it seven Mr Roberts; I want her to learn to respect her betters.” Bella braced herself as best she could, teetering on tip-toe; Roberts’ cock was now vertical up under his belt as he viewed the soft white bottom. Bella watched in the mirror as he raised the wicked cane for the first time. Down it came viciously, cutting smartly across both soft cheeks; Bella howled in pain as the rod bit home, the girls and Jane marvelled at the way a sharp red line blushed from pink to red, marking the sissy’s bottom sweetly. She cried like a baby as Roberts brought the cane down again and again; the girls giggling openly at her distress; Tara’s pussy bulged with pleasure, she was thoroughly enjoying Bella’s misery.

Roberts was ready to explode in his confinement as he viewed the bawling sissy, and the wicked lines across that sweet bottom as he prepared for the seventh stroke. Bella was in agony and yet somehow in ecstasy too; she managed to look at the reflection, saw the pleasure on the faces of her tormentors, felt the pain wracking her bottom- and desperately wanted to come. Her cock dribbled sweetly as Robert’s readied her for the last stroke by placing the cane under her cheeks, ensuring her pert little bottom stood up and out. She watched as he raised the cane for the last time, then brought it whooshing down; the sound now sweet to Bella’s submissive ears. As the cane cut home, Bella moaned and cried in a sweet mixture of emotion, her little cock spurted gloriously as she came for the cane.

Bella collapsed over the couch, weeping pitifully; Roberts looked at Jane with a knowing look and she dismissed the girls from the room. Tar and the other two left begrudgingly, but smiled down at the whinging sissy as they left. Bella was pulled round and made to kneel before Roberts; the tears flowed down her sweet cheeks as the burly man wrestle with his zip. Bella was now confronted with a huge erect cock. Jane took the cane and made for the door to ensure the girls were not looking.

“You thank Mr Roberts properly now; I can see you enjoyed your punishment, when you’ve thanked him you may go to the beach.” Roberts grunted as Bella took his hot sticky cock into her mouth; he held her hair tightly and rocked her back and forth urgently on his rigid member, the bulbous head of his bell-end made her gag a little as it touched her throat. Just as he moaned and began his hot salty delivery, the doorbell rang again. Despite her obvious distraction, Bella wondered who this could be?

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2 years ago
good length and detail
2 years ago
good length and detail
2 years ago
2 years ago
Brilliant - who's at the door???