The Landlady's New Pet-Part Twelve

The pencil skirt was removed to reveal her glorious full thighs and I lay over her knees. My formidable red headed mistress made sure her legs were kept apart, so that my aching cock would not spurt between them as she delivered her spanking. I felt her muscles tense as she brought her hand smartly down on my bare cheeks; the stinging pain of her wicked hand making my arse glow and sting. After about 25 slaps I was made to beg her forgiveness, was then allowed down and made to lie on my back on the bed. I watched as mistress peeled off her panties and climbed on to the soft bed. I looked up in wonderment as she straddled my face; I had no need to sniff vigorously, the scent of her hot pussy and arsehole already sweetened the air.

“Now we shall have some fun, I’m going to see how long I can stop you from coming; you shall now enjoy the most exquisite of tortures!” Elaine slowly descended on my face, making sure I was treated first to her hot spicy anus; the smell was incredible making my cock bone hard and aching more than ever. As I licked the tangy reward and probed lovingly, I felt my mistress’s sharp nails run up the seam of my cock and brutally tease my bell-end; my stiff cock strained and dribbled as the wickedly giggling domme enjoyed watching me twitch in a mixture of agony and ecstasy as she inflicted pain wither razor sharp nails. She pressed her bottom down in pleasure and I felt her hot moist pussy slipping on my chin as my tongue willingly serviced her hot and aromatic anus.
After about five minutes of scr****g and flicking my poor cock, Elaine lifted slightly then slid back; ready for my tongue to service her moist and deeply aroused flower; the scent and taste were now absolutely heavenly, my aching needy cock accentuating every erotic taste and texture. I was ready to beg to be allowed relief, but knew if I did so she would torment me all the more.

Elaine grabbed and squeezed my balls with one hand and slapped and pinched my helpless member with the other, as she rocked back and forth on my face, her juices now flowing freely; I was now also struggling to breathe as her beautifully round and soft crotch and buttocks smothered me, her juices creating a wicked vacuum. I was f***ed to snort through my nose as she slipped on her forward stroke; my lungs inhaling heavily the sweet aroma of her excited and now sweaty anus. I felt her grip my rod viciously as she moaned in ecstasy and ground her pussy into my face as hard as she could. I thought I would die as I could no longer catch my breath; Elaine knew exactly what she was doing. She sighed and moaned and leaned forward as her body writhed in a beautiful orgasm; my nose sniffed gratefully at the cavity of her luscious arsehole, the mixture of air and beautiful womanly scent was exquisite, I felt truly owned.
Elaine recovered and sighed with sweet satisfaction; she adjusted herself so that my nose was pressed lightly against her sweet anus.

“Now you shall come for your mistress. I want you to thoroughly enjoy the scent of my arsehole as you come. You will learn to associate that scent with your orgasms which will be few and far between; the scent will reinf***e my dominance over you, you will beg to be allowed to lick my arse in the vain hope that you’ll be allowed to come each time.” I sniffed lovingly as Elaine now stroked my eager cock; her scent was now divine and I now tried to hold back, wanting to sniff my mistress and enjoy my submission to the full; Elaine seemed to sense this and cupped my balls with her free hand.

“I shall have your cream now; you shall not smell my scent for the next few days but you will sample many sweet bottoms and will be punished by their owners. I shall punish you when you are returned to me; you will know discipline, and Anita will help break you.” Elaine stroked long and smoothly; I was hers and she knew it, there was no holding back.

In a multitude of thrusts and spasms, my balls pumped hot lengthy squirts of jizz as I was enveloped in a fit of pure ecstasy; Elaine owned me and laughed at her prize; I came again and again and again as she pressed her bottom down and I sniffed deliriously at the rich anal aroma of the woman whose slave I had become. I felt the hot spunk land on my thighs as I moaned in pleasure.

“Good boy, good boy.” Elaine mocked as I spent and snorted at her arsehole. Sated, Elaine had me lick the dribbling come which had also shot all over her. I was allowed to clean up and my cage was refitted by my smiling mistress. The key was placed on a cabinet to await use by Anita and the new women she would have enjoy me. I slept soundly, leashed, plugged, caged and with the scent of my mistress embedded in my nostrils.

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