The Landlady's New Pet-Part Eleven

Elaine strutted over and made sure I walked on all fours to service Hortense; she smiled with satisfaction as I did as I was told without question. She stroked my arse viciously with her cane as I cowered before her formidable figure; my cock stiff with excitement. It pulsed and dribbled as I studied the black stilettos and stocking clad legs in tight pencil skirt, standing so dominantly before me.

“What are you waiting for! Undo my skirt now. My arse is so sticky; I want it refreshed immediately!” I hurried leaned up from my kneeling position, put my arms about her waist and fumbled with the buttons of her skirt at her rear. My head resting on her soft voluptuous belly, as I fumbled with the tight buttons. I heard the cane cut the air and felt the sharp agony as it bit into my arse.

“Get a move on! I haven’t all day!” Despite the sharp pain in my arse, my cock throbbed as I enjoyed being humiliated by this magnificent mature woman. The buttons came undone, her hips wriggled tantalisingly before my eyes as the tight skirt slipped down; my cock dribbled pre-cum as I sniffed the glorious scent of her panties which were wet with excitement. She pulled my face into her crotch, allowing me to indulge in the hot taste and aroma of her womanhood. Having given me a taste she immediately pulled me away.

“Get my panties off!” She barked as Anita and my mistress stood close to watch my humiliation, both sneering and giggling with enjoyment as I did exactly as I were told; they teased my aching cock with their canes as I peeled Hortense’s panties down her huge and magnificent thighs. She had worn them over her garter belt, so I was still treated to the beautiful feminine vision of her milky skin, contrasting with black sheer stockings. Her scent was heavenly and I yearned to lick her again. She lifted on foot out of the panties, and then held them up with the other sexy stiletto.

“You lick the crotch of those; I want them clean! Pay special attention to the rear of the crotch where my arse has been; if you leave any brown marks I will cane you severely!” She had no need to worry about my leaving any marks; I sniffed and licked lovingly at the panties so richly perfumed with her glorious womanly essences; my cock throbbing and pulsing as I tasted the sweet tangy juices to the rear of the crotch, my tongue rasping at the fabric to ensure I did not miss any sweet gift offered by this utterly dominant woman. I was close to ejaculating as all three women laughed at my efforts and teased with their canes.

Hortense snatched the panties from me when she thought I had taken long enough; I would gladly have eaten them had she ordered me to do so. The three women inspected the crotch as I knelt submissively before them. Hortense smiled down at me wickedly.

“Now I’ll have my arse cleaned.” She turned smartly and bent over a chair; the action exposing and opening the huge and beautiful cheeks of her arse; my nose was instantly hit by the rich sweet honeyed scent of her hot sticky anus. The two other women held my head and I was made to sniff and take in her rich anal aroma before I would be allowed to lick; the women made thoroughly sure I knew my place and was owned by them completely. They were in their element and were going to get maximum enjoyment from my complete and utter surrender to them. My cock was bobbing and dribbling, aching like hell in need of relief as I too thoroughly enjoyed my submission; I was ready to die for the women at that point. The order was given to commence cleaning and the women cooed with pleasure at my eagerness to service Hortense’s delectable anus; each tart tang of her sweaty rectum savoured by me as I quivered with delight at the excellent taste of her dominance. Hortense applied a buzzing dildo to her clitoris and was soon moaning in ecstasy; her pleasure owing as much to her haughty dominance over me and the actions of my tongue, as to her dildo.

My disappointment must have shown as she drew her sweet arsehole away from my loving tongue, as I felt the cane from my mistress and Anita, and was told to behave. I cowered before the women as Anita and Hortense made ready to leave. I was made to kiss their feet; my cock ready to explode, as they bid my mistress goodnight and walked past me as though I were not there.

I was now faced by my glorious redheaded, mature and thoroughly dominant mistress alone. She smiled down at me as she strutted in her pencil skirt, placing her glorious arse on an open chair, crossing her legs assertively.
“Well? What have you to say for yourself, pleasing other woman in front of me like that! Get over here now; I am going to give you such a spanking!

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Wonderful - more please :)