The Landlady's New Pet-Part nine

My cock was that hard in its tight plastic cage it hurt, and I now got a perverse pleasure from the combination of this pain, and the fact that I had learned to massage my prostate by squeezing my plug with my rectal muscles. Elaine sensed this and smiled knowingly at me, asked me to remove my stilettos and passed them to Hortense. She then began her enjoyment of her dominance over me, as she paraded me on all fours in a walk up and down in front of the stage; her beautiful round arse tight in her pencil skirt, on full view to me as I followed behind on my leash. God how I wanted to cum; I would willingly have allowed Anita to take my balls too, in exchange for being allowed to masturbate at the feet of my supreme mistress at that point. My cock pulsed, pained and dribbled all the more, as I realised I was now being led up the steps to where Anita sat; the poor castrated wretch having now been led away to start his new life of hormone treatment.

My beautiful mistress and the utterly dominant Anita smiled down at me contemptuously, and I felt that the entire audience was now focused on me, the wicked and dominant women there, hoping to see a special treat in the way of a repeat performance. Anita stared directly into my eyes as she displayed the very scalpel that had swiftly removed the male’s manhood forever; I looked at the delectable leather clad bitch and yearned for her to take my balls. Anita read my mind and laughed wickedly as she saw me focus on the blade, almost longingly.

“Not today you worthless wretch, your mistress would not thank me; we both want some enjoyment from you whilst you are still a slave to your balls. When your mistress has tired of you, we’ll have you up here soon enough! Has your mistress told you you’ll be staying here tonight, but she’ll be going home alone tomorrow? You are to be my guest for a couple of days. You’ll be given some very special attention with your learning your place amongst women. I am so looking forward to helping train you for Elaine. I do hope she chooses to leave your cage key with me; there are so many denial techniques to try out, and equally as many exquisite punishments for males who disgrace themselves without permission.” The two laughed as I was led away from the stage; I was in heaven as I watched my mistress strut before me, knowing I would be allowed to cum following the excitement she had got from watching the castration.

I was made to kneel by a doorway as Elaine stood with Anita whilst a plethora of dominant women filed past to another large room set out as a comfortable lounge and bar, giving their thanks for the evenings event as they went through. Being on my knees in front of so many women was a thrill in itself; Elaine made it clear to me that I should respect each and every one, as any number of them may require my servitude for a weekend. Indeed, many of them stopped to speak with Elaine as well as Anita, and eyed me with varying degrees of severity and admiration. At one point a huge black woman with positively Amazonian features stopped and whispered with Elaine; they shook hands and Elaine nodded some agreement. The woman took the trouble to display her huge and formidable arse right in front of my face, before turning and smiling directly at me with a knowing look. I knew then that it would only be a short time before I would have the task of licking the hot and intimate areas of that smooth and beautifully chocolate brown bottom.

The guests now all relaxing in the lounge, the two women, now joined by the ample figure of Hortense, made it clear to me that they were very hot and sticky after the performance and would require intimate refreshment from me and they led me away up a grandiose flight of stairs. We walked along a sumptuously furnished hallway on which hung many huge oil paintings depicting victorious women in various poses, and many others of males in slavery or servitude. Eventually we came to large double doors through which we entered into a huge bedroom suite; around the walls ran a display shelf on which were an array of crystal jars, each of which contained just two elliptical objects. Anita carefully took one down to show me, grinning with pleasure as she did so. Each of the scores of the receptacles contained preserved testes from vanquished males. My cock lost a little of its enthusiasm at this sight, but soon regained its stature when the three women had me lay on the huge bed and Elaine showed me a tiny key..

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2 years ago
Oh no, left me needing more again.
Good writing, keep going
A xxx
2 years ago
I need more......... more story as well!