The Landlady's New Pet-Part Seven

Having fully asserted her dominance over me, Elaine soothed my glowing arse with the antiseptic cold cream and told me how she was pleased with me thus far. She allowed me beneath the black silk sheets and made me watch as she stripped completely naked. She took delight in parading her shapely mature body before me; my cock raged in its confinement as I viewed her glorious curves, ample arse and full breasts, which sagged only a little, somehow enhancing her sexuality. She was a very sexy woman and knew it. She smiled at me as she took a thin patent leather belt which she buckled about her waist; I noticed this had two loops at the rear. Elaine climbed into bed with me, taking my leash and tying it to the loops, loosely at first.

“I can adjust this to the required length, when I’ve finished with you comforting me, I shall draw it tight, you’ll sl**p with you face close to the bottom of your mistress; you will take in the scent of the woman who owns you, even as you sl**p.” She then embraced me and our lips met; my arse clenched at the plug and my cock bulged in its cage; this new soft pleasure toyed with my emotions, I was not sure how to feel, but enjoyed her warm affection; Elaine intended to own me completely. She had me lick her breasts and nipples which stood proud, then allowed me down to her sex. Her sweet scent alone had my cock trying to burst free, her divine taste as I licked the soft clefts and lips of her pussy made me yearn for relief; the Viagra still having an effect despite the rigours my balls had been through. Elaine came with some satisfaction, shuddering with pleasure at being serviced by her new acquisition.

I was made to thank her for being allowed to lick her, and then she had me move a little lower in the bed before turning and nestling her beautiful rear toward my face, pulling the leash tight in the loops. She giggled as she bent her body slightly, allowing my nose access to her sweet button. I viewed her ample rear and inhaled deeply, taking in her feminine scent for as long as I could, before the soft comfort of the bed made me close my eyes. My cock pulsated in its cage and the plug squirmed in my rectum with the slightest motion. I now knew I was well and truly owned by a woman, and the Viagra had me dreaming of the dress, shoes and wig, and the haughty and superbly dominant Anita; what would I witness whilst enduring my own humiliation?

As soon as I awoke, Elaine led me to the en-suite bathroom and sat me down on the toilet to ensure I could pee whilst wearing the cage.

“You’ll get used to sitting like a girl; you will need to because you can no longer aim.” I found my piss dribbled out from the slot at the front of the cage, so I would have to sit, else have run down my legs. I was allowed to ease the plug out whilst I did what was necessary at the rear; it hung from the ring about my cock. I was allowed to shower, and after I dried off, Elaine took great pleasure in helping me ease the plug back in. I was then taken downstairs for breakfast. Shortly after we had eaten, the doorbell rang and I was sent, still naked, to answer the door. Hortense grinned and walked straight past me as I opened the door.

“Follow me! We have to get you ready!” I watched her as she strutted down the hall; she looked absolutely stunning, her buxom figure in a tight pencil skirt, accentuating the beautiful round arse I had lovingly worshipped the night before, her full figure balancing on the tallest stilettos I had ever seen, a tight white silk blouse doing the same for her breasts, and sexy red lipstick with her hair in a pony-tail. She wore skin tight black leather gloves which completed the picture of a confident and dominant woman. I followed meekly to the room where we had been last night; Elaine was there already, smiling victoriously in anticipation of the humiliation I was to endure. She had taken some other items from a draw. The two women giggled as they began to prepare me. Elaine commented on Hortense’s appearance.

“You look very nice; when we’ve dressed him, I’ll go and put my outfit on. You can get him used to his new shoes.” The women giggled as they began the task of feminizing me for the first time; they quickly ran an electric shaver up my legs to remove the obvious long hairs, and then had me slip on some red silk panties. My emotions were mixed as the two dominant women took control of me, I dare not protest and my cock bulged in the cage at the feel of the soft panties; my arse tingled as I saw the obvious enjoyment the two women got in humiliating me. I was truly their pet and nothing more. They hummed contentedly as I was fitted with a garter belt and black stockings were slipped over my now smooth legs. I was adorned with a padded bra which felt very uncomfortable before the frilly French maids outfit was put on me. Elaine and Hortense clapped their hands with delight after I had been fitted with the tight stilettos and I was then made to look into a full length mirror; the two ensuring to flank me, grinning with pleasure as I viewed myself as a woman for the first time. My cock pulsed uncontrollably as I thought of what other males and females would think; I looked and felt very feminine. The outfit was completed with the application of the long wig and a ‘dolly’ mask to hide the obvious masculinity of my facial features. I was pleased at this as it saved some of my shame in hiding my identity, allowing me to indulge in a new and curious erotic feeling; to my horror, I was beginning to enjoy the humiliation.

Elaine came down after preparing herself, to find Hortense looking very pleased with herself, having instructed me on how to walk like a woman and being pleasantly surprised with the results. If Hortense had looked stunning, I was positively breathless at Elaine; she too was a picture of dominance in a tight business skirt and black blouse; her red hair in a bun, giving her an air of strictness and severity. My collar and leash were re-applied, in confirmation of Elaine’s ownership of me, to add to the eroticism of my new circumstances, the red silken panties already felt cool as the breeze met with the wet patch; my cock dribbling pre-cum as it pulsed in the plastic cage.

The women smiled as they led me through a side door to a car in the drive. I was sat in the rear with my mistress and felt all too comfortable; the black leather seats feeling soft through the thin stockings I wore. Elaine carried a small riding crop which she rested on my lap, to remind me of my position. The tinted windows of the vehicle obscured the view of would-be onlookers, though did not obscure my view of the world I used to know. Elaine seemed to sense this and lifted my frills to expose my ensnared cock.

“This is your life now. Your only purpose is to serve womanhood, and what you witness today will help you enjoy what you have at the moment. You will see what it is to be crushed into submission and truly serve womanhood.” Hortense laughed wickedly at Elaine’s words as we drove down a long driveway to a huge detached house, outside which were parked many fancy vehicles; I was amazed at some of the people I saw arriving there…

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2 years ago
such love shown to this slave
2 years ago
mmmm what a lucky boy
2 years ago
This must be Anita's house, ooo can't wait to read the next part