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I'm:shannon mcfrenzy, 29
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By the way I can see you!
My name is Shannon and I am 23. I move a lot but am currently living in northern California and am trying to start a career in modeling along with tattoo and piercing work. I don't deal with anyones stress anymore. I have enough stress that I put up with as it is. I can be a really nice person but I can also be a bitch if I am pissed off. I am the girl that thinks too much and doesn't talk a lot, although if I am comfortable with someone I will end up talking about anything and everything. When I get close I usually will go threw hell and back for that person. I treat my friends with high respect and have their back till they end up fucking things up with me. I take a lot of shit from people I am willing to take it from. I refuse to be broken down. I DO keep secrets and I do keep promises but I will let you in to my secretes if I feel it is right. I do not believe in online relationships. I think its ok up to a certain point i.e. getting to know someone better before you meet them in life but that also involves phone conversations along with visits when the time is available NOT chatroom shit. Whats the point in dating someone that you may never meet and how would I know that you are who you say you are without meeting you in person? ON the topics of relationships I am taken but someone who actually treats me right (for once). He actually respects what I want and doesnt try and push me into something I am uncomfortable with. I DO NOT have a religion nor would I like one. I believe in my own personal morals. I am very stubborn and sometimes get into arguments that make no sense. I am not willing to change for anyone so don't ask. I do what I feel is right for my life even if I know it will hurt someone else. We can't live for other people only ourselves. I HATE liars. I think they should all jump in a pit and die. I dont understand why it is so hard for people to be themselves in a society that has a place for almost anyone. I am not one to fuck with cause I will fuck with you 10 times worse. But don't let that scare you I am a really nice person as long as you don't piss me off. When it comes to relationships I can become a hopeless romantic. I am a very loyal person to the ones I love and care about, just ask any of my friends. I believe in giving everyone a chance but I usually only give one out so don't mess it up. THE END!
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3 years ago
nice avatar
3 years ago
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4 years ago
you are si beauti
4 years ago
Hi Shannon, Sexy Pic.....XXX
4 years ago
So cute !
4 years ago
Interesting profile text...best regards from Germany!
4 years ago
welcome to xhamster. Have a good time and have a good time.
4 years ago
4 years ago
Hello and welcome
4 years ago
Welcome Beautiful. I hope you are truly enjoying yourself on here. May you satisfy all of your sexual desires. Comments and private messages are always welcome and returned promptly. Look forward to talking with you and sharing fantasies, pictures, videos, and possibly more.


4 years ago

Hello from Europe to you and the people around the world. ☺
welcome to xHamster ♥
just porn, no bullshit
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4 years ago
Hi, there...
4 years ago
introducing myself,Hi
4 years ago
Hello and welCUM from Italy!!!
4 years ago
welcome to xhamster